It’s time for us to stop the rescuing…

Those who do not know us,
truly know us,
experience us as cold, inconsiderate, cruel even.

(If only they could see us Anne)

Conditioned to think of love as
kissing arse
stroking booboos
putting on plasters
being nice
or the other extreme:
breaking of wills to ‘belong’
swallowing of truth which turns to acid inside.

Told love entails
sacrificing that which we love and hold dear,
even God sacrificed his son because he loves us,
a set of behaviours which you have to conform to,
and if you don’t
you will be punished into obedience
until you’re ‘perfect’
and then,
you will be loveable.

We’re told that if we love others
we will ‘help’ them
which in modern day society translates into rescuing them from the ‘struggle’ often required in the process of growth.

As in the story of the little boy who effectively killed the butterfly,
cutting her out of the cocoon after witnessing her struggle whilst soft wings was required to gain strength to break through the silk,
people are literally killing people
because they can’t bare to witness the struggle,
leaving us with a world filled with weak-minded individuals
preying on each other
and then we ask

“Where have the warriors, the magicians, the empresses, the leaders gone?”

People have become so uncomfortable in the presence of emotions,
constantly numbing their own
instead of FEELING DEEPLY,
that whenever someone starts to cry or lose their shit
they’re told
“There there, it’s all going to be okay. Dry your tears. Pull yourself together woman. No need to get hysterical.”

Suppressed emotion leads to
chronic back-pain
and every other illness we pay witness to on the planet today.

You wonder why a little virus is raging out of control globally right now?
Easy – peoples emotions are out of their control.
All their monsters
locked up inside their homes with them
and they have no way of coping
as they weren’t willing to

The virus does not spread through your hands
but through the vibration of FEAR.

hanging like putrid fog over humanity right now.
eating away immune systems faster than PacMan on turbo charge.
which nobody wants to face
as they’re told to look on the positive side
whilst rationing their toilet paper squares
walking in grave-yard shops with empty shelves creating the illusion of scarcity
being told not to come back to work
so just walk to isle 11, pick up another bottle of wine
and drown another person out of your life,
sinking into the next level of victimhood.

I have no sympathy for the illusion of victimhood.
There are NO victims in this world.
Every single person IS a powerhouse
and if you’re choosing to use your power to destroy yourself and everything you claim to love in the process,
that’s on you.

Fear is not going to kill anyone Darling.
Not acknowledging fear, Not giving her a chance to be heard, Not receiving her message,
is the killer.
Except nobody is going to write
“Cause of death: Unwillingness to get real with fear”
on a death certificate.
They will write some fancy disease name…

I’m #sorrynotsorry but I’m not going to tell people to ‘look on the bright side’
as I’ve personally witnessed the destruction of a country by an attitude of always being willing to ‘make the best of an atrocious situation’
and they can’t even see it!

Just looking on the bright side is NOT a strength.
Getting real and, from a space of dealt with emotions ranging from fear to anger to hope to certainty and everything else in-between,
seeing new possibilities and new creative ideas,
THAT is a strength.
Being willing to take a step back and seeing the bigger picture,
the patterns
emotionally, physically, psychologically, spiritually,
not in isolation
but as interconnected,
to determine the true cause of the events,
THAT is a strength.

Just because the majority only wants quick fixes to symptoms
Alphas have to conform to the demands of the masses.

It’s time for Alphas to step up.
It’s time for Alphas to start speaking their truth unfiltered,
allowing it to land where it may.
It’s time for the Alpha Wise Women and Wise Men to show up in all their glorious strength and magnetic energy and guide the pack members on their path of purpose.
It’s time for Alphas to FEEL more
as we are equipped to do so.
It’s time for Alphas to show the depth of our love
by sharing the depth of our truth.

It’s not our job to make it more palatable for those who choose to hold on to their self-imposed ignorance.
It’s not our job to make it easier to digest for those weak of stomach and weak of mind.
It’s not our job to come at it with a soft angle
as right now
our pack
is bleeding through their ears
from the bleating of the sheople they are surrounded with.

This is a time of evolution.
A time of return to self.
A time of return of truth.
A time of return of true love.

It’s time to
Rise Alpha Females.

For nobody is going to do this on their own.

Death might be inevitable.
Thrive is a choice.

Live with honour,