Revealed: the TWO assets levelling the playing field.

Just to be clear,

you weren’t born into anything.


You were born.


The end.


You were born with a

powerful mind,

which levels the playing field

of whatever layout social structures have formed.


It’s the asset

with which


who you choose to be

how you choose to show up

what you choose to receive.


Your mind is the key

to the treasure

which life is waiting to bestow onto


ballsy enough to release themselves from the bullshit conditioning

of what is possible for us,

of what determines our worthiness,

of how hard anything has to be.




You get to choose if it feels hard

or if it feels fun.


Second asset:

Your emotions.



your mind

is the one thing you’re not paying enough attention to.


Your mind,

the stories you tell yourself,

of what is and is not possible for you,

which rules do and do not apply to you,

is being played.


Your mind,

manipulated by those who understand

how to make you feel,

by telling you the right stories,

triggering the emotions they know will powerfully motivate you,

especially through fear,

so that you believe whatever they say

and buy whatever they’re selling

just to make the pain stop.


Unquestioningly swallowing the magic pill they promise is the answer to

everything you desire

and you don’t get it:

it’s all just placebo effect Darling.


YOU are creating the outcome

based on YOUR beliefs.


something you say to yourself repeatedly,

instructing your subconscious mind to find evidence,

until you become sure of it.

Your mind is THAT powerful.


Let’s address emotions as this is your second super power.

I’ve shared with you the simple yet highly effective ABC exercise of choosing your emotions,

but do you understand that when I say you get to CHOOSE your emotions,

I mean it.

Yet majority of people are allowing their emotions to arise

in response to

their environment.



Bitch please.

Nobody and nothing can make you feel diddly squat.

YOU get to choose the interpretation you give to everything

and YOU then get to choose the emotion that erupts from the experience.


If you WANT to feel like a victim so that Prince What’sHisName will swoop in and rescue you,

EVERYTHING will feel like the world is against you.

If you WANT to feel overwhelmed and exhausted because people give you attention when you’re bitching,

EVERYTHING will feel tough AF and too much for you to cope with.





I understand that most people are suffering

and apparently it’s my job to make the pain worse

so that

they will be motivated to take action.

I get that those who employ this strategy come from a good place.

Then again,

I’m not those people.


I get it.

But with respect,

I’m a resilient motherfucker who have repeatedly put myself into positions

of excruciating emotional pain,

ripping me apart on the inside

and then,

when I couldn’t cope anymore,

I would go out

and torture my body

to the point where the pain in my muscles

would literally drown out

the pain in my heart.



I know.



This is simply the shit some Alphas do.

Warriors prepared to bleed in training so we can win in battle.

We really are THAT committed to tough.


I’m a courage little bitch.

Like every other person on earth,

I walk beside my fears every single day.

Instead of hiding away like most,

when everyday life starts feeling too scary to cope with,

I go and intentionally put myself in the place of danger,

where physical death is a real possibility,

so that I can forge MORE courage

whilst petrified.



I know.

Bite me.


This is simply the shit some Alphas do.

Warriors willing to die for what they believe in.

We’re that determined to win.


Which means,

if I have to manipulate you through fear and scarcity

to work with me,

you’re not my people!



those tactics are for the sheople,

those who have to be herded by the Shepard.


I’m not saying everyone has to be like me.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being a sheople.



I LOVE the fact that life and humanity is SOOOOO DIVERSE.


But I keep to my own because that’s where I have the most FUN!


Remember that???


You’ll NEVER hear me say I’m nice.

I have no Jesus complex.

I don’t coach because I think I have to rescue anyone.

I coach because I LOVE coaching,

and because it’s FUN for me

to challenge Alphas

to bust free from their own limiting beliefs

and rise into the world



and create



Which is why I’m continuously kicking you in the arse,

even though you scowl and growl,

to wake you up

to how you’re being duped

by those who ARE training their minds

and choosing their emotions


their desired outcomes.



there are no superheroes in this world.

Nobody is born with any advantage above you.


Free will and free emotions

makes us ALL EQUAL.


How you interpret this piece,

that’s up to you.

How you choose to feel about this piece,

that’s up to you.

What action you take from reading this piece,

that’s up to you.


Only death is inevitable,

thriving is the choice of the awakened Alpha.


Live with honour,

or exist imprisoned by yourself,



PS:  This offer is EXCLUSIVELY for Alphas.


Are you ready to play with me?

And when I say play,

I mean getting your sweet arse on the playing field

you’ve been admiring from the side lines.

I mean we get down and dirty Sweetheart,

the gloves come off,

we pivot,

we duck,

we strengthen:

your body,

your mind,

your emotions,

to the point where you become




as the desire that burns in your heart

makes Satan hang his head in shame at his feeble temperature in hell 😉


I’m ready when you are.