That which you fear holds the key to your desires.

My mission to transform your relationship with fear continues.

Modern day society has managed to distort the original meaning and intent of so many powerful words and concepts,
in the process
enslaving the masses within their own minds
filled with horror to the point of paralysis.
Believing that whichever way they turn,
they’re basically fucked.
And not in the pleasurable way.

Right now some of the top words used as an excuse for existing like a ball-sack includes:
don’t know.

All of these are absolutely valid as life experiences
and absolute hog-wash for not taking life by the horns
and riding her joyfully all the way to the finish line.

Okay, except ‘can’t’.
That’s just an outright lie.
Oh and ‘try’ – who the fuck even came up with that one?
Actually and ‘don’t know’ – I call bullshit.

Today I want to dive deeper into the things I observe people avoiding due to what they call ‘fear’,
with the intention of lifting the curtain so you can have a clearer view of just how much your avoidance is causing you a seperation of what you truly desire.

People are sooooo afraid of being ‘alone’,
they make it out as being something unnatural to the point that when we describe a scene void of others,
in a state of happiness,
they call us crazy or liars or unrealistic or inhuman as apparently humans are bred to be with others

They tell us that our lives are for the sole purpose of being servants to others,
to uplift those who apparently can’t uplift themselves (personally I find this idea insulting to the core but each to their own),
that for us to be happy
we should make others happy.

This has taken your focus away from the most important relationship in your life – the one with yourself, your inner being, your connection to the source of your life!
THIS is the cause of loneliness – it’s not the absence of connection with others, it’s the absence of connection with self.

For you are the source of your own fulfilment Darling.
When you allow yourself to deeply connect with your truth, your beauty, your creativity, your appreciation of life,
you get to play with other like-minded, like-vibrational people who simply enjoy your company in the present moment without any tentacles reaching out to plug into your life-force,
no energy vampires reside in this space.

People are so afraid of ‘silence’
that they fill every waking moment with noise!
The noise of social media,
the noise of online gaming,
the noise of politics,
the noise of complaint and drama and gossip.
Personally I don’t understand how the hell they stand it
as I can only endure so much and then I have to crawl back into isolation,
going into nature and finding stillness.
For it’s in the absence of noise that we can truly hear the voice of love which is always present.
This voice removes all traces of fear as we connect to the knowing that we are safe, we are loved and that all is well.

People are terrified of the present moment,
continuously distracting themselves,
living in their past,
living in a made-up future,
living in virtual reality – wtf people,
living on their cellphones,
anything NOT to be present.

We’ve taken to eating in front of televisions
disconnecting from the deep pleasure of our taste-buds
as our relationship with food has become so distorted with all the new ‘information’,
gods, if you have to listen to all of it you’ll think you have to survive off oxygen!
Except I’m finding that the more present I am whilst eating,
truly savouring the explosion of sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, buttery, salty in my mouth,
the more nutritiously I eat,
the more energised I feel,
and the better I look.

We’ve taken to masturbating whilst watching porn
disconnecting from the true rapture available as heightened senses makes skin sensationally sensitive and by bringing it back to our own bodies,
we get to slow down
increasing our pleasure
enhancing our capacity of enjoyment
and as your orgasms extend
so does the deliciousness in your life including your money, relationships, life-style,
all of it.
For life-gasms are birthed in euphoria Darling,
it’s when your relationship with your source is at it’s most potent.

It’s in the present moment that EVERYTHING that truly matters, exists.
It’s in the present moment that ALL is well.
You’re here.
Your heart is beating.
You’re breathing.

This is where you give birth to your desires and release the resistance that has kept you apart.
This is where you connect to your art,
your truth,
your voice,
and you release the illusions which keeps most people suffering,
so that you can


There is truly nothing to fear here.
There is nothing to hide from.
Nothing to avoid.
Nothing to apologise for.

You are good.
You are beautiful.
You are powerful.
You are safe.
You are worthy.
You have value.
You have purpose.

All you have to do,
is to stop being afraid of yourself,
and your life will unfurl in the most spectacularly delightful ways that has you gasping
“Thank you Universe. Mmmmmmmmmore please!”

Death is in the non-living.
Thrive is a choice available to you right here, right now.

Live with honour and a lottle bad-assery,


Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

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