‘Slow down’ they say. And die…

Just to be clear,
this message
is NOT for those who choose to live an ordinary life.
It’s NOT for those who prefer lounging around every minute availble.
It’s NOT for those who simply want a 9-5 mentality
ticking boxes
waiting for Christmas
thinking this dimension is all about procreating and paying bills.

This message is for the Alphas,
those who have a continuous inexplainable hunger for MORE
and who are finding themselves feeling really fucking tired today.

I know everyone is looking at those bags under your eyes,
the slump of your shoulders,
exhaustion etched on your face,
saying it’s time for you to slow down,
take a break,
go on holiday.

Well Sugar,
I call poppy-cock.

It’s your insistence of playing at this crazy mundane SLOW AND LOW VIBE AF pace of the average that’s literally KILLING YOU.

What the fuck were you thinking?

You know,
when you decided to slow down to give others the opportunity to catch up to you.
When you decided that they were right all along and that your dreams are simply too big and that’s the cause of your demise.
When you decided that it’s all about compromise to level the playing field for the world as that is the loving thing to do.

look where that’s gotten you AND it’s not their fault.
This is on you Munchkin, as you chose to listen to those who don’t know diddly squat about us.

the ones who came to this life to be, do and have incredible levels of thrive,
who came to this life to raise the standards back to excellence where they belong,
the ones ready to RUN wild and free over mountainous terrain that most will NEVER even see in this lifetime
except maybe on a flat screen
because they’re so fucking terrified of dying
that they NEVER live


listen to me closely.
Stop being such a whimp, take off that mask for you’ll NEVER successfully hide the fact that you’re NOT one of the sheople.


That means you pick up the fucking pace because right now your energy has come to a standstill and like a blocked river your body is turning into a cesspool, it stinks, flies (aka energy vampires) hovering around you, and until you take a laxative and RUN until your lungs burn the putridness from you, you will NOT breathe!

It means you dream BIGGER because these little kid fantasies are BORING you to tears. Void of excitement. No magic. No juice. It doesn’t INSPIRE you to take the aligned action as indicated by your continuous procrastination and telling yourself the lie that it’s because you’re scared or have imposter syndrome or whatever you’ve started reciting as a ‘get out of awesome’ free card.

It means you RAISE your standards for YOURSELF.
Stop telling me about what everyone else is doing because seriously girl, I don’t give a rats arse what anyone else is doing. YOU choose to surround yourself with average and until you OWN up to that and walk the fuck away,
NOTHING is going to change and that is ON YOU!

It means you raise your standard of thoughts,
your standard of conversations,
you train harder,
you eat cleaner,
you orgasm longer and harder,
and you hustle like a mad bitch refusing to allow anyone or anything to distract you becuase
is all that matters right now.

It means you get back into your lane instead of talking about things that you don’t know anything about and you don’t actually care about, but you see everyone else is talking about it so you think this will make you one of the cool kids.


Since when are alphas part of the ‘cool’ gang?
WE are the rejects.
We are the freaks.
We do NOT play ‘cool’ when our passion is raging out of control day and night.

When you’re ‘talking popular’ my eyes glaze over and I’m thinking oh jesus christ NOOOOOOOOOO, we’ve lost another one.


and if you don’t know what the hell that is,
shut up,
go inside,
and figure it out because it’s there,
it’s always been there,
but you’ve decided to take the pressure off yourself
and so the diamond that was in the process of forming
is turning into another lump of black coal.

You know I’m speaking your truth,
even though it’s not what you want to hear.
You’ve become so used to the complacent horse manure everyone else is feeding you day and night,
and yes,
I know they sound more like you think your momma should, having the little ego voice encouraging you to shut me out,
and that’s perfect too.

You don’t have to take my word for it,
just answer me this:

How are you FEELING?

Because you’re either feeling on fire with desire and creative juices rushing through your veins,
or you’re exhuasted, depleted, feeling drained and void of thrive.

Dead already,
or you can choose to thrive.

Live with honour,

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