So focused on the rules that you’re not getting your message out? Time to challenge those beliefs.


Could be traumatic for judgemental viewers.

I’m NOT saying that EVERYBODY should follow a no-strategy approach, however, when the strategy and rules become MORE IMPORTANT than the work, I have to speak my truth.

Women are putting ridiculous amounts of pressure on themselves to show up ‘perfect’ and in the process, they would rather NOT be seen, than to be seen raw, unfiltered, knowing that they are enough.

So here’s how I do it, not to say you must do it the same, simply decide what is important to you and what would feel fabulous to you!

Journal this:

👉 Where are you making it really hard on yourself to show up?

👉 Where are you putting steps between yourself and delivering your purpose work to the point of exhaustion?

👉 Where do you have a belief that you are not enough?

👉 What are your subconscious beliefs about who you are and what you need to do for you to be worthy of success?

Let me know 👉 what is ONE rule you’re flushing down the toilet today so that you can show up powerfully right now?

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