Have we seriously become a generation of spectators?

This is my personal truth.

Nobody is going to make shit happen for you.

Nobody is going to put you on a pedestal and adore you.

Nobody is going to change the world to suite your idea of peace and love and prosperity.

Nobody is going to discover a magic pill that allows you to eat like a pig and stay in tip top shape.

It ain’t gonna happen Sunshine so wake the fuck up, rub that sleep out of your eyes and start doing it for yourself.

When I look around I see a generation sitting on the sidelines, criticising all who have the courage to be on the actual playing field, willing to take the chances, willing to fall, willing to get dirty, willing to bleed.

I see a generation stuffing their bodies full of chemicals waiting for modern medicine to discover a cure for the diseases they are creating within themselves.

I see a generation who have completely disempowered themselves by believing the bullshit handed down to them that they’re somehow lacking, somehow not smart enough, somehow not good enough, somehow don’t have choices… and instead of proving the motherfuckers wrong, they have given up the fight.

I see people disconnecting from their wisdom, constantly looking for ‘the answer’ that is going to make them successful.

Except they’re not prepared to be a part of the conversation.

They’re not willing to do it differently, creatively.  They wait for the tried and tested.

I think it’s absurd.

And of course I’m not preaching to YOU

Because I know that you’re not a locust mindlessly consuming all in your sight.

Because if you’re reading this, then you’re a goddamned soul warrior here to bring change.

You’re one of the courageous few willing to walk out in front and find your truth, your own answers, your creative way of doing, your thrive.

You’re one of the leaders willing to be part of the conversations that matter.  The stimulating, thought provoking, questioning conversations that brings light to topics which have long since been archived in the darkness of bullshit.

You’re one of the rebels willing to hang your ass out there, willing to love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle, willing to be selfish enough to be true to yourself.

It doesn’t mean that it’s easy on the field.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t get tired at times and take a break just to catch our breaths.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t lose our shit when the frustration overwhelms or we just get so tired of hearing the constant booing from the sidelines and we just want to stand in front of a hater and say “Fuck Off!”

We’re human after all.

And we’re filled with passion!

So much passion.

It can’t be contained indefinitely.

It’s impossible.

So it erupts.

I know that personally my passion often gets mislabelled as aggression.

I get told that I should stop screaming so much.

I get told that I should stop cursing so much.

I get told a lot of shit.

But you know what Darling, my passion is red.

My passion is fire.  

My passion is explosive at times.  

My passion is the storm.

So feel my rage!

Hear my voice thundering.

Because you’re either going to get your ass up off that bench and come play with me on the muddy field of life,


you’re going to ask me to keep quiet so you can go back to sleep.

Let those who criticise you go back to sleep.

Stop wasting your time and energy on those who don’t desire change.

As far as I’m concerned all those haters who are constantly pissing on your parade have way too much time on their hands because they’re not actively living their own lives!

And of course when you ask them why they’re not training instead of constantly swallowing fat burners, they say because they don’t have time.

When you ask them why they’re not learning something new and interesting with which to enhance their professional lives as they’re constantly complaining of how stuck they are, they say because they don’t have time.

When you ask them why they’re not doing the mindset work which will change EVERYTHING that they don’t adore in their lives, they say because they don’t have time.

Yet they have time to surf the internet for hours looking for someone to hate on.

They have time to watch season after season of some gory series on Netflix.

Isn’t it crazy?

or is it just me?

Darling, today is a day like never before.  Today is an opportunity to do life in a way that you’ve never done it before.  Today is filled with unlimited potential for you to create whatever you want to create.

Stop recreating yesterday out of fear of the spectators.

My question is though, are you going to love yourself enough to see this truth and to make the choices today that has you thriving, or are you going to continue buying into the illusion that has you enslaved to the demands of others?

Are you going to remember who you truly are and create the space in time for introspection and creative thought or are you going to stay busy as a way of sabotaging your greatness?

Please know this as absolute truth:

YOU are perfect

YOU are wisdom

YOU are beautiful

YOU are powerful

YOU are the creator of your own life – all of it

YOU are worth joy

YOU are worth love

YOU are worth success

YOU are enough.

This is the truth that nobody has ever told you because they know that the moment you believe this on a cellular level, you will be a game changer.  You will step into your rightful place as a leader.  You will own your powers and create that which is sorely lacking in a world falling into decay.  

You will rise and you will thrive!

If you’re ready then take the statements of truth above and make them your own.

Go stand in front of the mirror and say out loud:

“I AM perfect.  I AM wisdom.  I AM beautiful.  I AM powerful.  I AM the creator of my own life – all of it.  I AM worthy of joy.  I AM worthy of love.   I AM worthy of success.  I AM ENOUGH!”

Do this for 30 days and see the magic come to life.

I know I know – it’s uncomfortable AF in the beginning.  You feel like a fake.  You feel like an idiot.

Just persevere.

Everything that gets practiced continuously becomes easy.

It WILL be worth it.

You’re too precious to sit on the sidelines.

We need you on the field.

All of you.

You are very loved.

For the only thing guaranteed is death.  Thriving is a choice.

With love eternal,


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