How much longer will you choose to be a sheople?

Beware the sheep in lion’s clothing.
For they will feed you fear-laced pudding.
Sapping you of all belief in yourself,
so that you will be part of their flock.

The allure of this is that people who have lost faith in themselves,
will always look for the biggest flock,
thinking that clearly THAT ‘leader’ must have the answers they’ve been seeking.

So they fall into line.
Without question.
Desperate to stop the pain ripping up their insides, from showing up as a sliver of their potential.

They drink the ‘proven’ limitations like cool-aid.
All the time,
weakening their own will, their ability to think for themselves.

Not to insult you,
but considering humans call animals dumb,
I want you to turn your attention to nature.

Do you see hundreds of lions flocked together?
Or do you see that those who own their power in the animal kingdom,
choose to surround themselves with few.
No need to hide in numbers.
Not counting on another to be WEAKER
so that they may survive another day.

I challenge you today to start waking up,
to start questioning,
to start thinking for yourself again.

Are you following a ‘leader’ because all your mates are in the herd?
Because listening to them is soothing your frayed nerves?
Do they feed you with fear sprinkled with hope-amine?
Telling you that basically you’ve fucked up.
You dared to fly too high and in the process, you got what you deserved:
Burnt, bruised and hurt on the floor.
Stupid child!
What were you thinking?

They tell you to lie still while they fix you.
To stay in the safety of the crowd.
Their flock will be your protection.
They will heal you,
rescue you,
teach you the one and only way to be successful, by crawling on your knees.


You were born to CREATE motherfucker.
Unique in your make-up.
Stop thinking you’re here to imitate,
to copy,
to manufacture.
Stop thinking you’re weak and insignificant.
That you need to learn more.


You were born with everything you need INSIDE of you.

All you need to do is to UN-FUCK yourself: releasing all the bullshit you’ve bought into and start being your radiant, powerful, magnificent self.

Unless you want to be a sheep.

In which case,
what the hell are you reading this for?

This piece is for those who know they were born to OWN THE DAY AND NIGHT IN EQUAL STRENGTH.
The ones who woke up this morning,
took a hard look around them,
walked to the mirror,
and fearlessly called themselves out on their bullshit.

Those who have reached the point of ENOUGH AND NO MORE.

Enough and NO MORE settling for mediocre ANYTHING.

You did not come here to be average.

It’s time for you to up your game Sunshine.

It’s time to choose to play where few dare tread.
Where it takes daily discipline and courage to stay in the game.
Because NOBODY waits for you.

The winners keep raising the standards of excellence for themselves,
daring you to connect with a deeper drive,
a stronger power,
so that you may find the way to continue playing on their field.

And if you don’t,
they respect your choice of weakness,
and leave your sweet arse behind.

For they take full responsibility for themselves,
expecting you to do the same.
From a space of deep belief and respect of who we truly are.

Nobody was born a sheep.
We are all equal in potential.

We simply get to choose who we surround ourselves with,
who we choose to identify with,
what we choose to eat – fear or courage,
how we choose to show up.
And it’s a daily choice.

Regardless of how long you’ve been duped into believing that you are weak,
that someone else will save you,
that someone else has the answers you seek,
you get to choose differently today.

Or not.

I completely respect and honour those who choose to live in fear.
I completely respect and honour those who choose to believe in limitation.
I completely respect and honour those who choose to conform.

I simply choose not to be one of them.
I choose not to work with them.

I choose to only work with those who are committed to victory.
Those who take full responsibility for themselves,
who choose to feel the fear and courageously do it anyway.
I choose to work with those for whom the pain IS the game.
I choose to work with those who will be LEGENDARY!

The world is in chaos Darling.
It’s burning the fuck down.
Insanity spewing bullets from machine guns.

What will you do about it?
Will you sit in front of your screen,
watching the whole world go up in flames,
hypnotised by the destruction,
listening to a voice trying to make sense of it by desperately finding someone, something, to point a finger at and blame?

Or will you be one of the very few who finally rise the fuck up.
BEING the change you desire to see in the world.
Understanding that YOU are the only person YOU can shape into a brilliant version of embodied human potential. and in the process inspiring others to do the same.



Truth is that for us, there is no middle ground.
For those of us who choose to achieve,
those of us who choose to create abundance,
those of us who choose to have adventure,
to fail until we succeed,
there is either THRIVE or DEATH.

Existence is simply not an option.

What will you choose today, Gorgeous?
I want you to understand that THIS is the only choice that will ever matter.

Not any of the choices that brought you to this point.

And if you so choose, I look forward to challenging you to your greatness.

With love and honour,


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