Alpha Females – time to share herstory

Human evolution is not the neat and tidy linear path that most want you to believe.
it’s filled with twists and turns,
often circeling back upon itself,
in an ever-expanding upwards spiral.

An ancient story is told that as part of our evolution
the empowered masculine desired to experience the impact of disconnecting to emotion.
It wanted to see the outcome of operating in the domain of the mind
with the intention of returning to heart.

In support of her masculine counterparts’ quest,
the empowered feminine agreed to silence her true voice,
her most powerful attribute,
for her voice is filled with emotion which softens the masculine edges in creation of experienced reality.

I think the outcome of this little experiment is blatantly obvious :

wars, rape and oppression from a space of desired dominance and fear ensued.

Currently we’re raised in a culture of history told from the mind,
filled with facts and events,
void of emotion,
discounting and disconnected from the individual human stories of sacrifice, unimaginable pain and suffering,
and also
deep love and undying devotion.

We’re raised in a culture where children are graded by their ability to remember ‘facts’,
instead of breaking down in tears as they allow themselves to connect with the human trauma or victory within the story.
We teach them knowledge instead of allowing them to receive wisdom.
Great way to manufacture human doings,
suffocating the human being within.

No wonder so many humans are losing their humanity!

I’ve watched some of our most courageous men fight their way back to their hearts,
even whilst being ridiculed by the testosterone monkeys who would rather spend their time fighting in Lala-land or hide in the bars, than be the protectors of their homes.
These men are showing up with compassion,
with deep wisdom that goes beyond what they’ve learned in books,
and they lead with undeniable love.

Which is why now is the time for women
heart-led women
alpha females
to unbound their voices
and tell herstory.

Except, instead of the poisonous hatred and resentment that’s spewing out from a space of deep hurt and anger, – and I get it,
what’s been done to us is nothing short of disgusting,
but revenge will not return love –
we have to take FULL responsibility for our lives,
and when our stories have been cleansed and are ready to create a positive impact,
share them from a space of unapologetic certainty.

What this is going to entail
is you remembering who the fuck you actually are!
It’s going to entail you being willing to see things differently.
It’s going to entail you falling in love with yourself once more.

You will have to turn to the little girl inside of you that’s crying for attention,
that’s been neglected and abandoned by you,
and to give her the nurturing you never received.

It will see you fully inhabiting your body once more without an ounce of shame.
For your body holds the story of your life in the cells which is either being transmuted into growth through love, or festering into illness through hate.

Reclaiming your pussy for all the wonder she holds and understanding that she will guide you on your path of desires,
Not goals FFS.

It will require you getting back in touch with your emotions,
never again judging or rejecting them,
instead reconnecting to the ancient wisdom that they hold for you thereby allowing yourself to receive their messages.

You will be asked to forgive EVERYONE Darling,
those who came as your teachers through pain,
those who came as bystanders witnessing without interference,
and most of all
you will have to forgive yourself.
For until you do,
you will always be your own worst enemy.

Once your story has been cleansed and transmuted to inspirational love,
you will have to find the courage to feel safe.
Safe to be seen.
Safe to be heard.
Safe to be different.
To sound different.

You will have to find the courage to have the conversations with your children,
as to the truth of your life experience,
and why it’s imporant for you to speak out.

Far too many women are keeping silent as they don’t want their children to find out
that they’ve been to the pits of hell and back
as they fear the consequences
the resentment
the anger
the hurt
the pity
in the eyes of those they love more than life itself
so they rather swallow their truth
allowing the cycles to continue once more.

Can you see why it’s important to do the work first???
For if you don’t,
you bring the drama and the pain forward
instead of the learning, wisdom and healing.

How do I know without a shadow of a doubt that NOW is the time for herstory to be told?
Because this ‘new virus’ that’s spreading like wild-fire across the globe
first shows up in the throat!

Voice chakra Darling.

And as people continue to swallow the acid of the unbalanced energy that’s been brought about through the masculine quest,
the dis-ease spreads throughout the body.
The ripple effects of this is going to be felt for generations to come,
although I know the effect is in fact one of positive growth and evolution.

Right now,
the bars are closed and men are given the opportunity to reassess their values, their priorities, they are forced to stay at home and actually look into the eyes of their lovers and children.
Right now,
women are given the opportunity to bring it back to themselves, to reconnect with their bodies, to fully FEEL their emotions, to create healing way beyond their sneezes,
and to share their herstories
in divine upliftment of humanity.

If you’re an alpha female with a powerful herstory that’s not been shared
because you know you haven’t done all the work yet,
connect with me as this is what I’ve dedicated my life to.

Activating the Alpha Female DNA
allowing us to infuse history with herstory
so that future generations will remember the outcome of the quest thereby not having to relearn our lessons,
creating a better future story for humanity.

Death might be inevitable,
but thrive is still available to you.

Live with honour,