At which stage does knowledge stop being power?

I adored my grandfather.  I remember him encouraging me to always be open to learning and continue my education for as long as possible.  “Knowledge is power which nobody can ever take away from you Anel” he would say in his gruff voice, the skin by his eyes permanently wrinkled from his contagious laugh and wicked sense of humor.  Darling man.

Then we entered the age of information and I can’t help but see the ensuing chaos and confusion lying in its wake.

I believe knowledge is potential power.  Knowledge in and of itself doesn’t do jack-shit.  It’s only when applied that the knowledge becomes power.

So why in a time when information is so freely available are more people not more powerful?

I’m finding people become paralyzed from information overload.  They’re bombarded with way too much information to possibly absorb especially when they’re not being given the time to process and apply.  What this leads to is more uncertainty so what do  they do?  They try and find more information to alleviate the pain only to feel even worse off than before.

The next trend I’m picking up is that people are not ready for the information they are given.  Remember the ancient saying “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”?  Well nobody gives a shit if the student is ready or not – just teach them more!

But it’s futile.  If your mind, your energy is not ready to receive and process the information you’re simply piling on an already fragile foundation.  One of two things will happen – something will be lost or something will break.

Wonder why so many people are burnt out??  Think about it!  I believe this is exactly why.

My next observation is that people are putting the cart before the horse.  They’re so eager to learn new skills yet they haven’t taken the time to figure out WHAT they need to learn.  They haven’t created the energy of their next level self who will require new skills so instead they waste their time by learning all the wrong things.

I feel like I’m not explaining myself well so let’s take a different angle:  Any learning you do should have purpose.  Just like every goal you set should be aligned with your next level best self and who you ultimately desire to become, ultimately living the life you desire to live.  The fastest way to achieve any goal is to first understand who the person is who achieves the goal.  It’s a simple matter of stepping into that energy.  Of trusting yourself that you already know because ultimately every desire you have is a clue of the life you are destined to live – if you choose to do so.  And if you allow yourself to become that person.

Now the moment you step into the energy of your next level self, you intuitively KNOW what you need to learn, what the missing steps are, what the missing routines are.  How you are not showing up right now and how you would be doing things differently from that space.

It’s seriously powerful stuff.

So instead of just bombarding people with more information, I believe the very first step is to help people connect with their true desires, their next version self, and then ask them what it is that they require to learn to facilitate the process.

Very different approach right?

Now all of a sudden we allow people to step into their true power and adding the essentials instead of just taking on other peoples agendas and what THEY want them to learn and become.

Think about the impact it would have on companies.  No longer will they be spending thousands on ‘one size fits all’ training days but instead provide the correct mentors to employees to become their best version self thereby elevating standards, loyalty and the value add from each and every person.  It sounds like a costly affair but really it’s way more cost effective than the frustrating spray and pray approach.

Entrepreneurs, creatives, housewives would set amazing goals, get to identify their next level best selves and thrive as they eagerly learn the information that is in complete alignment with their desires.  No more frustration, no more overload, no more wasting time.  Super lean, productive, stimulated, on fire!

It’s hard to understand this if you’ve never trusted yourself and the fact that the truth already resides inside of you.  I’m not saying you should never again invest in learning and growth – hell no!  I’m saying first invest in your personal growth so you understand what learning to invest in.

Because until you become the person who understands the information you’re being taught, you will never learn it and you sure as hell will never apply it!

It’s pure insanity if you think about it.

And here’s the other thing:  when you step into the energy of the person who is already applying the learning, connecting the dots become super easy and super fast.

This is how I became an IronMan in a mere four months even though I couldn’t swim.  I simply claimed that energy for myself, stepped into it, and then my mind and my body could make the connection super fast.

So here’s your assignment for today:

Sit your beautiful self down, take out that big journal and ask yourself “Who is my next level self?  What is the goal that she is working towards?  What does her environment look like?  Who does she hang with?  What does her day look like?  What is she doing, what is she saying, what is she reading, what is she learning?”

Then free flow that baby and see what comes out for you.

Now you have to trust that what you are writing is your truth!  Because it is.

Next ask yourself “If I was already that woman, what would I tell my current self to learn next?”

THAT is what you want to invest in.  Because that is what you are ready to not only learn but to internalize, implement and use to your advantage.

I would love to hear what you’re investing in next to thrive so hit me a reply at and share!

Because death is inevitable but thriving is a choice Darling.

With love always,


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