What would you do with a clean slate?

How often have you either heard the words or uttered them yourself?

If only I could start over.

If only I could wipe the slate clean.

If only…

This is not a philosophy I personally buy into.

For two reasons:

  1. I do believe that each and every night the Universal slate gets wiped clean and each day we are gifted with the opportunity to show up however we choose to; and
  2. Starting over suggests regret and I don’t regret anything in my life.  Not the good, not the bad and sure as hell not the ugly.  For it’s been these experiences that have provided me with the most magnificent of learning opportunities unfurling the woman I am today.

But let’s just say that you’re sitting here today, looking back at the past year, maybe you’re even looking back at the past decade or two and thinking “What the hell was I thinking?”  Maybe you’re sitting here and thinking to yourself that you’ve made some seriously fucked up choices in life and you’re not all that happy with the consequences.

Maybe you’ve been working too hard and neglected everything else in your life to wake up today, alone, miserable, confused and sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Maybe you’ve been living excessively and lost touch with your physical reality ending in a break-up of your marriage, debt up to your eyeballs, and a boep hanging over your pants making it uncomfortable to tie your shoelaces.

Maybe you’ve just not built the business to where you said you wanted to and you’re frustrated with the pile of bills that are stacked higher than the invoices.

Maybe you’re just feeling dissatisfied because you’ve done okay, you’ve got the job, the spouse, the 2.5 kids, the white picket fence, but there’s this emptiness inside and you just can’t figure out why you’re not ecstatic every day.

Wherever you find yourself my friend I want to tell you this –


Not the bad, not even the good.

For no matter what you’ve already achieved thus far, it’s but the tip of the iceberg.

Oh if only you could see what I see.

I wish I could take photos with my eyes.

You would see that you are the most beautiful, most expansive, most loving soul alive!

You would see that nothing is impossible and everything comes down to choice.

What you choose to think

How you choose to feel.

What you choose to do.

What you choose to create.

What you choose to allow into your experience.

All of it.

And just because you’re not 100% satisfied with your past choices doesn’t mean that you’re stuck in this space forever more.

One of the most beautiful gifts I’ve received in the last decade is a change of perspective.

Understanding that I’m not a helpless victim of anything or anyone.

That in any given moment I can choose to see things differently.

To know that everything happens FOR me and that even when I think the Big U is screwing with me at times, Creator knows exactly what my little heart desires and always keeps me on track.

But I also know that I have one helluva adventurous spirit.

And I’m stubborn as can be!

So instead of walking on the straight and narrow I’m always fucking off into the bushes looking for a more exciting way.

And I’m a slow learner LOL.

I don’t care.

I have my entire life to get to the finish line.

I choose to bash through the marshlands, falling down, sometimes bleeding, sometimes cursing (okay mostly cursing), sometimes crying.

I’ve been seen sobbing on the ground not knowing where I would find the strength to get up again.

I’ve been seen raging against All That Is with my unbridled anger and frustration insisting that something changes right now!

I’ve been seen throwing my hands up as I’m finally ready to release my control freak tendencies and let the chips fall where they may.

I have to say, the chips are falling delightfully and I can’t remember when last I’ve had a day go by without at least one squeal of delight bursting from my lips.

Does that mean I’m anticipating a smooth ride all the way to the grave?

Oh fuck no!

I’m really not that naive plus I would get bored shitless and end up like all the other sheople overdosing with food, booze, entertainment and whatever else they use to prevent the pain from registering.

The pain of a life unlived.

A life of mere existence.

Which in my opinion is worse than death itself.

No matter where you find yourself today know that you have a clean slate.

That right here, right now, you can draw a line in the sand.

You can start by forgiving yourself – I’ve been doing a lot of this!

You can start forgiving everyone else who has ever hurt you understanding that it takes two to tango and that each relationship was there for learning, with a loving soul, a mirror that could show you your shadow side if you are only brave enough to look.

You can start investigating your beliefs and ask yourself where they come from, who they belong to, and if they are serving you?

If they don’t, fucking change them.

You can start identifying and owning your true desires and you can set the goals to achieve them.

The goals that are in alignment with your values.

The goals that are your life purpose in worldly form.

The goals that has you thriving.

The goals that are so big and juicy your mind goes into berserker mode trying to figure out how the hell you will ever achieve them.

The goals that require surrender to a higher power knowing that you are never alone.

Are you ready Gorgeous?

Are you ready to take that magnificent finger and draw that line?

Come on – I dare you!

You’ve got what it takes.

I believe in you.

But you have to start believing in yourself.

For death is inevitable.

But thriving, OMG it is such a stunning choice that I pray you make today.

With love eternal,


PS:  Coaching is for those who choose to thrive.

For the born leaders, the creatives, the high achievers who take full responsibility for their lives thereby empowering themselves to create iconic results.

Coaching is for those who are ready to do the work, the real work, the mindset work understanding that nothing will change until they change the way they think thereby showing up powerfully and transforming their lives.

I’m not going to lie to you – it is not a fluffy ride.

It’s not a comfortable journey.

No growth comes from comfort.

But it is exhilarating AF!

It is you showing up for yourself, for your dreams, for your purpose, for your life, that guarantees thrive.

Are you courageous enough to thrive?

Book your consult today Darling.

Hesitation leads to devastation so take the leap of faith.

It’s time for us to play.