Are you sending God half-assed telegrams of desire?

You know the saying “Ask and it is given”?

Well God wants to know why the fuck you’re not asking properly?

She says that all she’s getting from you is half-assed telegrams and she’s kinda confused as to why you’re bitching and moaning so much about your results (or as you state it, lack of results).

She’s giving you exactly what you’re asking for, so if you want chocolate stop asking for shit.

This is what came through my journaling.

And of course at first I got my back up.

Of course I went into defensive mode.

Of course I threw a wee tantrum exclaiming “What do you mean I’m not asking properly?  You’re God.  Can’t you read my mind?”

She laughed.

When I finally jumped from my high horse and started doing the introspection, getting out of my own drama, taking off my 3D glasses, it finally all made sense.

This is the missing link I see in 100% of clients when they first start working with me.

There is no clarity.

People say they want to be rich.

People say they want to be free.

People say they want to be wildly successful.

People say they want to have a shit hot body.

People say they want to have fabulous relationships.

But here’s the thing Darling – we are all unique.  Which means for each and every one of us these concepts have different meanings!

One person’s rich is another person’s poor.

One person’s free is another person’s prison.

And when we are continuously shooting off these half-assed rockets of desire we get exactly what we asked for and then feel cheated as we’re left dissatisfied because in our minds it looked different.

In our minds we live in LaLa land.

We skip and dance naked without cellulite, riding unicorns and there are no debt collectors.

Everyone kisses our ass and behave exactly how we want them to in order for us to be happy.

Because, you know, the world revolves around us!

Small problem –

For the leader, the creative, the achiever, LaLa land is boring AF.

Your soul detests LaLa land because she’s a powerful bitch who thrives on challenge, learning, overcoming, achievement, expansion.

She understands that in order for you to be happy you first have to get to a space of complete empowerment.

A space where you finally get that YOU are the creator of your reality.

A space where you finally stop the blame and shame and take control understanding that when you master your internal world, you master your external world.

She understands that in order for you to be happy you first have to own your dark side.

Realising that all relationships are mirrors providing the most loving opportunity to investigate your shadow and choose your behaviour from this place.  That means you appreciate relationships for what they are but you also release relationships once the learning is complete.  You stop hanging on to other people for dear life.  Your thrive does not depend on anyone else so you stop suffocating them with your neediness.  Instead you can choose to enjoy them for the time they are sharing your journey in a way that feels amazing for both of you.

Your soul understands that in order for you to be happy you want the odd challenge so you have the opportunity to scratch your head and be creative.  After all, you are a creative force!  You were never meant to be a mindless drone consuming all in your path without a second thought of how to contribute to the thriving of our gorgeous planet.

Everything that you’re cursing in life is in fact your greatest blessings!

Your soul understands that in order for you to be happy you want evidence of your creative power and the only way to do that is to hold a very clear vision and then building it in your world.  This is the point where you finally take the time to dig deep.  To go beyond the surface level work and instead connecting with your soul purpose, your soul desires, your soul wisdom.  This is when you go into the tiniest little details until you can taste it, smell it, feel it in your body.  Where the vision is so compelling you can’t sit still for a moment longer.  You don’t want to sleep.  You don’t want to waste your time with distractions.


Sweet spot Baby, Sweeeeeeet spot!

This is where you thrive.

This is where you are swept up by your passion and you become super-human!

This is where you crap your pants and move through the fear because not creating THIS is simply not an option.

You don’t care how long it takes.

You don’t care how much you have to sacrifice.

You don’t care how little you sleep.

You don’t care what the haters say.

All of that stuff is the stuff of your lower level self.  And the moment you connect with your soul desires you move next level.

This is the time you get the fact that the Universe is always on your side and you are delighted at the unfolding of miracles in your life.

And here’s the funny thing –

You start celebrating EVERYTHING!

Not just the things that you thought you wanted but all the challenges, all the seeming failures, all the disappointments.

Because you now understand that everything happens for you.

And since you are crystal clear on your desires, and you know that you always receive what you ask, your fear evaporates!

This is why most people live in doubt by the way.

They are in perpetual fear because they are vague on what they’re asking and their subconscious minds know this.

So why would they find the blessing in everything when they don’t understand that everything is to keep them on course to your true desires?  After all, the Big U has a front row seat from which to view the entire playing field compared to your limited vision.

My friend, are you ready to stop being one of the 99.9999% drifting around in uncertainty?

Are your ready to stop waking up each morning deflated, defeated, frustrated, angry, fearful?

Are you ready to stop the blame and shame and take back your power?

It all starts with a decision.

Let me here you shout it out loud!



Now sit your sexy ass down, take out that journal and pen and start digging.

Here’s you question – “What do I have on desire?”

Set your timer for 1 hour!

And you keep asking yourself that question and going deeper and deeper.


Get it all out on the paper.

Nothing is too big or too small.

But make sure you’re being true to yourself and your soul.

No ego allowed.

Oh I’m so excited for you.

You truly are magnificent my friend, and you have just taken the first step into your next level self.

How does it feel????

Write me a mail and let me know!

It’s important to share this stuff.

Don’t keep it in any longer.

For death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


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I’ll see you on the other side.