Speak with power or say nothing at all…

What is it going to take for this to sink in?

That you are creating your current reality with the thoughts you choose to think,

you know,

those stories you keep telling yourself,

of why people do the shit they do,

of what that says about you,

of what it says about them,

the words you use,

every time you open your mouth to re-tell your story,

every time you give a chosen answer?

How must I say this in a way that you understand?


Nobody else.

Nothing else.

It’s all YOU Darling.

When I first learned this,

the power of our word in creation,

I rebelled against the very thought.

How could it be?

I wasn’t responsible for everything that happened TO me!

BULLSHIT – I raged against the Universe.

I’m just a helpless little victim of my circumstances.

My background.

My ancestry.

The stars, the planets, the moon.

Which of course I then proved to myself,

by creating more of the same shit.

Until I opened myself to questioning,

to pay attention,

to find the correlations,

between the stories in my head,

and my external reality.

I discovered that the tone of the story dictated my emotional state.

When I was the helpless victim,

waiting to be rescued,

the stories elicited feelings of fear, anger, resentment, jealousy,

nasty shit!

My actions became a reflection of my emotional state of being.

Self-fulfilling prophecy in delectable manifested form.

When I took the SAME story,

but changed my perspective,

becoming the compassionate observer,

my feelings did a complete turn-around.

I would feel love, compassion, forgiveness, a desire to empower,

and my actions,


chalk and cheese of course.

The result was that my relationships started changing.

Now for the outside critic,

it might seem like abandonment.

A ton of them ended.

What they didn’t see or choose to understand was that the end of my relationships came from a space of unconditional love.

By healing my codependency,

and YES, I could have received a medal as a codependent,

I was able to release my NEED for certain people.

Which meant that the energy was finally cleaned up resulting in an opportunity to be true to ourselves.

Sadly, codependency is not a breeding ground for loving, empowering relationships.

The complete opposite.

And it’s sneaky!

You’ll focus on your ‘main’ relationship and think just because you’ve dealt with that one,

you’re now free of all codependent tendencies.

Not so much, Love.

How we do one thing, is how we do all.

Radical self-love and self-acceptance meant a radical release of that which no longer served me.

Yes I know,

the other people haven’t necessarily done the work,

and many of them are not feeling peachy towards me.

Not my responsibility.

If they choose to tell themselves stories which breeds contempt for me,

it’s their right to do so.

Next I started paying attention to the questions others were asking me.

How we, as a race, continuously recreate what is,

by only asking after current circumstances.

Which I understand comes from a good place,

but think about it:

if you know someone is going through some tough shit,

and you keep asking them to tell you about their struggles,

you are in fact asking them to create MORE of that in their lives.

Nobody ever asks me what I’m creating next?

Nobody ever asks what am I choosing to be grateful for today?

Nobody ever asks me what am I doing differently today from before?

As far as majority of humanity is concerned,

the only things that matter

is the past

and current conditions.

If you choose to speak only that which you desire to create,

they tell you that you’re delusional.

I no longer have any interest in talking about that which has already past.

It’s done,


I have received my learning,

integrated the new wisdom,

and using this information to create my next conscious desire.

And if that sounds obscene to you,

I will ask you,


Why does it sound insane to only speak that which you choose to create?

Does it scare you to think that you actually might be creating your reality?

Does it scare you to think that you might have to let go of the drama?


Does it scare you to think that if I’m right about this, that I might be right about others things as well

which will mean

you will have to start questioning everything too?

Does it scare you to think that life could be turned upside down when you change your internal and external dialogues, and you will have to release those codependent relationships, finally have to have those courageous conversations, finally have to get your act together?

Does is scare you to think that all your bullshit excuses will become null and void?

Yeah, it scared me too.

So I invite you to just be open to some experimentation.

To start paying a little more attention to your thoughts, your words, your feelings,

and how they impact your actions,

and most importantly,

the results you then receive.

Start paying attention to the questions your loved ones are asking you,

and if it is simply recreating drama in your life,

or painting the picture of your next desire

with such clarity and detail that it simply has to become.

And if you really want to have some fun with this,

change the questions you ask of others!

Instead of asking them what’s going on – why not ask them what’s great about today or what they’re working on creating next?

This entire process is even more powerful when you’re an entrepreneur and you start understanding just how you’ve been creating your current outcomes.

Or not.

You can choose to keep talking the same as you did yesterday and expect that tomorrow is going to be FABULOUS.

Except we both know that’s the definition of madness.

Just saying.

After all Darling, only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With love and appreciation,


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