There’s only ever ONE acceptable standard

No more excuses.

No more sabotage.

YOU my Darling, are a born leader.

Yet the leaders seem to have been stripped from their pride, from their standards, from their truth.

Living in a society where excellence is frowned upon, pride is sinful, and we have to fucking save everyone too lazy to do the work themselves, is beyond challenging for a true achiever.

And what I’ve witnessed is leaders being brainwashed to believe that their standards are impossible to meet.  That they can’t possibly expect from others what they expect from themselves.

Relentless pursuit of dreams.



Instead you’re told you have to cut others some slack.

Oh, and the masses of average have infiltrated all the systems which keep you in line.

Labor laws that screw you over in the blink of an eye.

I’ve experienced this first hand.

Back in the day when I owned a recruitment company, I had staff sit in my office, using my equipment, my internet, my forms, my processes, slap another logo on and run their own illegal business from my premises, during the hours I was paying them, even going as far as phoning my clients, and then when they were exposed and I let them go, I was the one being sued.

True story.

The pure fact that people have the audacity to behave in this manner and be protected by the ‘law’ is illustrative of just how fucked up the system is.

Yes, this is an extreme example, but the fear of being sued is what keeps so many businesses from thriving.

During the interview everyone puts their best foot forward, telling you whatever they want you to hear.

Testimonials are not reliable – after all, it’s against the law to give a reference that could prevent a person from finding other employment.

So you put your faith in them and offer them the position.

All new brooms sweep clean, but within six months mediocrity always starts shining through.

Standards start failing.

They tell you that it’s too hard.

That you’re not giving them sufficient training.

It’s too much to do.

Or they just fuck up.

Again and again.

Until you finally just decide to do it yourself.

Which means that not only does your creative juices suffer as you’re bogged down once again in technician mode, but you’re still paying their salary.

You’re tired of fighting so you just give in.

You settle for average employees.

And your business will never grow past average.

For it’s true that your business will never surpass your energy, your mindset, your standards.

Since your business is your baby, your career brings you joy, why not make it excellent?

Starting with standards of excellence.

Those standards of excellence has to start with YOU my friend.

You have to raise yourself back up to your true standards.

That includes everything in your life.

Your nutrition.

Your training.

Your spiritual practice.

Your relationships.

What you wear.

What you eat.


For it’s all connected.

Then you bring these standards of excellence in your professional operation.

You set yourself and your staff up for success.

You write out your company values, your company vision, your company’s purpose in this world.

When you recruit you ensure you have a match.

If you ask your candidates their personal values and they don’t even know, move on.

Only employ those who are serious about themselves.  Serious about their success.

For they will never be more loyal to you than to themselves.

If their values are in conflict with yours, move on.

Ask them their life purpose.

If their purpose is in conflict with the mission of the business, move on.

I know this seems ruthless.

I know this seems an impossible ask.

But I wouldn’t expect anything less from you.

Seriously, if you’ve not taken the time to figure out YOUR values, YOUR purpose, then why not?

Are you not truly an achiever?

A sheep in wolf’s clothing?

Employ those who take themselves seriously and they will take your business serious.

When you strike gold and you know this person is an excellent fit for your company, you lay down the law.

Yes – your castle, your rules.

And you NEVER make exceptions.

Your systems are EXCELLENT.

Your operations manuals are EXCELLENT.

When you have meetings you come in prepared.  You get to the point.  You have a clear objective and you have the conversations that gives you your desired outcomes.

Continuous development is not negotiable – for yourself, for your staff.

Stop tolerating!

What is toleration costing you?

Really costing you?

In energy?

In time spent raging in frustration where you have to go through the entire emotional cycle of irritation, anger, fear, and then pull yourself back up to determined?

Wasted time!

Wasted energy!

Wasted mind-power!

What is it costing you in loss of business?

For every bad apple always rubs off on your team which impacts your clients

The more disgruntled they get, the more coffee you pay for.

For all those motherfuckers are continuously brining their colleagues coffee whispering poison into their ears.

You know this is true.

Nothing will change until that day when you decide you are no longer willing to tolerate average anything.

When you’re done with everyone ‘trying their best’.

There is no trying.

There is only do or don’t.

And let’s just be clear that I’m not only speaking to business owners and CEO’s here.

I’m speaking to you!

Get over your job title and step up as the leader you were born to be.

Take responsibility.

If you’re making tea and cleaning the office, I’m talking to you too!

Take pride in your career.

In your profession.

Raise your standards to excellence.

There’s simply no more excuses for laziness.

If you’re serious about raising your standards of living, your standards of impact, your standards of thrive, then I invite you to sit down and take a look at your life today.

Where are you operating on levels less than excellence?  Where you’ve let things slide?  Where you’ve become lazy?

What are you tolerating that’s causing you discomfort?  Pain?  Draining your energy?

What is the impact of this on your life?

The real impact?

The true impact?

All of it.

That’s all for today.

Today is just about getting real with yourself.  To take off the rose coloured glasses and see the truth.

Without all the excuses and all the societal bullshit of what you can and can’t expect. Can or can’t do.

As long as we excuse others, we are keeping them stuck.

We’re telling them they’re not capable of more.

That someone else will pick up their slack.

Enough and no more!

It’s time for you to raise your standards back to excellence.

For death is inevitable.

Thriving is an excellent choice.

With love always,


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