Just how far down the DOING hole have we tumbled?

There’s tremendous power in staying humble.
I’m not referring to playing coy or kissing arse,
oh no Darling.
I’m talking about the Master choosing to remain curious,
always questioning that which was spoken as truth before,
from a willingness to be wrong,
discovering new possibilities,
opening untravelled paths,
and delighting in different outcomes.

I especially enjoy remaining curious around my beliefs and where they lead me.
The beliefs for which I no longer require to find the space of origin,
as that would entail me making something or someone wrong for my choices which is a load of crock.
Everything happens FOR me and my personal evolution.
I always have freedom of choice.
My journey is perfect for me.
Instead I simply question the foundation for the beliefs and seeing the patterns in the tapestry of human evolution,
not only in my own life,
but the lives of those I have the privilege in touching,
whether for a decade or a second.

One of the ‘beliefs’, ‘sayings’, ‘mantras’, whatever the fuck you want to call it, is
“Entrepreneurship is the greatest ground for personal development’.

Yip, I said that too and for the longest time, I believed it as well.
After all, building a business is not for whimps.
It’s hard work.
You get to practice emotional and mental muscles you’ve not really used before.
But mostly, REALLY, it’s about learning a set of skills that you believe in and your faith creates the rest 😉

As I take a step back and look at the ripples, the patterns, how it fits into the greater scheme of things,
I see that this belief
like so many others
no longer serves our evolution.

We’ve created an industrial based world where worth is pinned on NUMBERS whether how much money you have in your bank account to how much you weigh to how many followers you have online to how many likes and comments you get to how many times you’ve been divorced to how many years you’ve been married to how many children you’ve birthed to how many cars are in the garage to how many credit cards you have…
I’m sure you’re getting the point.

Every single one of these NUMBERS
the outcome of what you’re DOING or not DOING.

NOW, just to be crystal clear,
I’m NOT saying that everyone has to sit on their fat arses all day doing diddly squat,
that would be boring,

I personally LOVE action
whether creative action in my business
or passionate action in my bed.

What I AM asking is


Considering we are PRICELESS in our BEING…

And therein lies the destruction and the key of humanity.


Want to know where you get to learn THAT?
(Which FYI IS the greatest personal developmental space of this evolution)

  • In our personal relationships.


The one area we’ve really screwed up as someone documented (and then started teaching) that ‘love’ is butterflies in your stomach (chemistry),
followed by an erect cock and wet pussie (chemistry),
followed by a ring (social conditioning and approval by the tribe),
followed by kiddos (biology and approval by the tribe),
followed by bills (social entrapment and approval by the tribe as they’re all doing the same shit) which takes the unit apart to DO MORE,
followed by personal complacency and neglect (why put in more effort now that it’s a done deal, he said till death do us part, in sickness and in health, she signed the legal contract and has to just suck it up or else it will be financial and social ruin for all involved).

We have turned love and the most sacred of human relationships
into a legal business transaction

and in the process
we’re suffering greatly!

Because now it’s about what you can DO for me.
How you can provide for me.
Which dirty little secrets of destruction I can hide for you, in the process walking around in shame myself.
When a partner lets go of all personal standards,
blowing up like a whale,
becoming so unfit that they can no longer walk holding your hand,
and you DARE say something about it,
you’re put firmly back in your place – you inconsiderate, cruel, ungrateful, demanding, bitch!
Oh, and once posted on social media,
thousands of strangers will join the choir of crucification.

Instead of asking every morning:
How do I get to BE my best self in your PRESENCE?
How do I get to BREATHE deeply and unrestricted in your space?
How do I get to RELEASE and RECEIVE in full faith and a sense of unshakeable safety in your space?
How do I get to EXPRESS my love for you?
Which fears and insecuritites do I get to face within myself
as being in your thoughts and your heart
scares the living daylights out of me
which means
I get to grow and heal and become MORE of who I was born to be
without any ‘force’ or ‘legally binding documents’.

most people have lost the ability to BE fully present.
They freak out when I ask them to just BE.

I’m not only referring to romantic relationships, although that’s a space Alpha Females are being called to right now
as we’re the leaders in the healing evolution of humanity
it’s what we came here to do
and we FEEL the impact of this area,
I’m referring to ALL relationships!

With your children – instead of bullying them and molding them to fit into the paradigms of YOUR box, allow them to inspire you to burn down the prison you’ve created in your mind. Instead of taking their love, obedience and respect for granted, BE THE PARENT they CHOOSE to love, trust and respect.
With your friends – instead of holding on for dear life, allow friendships to flow like a river, having FUN along the way and ensuring that this intimate connection inspires growth in both parties.
With Your clients – instead of signing up anyone with a credit card, RAISE YOUR STANDARDS TO EXCELLENCE so that when you see their name pop up on your calendar, you SHOW THE FUCK UP as your BEST self.

Alphas have tumbled far down the hole of DOING, ACHIEVEMENT, RESULTS,
we were supposed to.
it’s time for Alphas to RISE in their glorious BEING.
The frequency of love, truth, beauty and excellence.

Will You Rise, Alpha Female?

Live with honour,