Are you ready to shed some skin for your game?


Until this morning, as I’ve thought of this concept, the image of a butterfly came to mind.

After all,

it’s rather magical when the worm encases herself in her silky cocoon,

and then emerges a butterfly.

So romantic.

Except, who the fuck wants to go into hiding for growth and transformation?

Instead, this morning, what came through in my meditation,

was the image of a snake.

That’s right Darling –

piercing black eyes,

flickering tongue curiously tasting the air around her,

shedding her dull,

too tight skin,

to reveal her shiny new self.

Never looking back at that which stays behind,

focused on attaining her next goal.

Which has me thinking of you in particular.

I’m wondering if you’re feeling a tad tight around the edges after a year filled with opportunities to question the old,

a year filled with opportunities to reclaim yourself,

a year filled with opportunities to stop holding back,

finding the courage to put aside the masks,

to stop hiding in the shadow of another,

and step onto your stage of life,

so bright,

so radiant,

that the spotlights bow down respectfully to your shine?

I’m wondering if you’re looking in the mirror with complete candour and honesty and asking yourself,

‘what is the growth and change I have experienced in the past twelve months, and how will I use this as the foundation from which to build an iconic next year?’

Or are you still the same?

Is that skin still as snug and comfortable as she was in 2017, 2016, 2015?

Because if she is,

you’re dying!

Do you understand that NOT growing,

is NOT remaining – 


Let me make this more visual for you:

Think of a time in your life when you trained every single day (Never done that?  WTF?),

your body was in beautiful shape,

sleek lines,

bottom sitting tight in just the right position for a hand to cup in her admiration and desire.

Then think of a time when you slowed down your training.

When you became lazy.

Daily training became twice weekly,

then you missed a week,

one week became two,

and before you knew it,

you stopped training altogether.

Did your muscles remain in the same peak condition as when you were training every day?

Or did they start slackening?

Did they become weaker?

Did your arse start creeping towards your knees?

It’s called atrophy.

It means your muscles started to die.

In the absence of growth,

the human body dies.

The same for your mind.

The same for your desires.

If you’re not putting in the time and effort to train and stimulate,

challenge and grow,

reinvent and create,

all of you,

you’re meekly sitting on the conveyor belt of social slavery on your way to the graveyard.

Taking with you all the potential impact YOUR DREAMS could have contributed to the world.

You selfish little bastard.

How dare you?

How dare you think that YOU don’t matter?

That nobody will even know if YOU don’t show up fully?

That there’s more than enough other fabulous leaders, artists, creatives, change catalysts,

for you to simply exist?

Or maybe you think that since you’re already making some money,

already have a good enough relationship,

that it doesn’t matter that you’re still not playing at full capacity.

That you’re doing better than 90% of the population so I should cut you some slack.

I don’t think so Darling.

It’s not about the other 90%.

It’s about YOU.

YOUR satisfaction.

YOUR thrive.

YOUR ambitions.

YOUR desires.


That’s all I care about.

Maybe you keep telling yourself that you’re staying in the same place for the sake of others.

The ones you love so much.

Your partner,

your kids,

your forefathers,

your neighbours,

your friends.

Well let’s think about this:

Martyrdom is not exactly conducive to a society of thrive.

Instead, the fairy tale concepts of until death us do part, of unquestioned loyalty, of respectful obedience,

is creating a world filled with mental disease as witnessed in the thriving pharmaceutical industry,

a world where publicly ‘successful’ people are drinking themselves to sleep at night as demonstrated by a thriving alcohol and drugs industry,

a world where fathers and mothers are escaping their families through hours of playstation and social media as seen by our trillion dollars entertainment industry.

Yeah, us dimming our light,

living in a sarcophagus thinking we’ll eventually come out as transformed butterflies,

is nothing more than existing as the living dead.

Today I invite you to stop bullshitting yourself,

to rip off the plaster,

put aside your rose-coloured glasses,

take off your clothes and stand in front of the mirror,

naked as the day you were born,

and ask yourself:


And if you burst into tears,

fucking cry!

Wash away the shame for it does not serve you.

Wipe away the blame for it does not empower you.

Simply cry.

Reclaiming who you were born to be:





It’s time to start creating your masterpiece my friend.

Time to outgrow your skin,

bursting out,

leaving behind the old.

Knowing that this is the most natural thing in the world.

So that your best self for now, can move forward into 2019.

Embracing the fact that once again you will outgrow who you are tomorrow,

again and again,

until your final skin reveals your epic soul.

This is the way of the brave.

Yes, death is inevitable.

Thriving remains a choice.

With deep love and appreciation of you,