Stop being such a selfish bitch and instead choose to thrive!

You were born for greatness.

Of this I have no doubt.

That’s because out of the billions of people walking around, you are completely unique.

You have something special that nobody else has.

Whether that be a specific talent, or your vibrant energy, or massive ability to express love, or a wicked sense of humour.


And if you play in my space you came here to make an impact.

You came at a time when there is massive transformation on this planet.

A time when chaos seems to be at the order of the day.

But in truth, the chaos is simply change.

Big change!

And no change happens in comfort.

So instead systems are crumbling and some are getting crushed under the rubble.

People are starting to understand that they are way more powerful than they were brought up to believe and that yes, they are co-creators of everything that they see around them.

This level of responsibility is daunting at first, liberating in the extreme!

And with this shift in perspective it’s time for you to step up to the plate and play your part in human evolution.

It’s time for you to get off the victim bandwagon and to mount your steed.

It’s time for you to stop feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and out of your depth and a fucking martyr and instead choose to thrive.

Because it’s not about you!

It’s about all the lives you promised to impact.

In whatever form that impact takes.

It might be in the nourishing foods that you serve, reconnecting people to their bodies and what it feels like to refuel compared to the sluggishness they feel when poisoning their bodies with crap.

It might be increasing their confidence and radiance with a gorgeous new hairstyle that has them showing up on a higher vibration to do their life work.

It might be sharing your story inspiring strangers to find their own personal brand of passion and purpose so they may liberate hundreds of thousands of souls to break free from the monotony of existence.

It might be dressing them in the finest of garments thereby providing a vehicle of expression for their own personal style which enhances their inner beauty.

Whatever it is, stop underestimating the importance of what you are here to do!

And stop thinking that you can have that massive impact when you’re struggling and exhausted and stressed out!

That’s total bullshit!

I was criticised once again for my focus on wealth creation in my personal life – told that I’m obsessed with money and that it is wrong and makes me evil.

What will it take for you to get that IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY?  IT’S ABOUT THE IMPACT!

Let’s stop pretending that you can have a massive impact on a penny.

For one thing, the work we came here to do is energy intensive to say the least.

It takes money to surround yourself with the support required for you to be freed up from the mundane tasks and to focus on your zone of genius.

It takes money to nourish your body with the best food so that your engine keeps purring for hours.

It takes money to get your message out to a bigger audience thereby impacting more lives.

It takes money to get those weekly massages which has your muscles release toxins and knots thereby increasing the energy flow throughout your physical and energetic bodies.

It takes money to thrive!

And for me to thrive means to be in service to my soul clients and to make a difference.

To thrive is leaving behind a legacy which makes me a proud momma.

To thrive is to increase not only my own vibration, but every single person I have the privilege of coming into contact with.

I believe that to thrive is the most honourable thing to do.

And it’s time for you to get this as well.

YOU my Darling, were born to thrive.

I implore you, stop playing so fucking small.

Stop thinking it’s good to struggle.

Stop thinking that it’s normal to have anxiety attacks, feel depressed, pop pills, eat junk, sit on your ass.

It might be normal for average people, but YOU’RE NOT AVERAGE!

Yet nothing will change until you decide to change your beliefs of what is normal and good.

Nothing will change until you decide that you’re worthy, whole and enough.

Nothing will change until you tap into your soul tribe and understand that what you do, whatever you do, is not a luxury in their lives, but a necessity.

Nothing will change until you fall in love with yourself to say ‘fuck the naysayers’ and stop believing their bullshit.  What they believe to be true might be true for them, but you get to decide your own truth~

Nothing will change until you own the fact of who you truly are.

What will it take for you to reach this point?

How many more years are you prepared to wait?

How many excuses will you hold on to in order for you to play small?

Your kids.




Social appropriateness.

That’s all just excuses.

Instead, take a stand for the AND.

You can build an empire AND be an epic parent.

You can be paying off debts AND invest in the most important thing in the world – YOU!

You can be a free spirit AND take care of your responsibilities even if that means delegating most of the tasks.

Well I don’t know why you would want to be socially appropriate?

After all, you’re a born rebel and change catalyst.

My question to you today is where are you holding on to outdated beliefs that has you living less than thrive?

How are those beliefs serving you?

How are they keeping you stuck?

Which are the beliefs that would instead see you thriving?

Do you choose to now take them on as your own?

For as always, everything comes down to your choices.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  The fastest, most powerful way to shift your experience is through proper goal setting.

I’m not talking about the quick 5-minute goal setting which has you all hyped for a week and then slipping back into your old shitty behaviours.

I’m not talking about the New Year’s resolutions which we both know is going to be filed in file 13 never to be looked at again.

I’m talking about the transformational goals that connects you to your purpose.

The goals that are driven by your values ensuring zero self-sabotage.

The goals that has you growing into your next level self thereby changing EVERYTHING.

These are the goals which I’m setting with some exquisite clients in their Ignite sessions.

90 minutes where we nail your values, unleash your desires, set your SMART goals and identify the beliefs that will shift your ass from where you are to where you desire to be in the least amount of time.

These sessions are my gift to you at an ultra low investment because I want to see you thrive!

I want 2018 to be your most epic year ever and I know that it starts with you setting the right goals.

I’ve had clients message me within a week seeing change happening.

YES it truly can happen that fast.

But you have to take the first step and book your session today!

There’s only a couple of weeks left and then this offer is coming off the table.

Are you choosing to thrive?