Which self-sabotaging behaviours are you ready to let go of?

In my explorations in learning how to work in conjunction with the flow of the moon (stay with me), I’m starting to understand that it’s not about blaming the planets and the phases of the moon for not taking action or not succeeding.  It’s not about becoming a helpless spectator to life and the universe.

It’s in fact the complete opposite.

It’s about living more consciously.

The moon reminds us that every month it’s essential to complete a cycle – setting the goals, taking the actions, taking a step back and evaluating what’s working, what’s not working, how we’re tripping ourselves up, what to let go of, course correct.

It’s about those little things we do, the assanine stories we tell ourselves and then justifying it, the gremlins that really trip us up.

Furthermore, it’s normally done in the ‘relaxed’ areas of our lives which has us thinking it’s inconsequential.  You know, the areas that don’t make us money.

But you and I both know by now that everything is connected.

That how we do one thing is how we do everything.

What we think about one thing we think about everything.

Problem is, most of us never take the time to figure this shit out.

Or we go into self-blame, self-criticism and judgement which makes us feel bad and so we either stop doing it OR focus so much on beating ourselves over the head that we don’t get the learning and we don’t take corrective action which means we’ve now just replaced one fucked up set of behaviours with another which still doesn’t get us to a successful outcome.

Okay so I know that you spend most of your life focusing on your professional life, and so you tend to show up a little better there than in other areas.  Which is probably why so many professionally successful people who are not living holistically are either completely out of shape and out of health or getting divorced.

Instead of focusing on your career goals and behaviour I’m going to show you where to find the most glaring clues as to how you are truly conducting your life – your health and fitness.

Of course I had to pick that one.

Because most people still don’t get the power of the trilogy – body, mind and soul.

What I’ve come to see in more than a decade of coaching is that health and fitness is one of the sneakiest forms of self-sabotage that most people either completely disregard or severely underestimate.  They don’t understand that as long as you’re not working that body of yours to be in top condition, you’re NOT performing at optimal level in life.

I’m not talking about having a six pack.

For the love of all that is good in this world, can we PLEASE get over the fucking six-pack people.

It’s fucked up.

And what does it give you?

Fuck all!

You can’t run further because you have a six pack.

You can’t ride faster because you have a six pack.

You can’t birth smarter babies because you have a six pack.

I’m talking being in the best shape for your body having power, endurance and flexibility.  I’m talking about high levels of energy, vitality and clear thinking.

I’m talking about using your body to get yourself into the zone so you can experience the expansion of time when you go into your zone of excellence!

This includes daily training at the same level as you desire to live your life.

Want to live an average life?  Then do average training sessions.  Half-ass it.

Want to live the life of an elite?  Then you get down and you work your fucking ass like an elite!  You stay focussed.  You don’t give up when you’re tired.  You have a training plan.  You have a coach.  You fuel your body to get the best out of her.  You do the mind-set work that will have you completing the last set, the last sprint, regardless of what you’ve done before that.

You train smart.

You build in cycles and recovery.

You track your progress, your energy levels, your emotions and moods.

THAT is how an elite lives.

And when you nail this in your training and your physical life you take it to your relationships.

Are you in the zone when you’re with your lover?

Are you feeding the relationship with the fuel that will have it thriving or are you feeding it poison through constant blame and criticism and distraction through social media?

Let’s get real Darling.

Because lying to yourself will not change jack shit in your life.

You deserve the truth!

You deserve to start getting real.

You deserve to thrive.

And if your goals are feeling like a constant struggle and training like an elite, loving like an elite, working like an elite feels like punishment and asking too much of you, then settle for fucking mediocrity.

It’s that easy.

I don’t consider healthy living a chore.  I love feeling good in my body.  I love riding my bike and bunny hopping over branches with absolute joy.  I love getting up whilst others snore.  I love doing the mind-set work every single day which has my blood pumping with passion.  I love looking objectively at how I’m conducting my life and asking myself “Is this behaviour really setting me up with the best chances of success?”

And a lot of the time the answer is no.

Like you I’m a seeker.

I’m on the journey of discovery.

I fuck up.

But I also make conscious choices resulting from my questions.

If I choose not to change my behaviour, then I live with the mediocre (choke) results.

So let me ask you today Darling, which of your behaviours are NOT ensuring your best possible chances of success?

Which of your behaviours are in fact a sneaky ego setting you up for failure?

Not in your professional life – oh hell no.

In your fitness.

That’s where you will find the most glaring of clues which can then be translated to your business, your relationships, all of it.

The moon is waning – time to let go of our self-sabotaging behaviours.

What will you let go of this month?

Write it down.

Make the commitment to eliminate that shit from your life.

Burn that piece of paper up.

For death is inevitable.  Thriving is a choice.

With love eternal,


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