Right now, is as free as you’re going to get…

Sit up.

Pay attention.

Shit is about to go down on a g-string.


Home truth Lover.


As free as you’re feeling right now,

in this breath,

is as  free as you’ll ever get…


Unless you stop your shit,

thinking your freedom lies on the other side of the fence.




That’s right Dumpling.


Nobody and nothing is imprisoning you.

There’s no financial restraints holding you hostage.

No homely responsibilities killing your joy.


It’s all you.


It’s in the way you think.

Sloppy stories all over the place of how you don’t have what it takes.

That’s it’s just not your time.

That you’re not ready.

That you’re too young.

Too old.

Too uneducated.

Too overeducated.



It’s in the way you feel.

Out of control.

Your emotions running rampant as you’ve rejected the power of them,

and right now,

they have you freaking the fuck out.

Desperately taking any and all forms of medication available to put you in a comfortable state of numb.

Happy pills.

Another drink.

Another cookie.

Another episode of Game of Thrones.

Another raid on whatever the fuck games people are playing.


Every time you say to yourself

Once  this happens….  I will feel that ….

you’re simply reinforcing the prison-bars in your mind.


I played this game far too long.

Thinking that my happiness was conditional on the behaviour of others,

the acceptance by others,

the release of others,

the connection with others,

the shape of my body,

the amount of money in my bank account,

the colour of my car,

the flavour of my food.



Happiness is a CHOICE.

There’s zero conditions to happiness.

As long as you make your happiness dependent on anything outside of yourself,

you’re going to feel miserable AF.


I used to think my freedom was dependent on my source of income,

the state of my relationships,

my neighbourhood,

the current government,

the stock-market,

my children growing up.



Freedom is a CHOICE.

There’s zero conditions to freedom.

And as long as you’re arguing this,

you’re a motherfucking prisoner of your own beliefs.


I used to think my thrive was dependent on my lover,

on my health,

on the amount of time available to me,

on the size of my support team,

on the moods of my friends,

on the song playing on the radio,

on my network of influencers,

on the current opportunities lined up.



Thrive is a CHOICE.

There’s zero conditions to thrive.

As long as you believe something has to happen first,

you’re in a state of scarcity and deprivation.


It’s opposite energies Hunny.

And yes,

energy matters.


I think society has been doing ‘same old same old’ for long enough.

Conformed in our thinking to pass our grades,

to the point where most have lost the ability to think for themselves.

So many saturated by fear of not having a job,

which means they can’t pay the bills of crap they’re buying on credit,

to fill the endless hole inside of them,

where their creative muse used to reside.

Spilling their unquestioned belief in the very system that’s eaten their testicles,

onto the next generation,

even though our children are looking at us,

eyes filled with disappointment in our inability to see how the current approach is draining them of creativity.


Behaving according to the expectations of those long ago decayed in the soil,

without questioning the relevance to us personally,

resulting in an increase in depression to the point of it being absolutely ludicrous.



I’m proposing it’s time for a fucking evolution!

It’s time for Alphas like YOU,

to stand up,

to shake off the old stories that has you sitting down,

to open your mouth,



I’m proposing it’s time for an uprising of thrive!

It’s time for Alphas like YOU,

to stop standing in line,

to break out,

to dance to the beat of your heart,

to sway your hips with joy,

and to show people there’s another choice available to them as well.


I’m proposing it’s time for an outbreak of opulence!

It’s time for Alphas like YOU,

to stop hiding your gifts,

your light,

your magnificence.

To hell with the shadow dwellers,

they will scurry away,

back to the darkness,

where they feel safe in their numbers,

shivering the only form of movement in their lifeless bodies.




You are only responsible for YOUR choice.

Right now.


I’m taking a stand for Alphas to become selfish!

To start filling up their own cups.

To ONLY give from a space of overflow.

Every serious athlete understands that it’s moronic to starve your body of food,

and then train insane.

As the fire requires fuel,

and once the food stores are depleted,

it will devour your very muscle.

Same with you Darling.

When you’re constantly helping everyone else,

giving to everyone else,

available for everyone else,

whilst your cup is empty,

the fire will consume your very life force to keep burning.

Why do you think you’re so fucking tired all the time????

You’re literally killing yourself because of your ingrained codependency.


Those who DESERVE to be in your life,

in your space,

will take care of themselves,

filling their own cups,

so that

they can play full out with your best self.


Fuck martyrdom.

Fuck codependency.

Fuck disempowering beliefs.


It’s time for Alphas to rise into their glorious fullness and THRIVE!

My name is Anel.

I’m the instigator of the Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.


Are you coming?


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of those who love humanity enough to fall in love with themselves.


Thrive with honour,



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