Are you still surrounded by shamers, blamers, and complainers?

You know when I have to shimmy out of my clothes
just to get started with this piece
shit is about to go down in a storm!

Let me just take these kid-gloves off
as I’m not talking to the weak of mind today.
Quite frankly,
I’m not here to save anyone
I’m not here to kiss any boo-boos better
I’m not here to make you feel okay with self-destructive choices.
There are more than enough others in the world who speaks ‘that’ language.

today I’m being politically incorrect AS FUCK
and taking a stand
for the Alphas.

Men and women with an internal drive that has them up at the crack of dawn.
Men and women with a hunger for success and I’m not talking about making money but making impact in an energy of pure undiluted joy.
Men and women with a purpose so great that they’re willing to french kiss fear, taking action wearing a g-string of courage.

Everyone else,
just mosey along with love and appreciation.

sugar pie,
I’m going to paint a picture for you today,
and it is my intention to make it so vivid,
that you will no longer be able to live in denial.

I’m just DONE witnessing the feeding frenzy of the masses on your THRIVE-ENERGY.

For too long have we walked around
as our words are too strong for their delicate egos.
For too long have we crawled around
at snails pace
as our relentless drive and ambition to go higher, faster, stronger
is too intimidating as they wish to sit on their arses all day with indignation as they believe life owes them anything.
For too long have we lowered our standards of excellence
in the process feeling disgust with our puny outputs
as our true desire to create the outstanding is just too much to handle for those who would rather settle than lift a finger.

There was a time when Alphas walked this earth
with pride and conviction
with honour and integrity
not needing to be integrated into the tribe,
but instead,
knowing that our purpose is to fight the good fight
every single day.

We had the discipline to rise and practice our craft in private so that we could perform as artists in public.
We had the discipline to train relentlessly in the arena
so that we could win on the battle-field.
We understood that there is NO competition amongst Alphas,
as we are each so unique and powerful that our only competition is ourselves.

Oh make no mistake, we love sparring.
We love tossling around and seeing who can get on top today,
expecting the other to train harder
so we will find ourselves on the bottom tomorrow.
We valued ourselves,
appreciated ourselves,
accepted our wild and uncontrollable nature,
respected ourselves,
and there was no need for the co-depenedent bullshit dressed with a diamond ring as love.
We formed powerful partnerships with our allies
so that
we could be even stronger.

We were the kings and queens roaming free
not reigning over others
but creating abundance for all.
Not needing public praise and applause.
That’s NOT why we do what we do.

We create because we were born to create.
The end.

As the cult of mediocrity kept growing there came a tipping point of extreme laziness of MIND,
and they decided that since they could never defeat us,
they would turn us against ourselves and each other.

They started putting labels on our core values,
covered us in shame for being
too much
too driven
too ambitious
too structured
too disciplined
too outspoken
too out-of-the-box
too honest.

Their cacophony of lies
drowning out your truth.

It’s time Alpha.
It’s time for you to run the hell away from the crowd,
to run away from the toxic relationships,
to run away from the insanity,
to where you can reconnect with the truth that resides within you,
because until you do,
you will suffer in discontent and disgust for the beautiful face in the mirror
as living out of integrity
distorts our vision of ourselves.


You have to run away from the shamers – those who are continuously publicly breaking down the work of another, finding fault and then pretending to be the honourable saviour, shouting their warnings so that they can rise higher.
Understand that those who do not want to create something original, will always tear down whilst taking the work of another, putting on a different ribbon, and then selling an imitation.

You have to run away from the blamers – those who are not willing to take full responsibility for their thoughts, their feelings or their actions.
Little victims who want to sit like a helpless infant, pointing the finger at whoever IS showing up for themselves, whailing loudly so that the crowd will feel sorry for them and turn their vengence on the one deemed ‘responsible’ for their discomfort.

You have to run away from the complainers – those who will find a problem for every solution. Those who have no desire to use the opportunities gifted by life to grow stronger. Those who expend their energy with their words of hardship rather than life-changing action.

I know you’ve been raised to believe that it’s your responsibility to make others feel better about themselves.
I know you’ve been raised to believe that it’s your responsibility to make others happy.
I know you’ve been raised to believe that it’s your responsibility to bow down so others can get higher by standing on your back.
I know you’ve been raised to believe that you need them.
That you’ve been raised to believe that you’re born a little fucked up and doomed to a hard life of having to prove your worth.

I’m here to tell you that none of that is true.

this is YOUR life.
YOUR responsibility is to rise every single morning with the sole intention of being your best version self,
continuously improving and growing,
continuously releasing from your internal and external environment that which is not in alignment with your next creative vision,
and from a space of
you SHOW THE FUCK UP in the world
taking a stand for excellence once more
bringing back pride, honour and integrity
understanding that the more you are willing to be true to your core
the more Alphas will be attracted to you and we will reunite in our true nature of support, encouragement, playful daring and tumbles,
and we will bring back

My name is Anel,
and I am the instigator of a thrive evolution for Alpha females.

For death is inevitable and the one thing we don’t fear,
thriving is a powerful motherfucking choice my Darling.

What will you choose today?