Do you judge the brightness of the sun by the reflection of the moon?

I adore the moon.

I love her sensuality.

I love her continuous flow from dark to full to dark again.

In truth I’m a little obsessed with her at the moment as I dive deeper into learning her secrets and manifestation powers which is readily available to us all, even though most of us have forgotten.  But more on that later.

Today I was reminded of the fact that our earthly experience of the moon is largely based on her position to the sun and the reflection of the light we get to see.

Our experience of the moon as a reflection of the light of the sun.

Breathe this in for a moment.

In truth, this reflection is never an accurate depiction of the power, the brilliance, the brightness of the sun!

The sun remains perfect, whole and complete regardless of the moon’s position or the story she tells us.

Quite frankly, I don’t think the sun gives a shit.

The sun just continues to shine radiantly and is happy to observe his perfect reflection on the moon with wonder and fascination.

“Oh look, the moon is in her shadow side tonight and not reflecting anything of me.  I’m just going to enjoy the darker shade of black knowing that she’ll turn in a few days and brighten up the starry skies again.”

“Oh wow, the moon is in her full glorious illumination tonight.  How gorgeous.  I’m just going to enjoy the view for the next couple of nights knowing her dark side will come back again.”

No boys, this doesn’t mean you get to go all hoyty toyty and point a finger at ‘moody’ women.

This is for all of us.

I believe that the moon-sun relationship is a perfect illustration for humanity.

Firstly, we as people, are ever changing.  We are evolving.  We are emotional as fuck (okay, some of us a little more expressive than others due to a lack of narcotics flowing through our bloodstreams).  Some days we are high, some years we are low.  Nothing is static.  No-one is completely predictable.  We all have a shadow side.  We all have the two wolves – yin and yang Baby.

Just make peace with it and enjoy the ride.

Secondly, and this is probably more my point today, we live in a world where we base a large percentage of our perception of self on the feedback that we receive from others.  Personally, I’m starting to question the wisdom in this.

Possibly hundreds of years ago, when there were fewer fucked-up psychopaths running around, this was a good system that served us well.

But with love and compassion, nowadays I’m seeing a minuscule percentage of ‘healthy’ and ‘well-functioning’ individuals who I honestly trust to reflect me back to me.

Shit, I wouldn’t even trust myself to give me feedback every day!  After all, I’m human too, I’m emotional too (you might have noticed by now) and I know that how I see myself in the mirror is largely based on what is going on internally.  My chosen path of personal growth is rife with learning and those trigger me all the time ranging from exhilaration to rage to a shade of darkness that intimidates Satan himself and everything in-between.

What I see with my human eyes is never a pure and 100% accurate reflection of who I am at my core.

So why is it that we so readily base our evaluation of self, our worth, our deserving, our right to thrive, on the perceptions and feedback from others?

Others who half the time are so fucking miserable in themselves that they do everything in their power to dull their pain of mediocre existence through escapism in whatever flavour their poison of choice.

At times these are people whom we love and adore, those we trust with our lives.  To the point of valuing their opinion more than our own.  Forgetting that no matter how much we might think of them, they’re still human AF!

At other times, and in thinking about this it’s ridiculous, we’ve never even met the retards!  Yet when they post a faceless comment on social media, telling us we’re worthless, ugly, undeserving of love, we take this on board as if there is any measure of truth in it!

Worse, we stop fucking shining because of their bullshit.

Am I the only one thinking this is a teeny weeny little bit fucked up?

Today I’ve been reminded to pause and to consider taking a god’s eye view on this matter.

Liberating and uncomfortable as it may be.

I invite you to do the same.

I invite you to take a step back and to consider that the feedback you’re constantly receiving from others says way more about where they currently find themselves on their personal journey of self-discovery, self-love, wholeness or lack thereof, than what it says about you.

On the flip side

I invite you to compassionately understand that how you experience others says way more about your current journey of self-discovery, self-love, wholeness or lack thereof, than what it says about them.

Yes, I know, he’s still a dick but just or a moment be courageous enough to get vulnerable here.

It’s when we move into this space of complete ownership and responsibility for ALL of our relationships, for ALL our personal power, that we are able to choose.

Do we want to continue basing our perception of self on the reflection of others, believing that we are fucked up, dark, imperfect, bad,


Do we want to turn our attention inwards and shine our light brightly with so much love and passion and compassion and enjoy the reflections from others knowing that they are on their own path and like the sun, stop judging the moon?

I confess, it’s a choice which I have to consciously recommit to daily.

Especially when I’ve had a particularly challenging day and my ego tells me how everyone else is wrong and I’m right for me to feel okay about myself.

I put it to you that maybe it’s time we obsess a little less about everyone else, and start focusing a little more on ourselves.

That instead of wanting to be pleasing and acceptable to everyone else, we start romancing ourselves and adore the face reflected in the mirror.

Rather than exhausting ourselves in trying to fix everyone else, we spend our time in healing ourselves.

Let’s all start being selfish!

And through this selfish rediscovery of our magnificence, we will bring a new radiant light to humanity.

This entire life thing is just an illusion.  A story I’m telling myself.  And of course I get to decide who is the villain and who is the hero.  After all, I hold the pen, I have the power.

However when we start waking the fuck up, the responsibility of that power becomes immense.

That’s probably why so few people really want to do it.

Why only a third of people are willing to wake up.

It takes balls my friend.

It takes titanium balls and then some.

Or ovaries if you want me to be politically correct.

I’ve made the choice to be more curious about myself.  About my journey.  To stop looking at everyone else for the answers of who I am!

I’ve made the choice to get still.  To go within.  To remember the wisdom.

Believe me when I tell you that this is probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

Trusting myself.

Then again, what the fuck do I have to loose?

I’m going to die anyway.

That’s inevitable.

Might as well choose to thrive until then.

How about you Darling?

With love eternal,


PS:   The gift of awakening, of setting mind-blowing goals and then unleashing the brilliance within to achieve, is what I bring to my clients.  It is a journey filled with fear, frustrations, grit, faith and ass kicking.  It’s a roller coaster ride where you’re able to go higher, feel deeper and thrive because you know I have your back.  Because no matter how many times you sit on your ass I will have you getting back up.  Because I believe in you.  Because my talent is my soul view of you.  Are you ready to face the reflection of your magnificence my friend?  Do you have the balls?  Then let’s connect.