The Era of Accountability

Life has a wonderful way of rewarding courage.

For me the greatest reward of moving to a new country on the basis of faith, has been my re-connection with Source and my spiritual life.  No longer driven by fear (Oh dear God please just keep my family safe tonight and don’t let us be killed) but rather wonder and appreciation (Dear God you outdid yourself with this sunrise!  How do you do that??) I’ve been gifted with a new way of looking at life and the miracle we call earth.

One of the gifts appeared in the very unexpected form of documentaries showing the clear correlation between the increase of life-threatening diseases and the consumption of animal products (check out Forks over Knives and Food Choices to get you started) .  More than the biological composition, it’s the way in which these poor animals are being treated from birth to slaughter thereby infusing every cell in their body with suffering, pain and terror, that is then consumed by us which is causing us to quite literally eat ourselves ill (if you’re still telling yourself the story that animals don’t have feelings you’re in for a rude awakening my friend).

Our eating habits are also leading to the destruction of earth’s resources.  Not that many people give a shit quite frankly, as they’re not prepared to break their addiction to eating food that is so crammed with chemicals they might as well live on heroine.  I’m proud to say that I now consume no animal products and after only a couple of weeks I’m feeling better than I have in years.  Yes it’s early days but we all have to start somewhere.

It should come as no surprise then that the angelic realm gave me a gentle nudge little over a month ago to get out of the closet and start sharing my talent for healing with those who are ready to receive.  I dug out my Pranic Healing books and have been sharing this healing modality with friends, witnessing their remarkable recovery from various physical and emotional ailments.

Funny thing about spiritual healing though is that it’s not for everyone.  It takes a true desire to understand the root cause of the disease, introspection as to where your life is out of alignment with your values and your purpose, and it takes the courage to make change and dedication to a holistically healthier life.  You need to want hold on to the lessons and let go of the disease – whatever it takes.

This was highlighted for me again this morning when a friend asked why his shoulders have been hurting for the past couple of months.  The shoulders is the area of the body that carries our ‘load’ and it’s clear as daylight that his perceived burden has been weighing down heavily on him lately.  It’s time for him to re-evaluate and then choose to either lighten his load OR put the right support structures in place for himself and especially his body to increase his strength (of course doing both would increase the results significantly but small daily improvements will lead to massive results).  This would include a serious change in eating, starting to exercise regularly, and finding an energizing way to relax and recharge.

Not what he wanted to hear.  His response:  “Okay so that’s your airy-fairy diagnoses, what is the medical one?”

As with so many others, he does not desire to understand, take responsibility for his health and life and make the change.  He simply wants someone to tell him that there is some bio-mechanical problem in his body that can be fixed with a procedure or a drug.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a critical place for modern medicine in healing.  The problem comes in when we understand that majority of modern medicine treats symptoms, not root cause.  In addition I also believe that we are moving into an era of true accountability where people will be asked to start looking at their lives, take full responsibility for their choices from daily habits, to eating patterns, to the relationships they choose to be in, to the work they choose to do, and understand that it all has an impact not only on their personal lives and health, but on the collective.

I’m sorry to say but majority of the lifestyle choices being made at the moment is just plain selfish.  In Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead people being interviewed state that they would rather be fat and die young than make healthy choices, thereby living a longer and have a more active life with their kids.

Here’s my truth:  You are a magnificent, powerful creator of your life.  Everything that you see and feel is the result of your thoughts and the resulting actions.  Everything.

Right now the trajectory for humanity is not looking great.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask our youth.  They will be the first ones to point out to you that we’re screwing them over in a profound way.

I believe it’s time that we all take a step back and re-evaluate our life choices to start reflecting our true soul desires.  That starts with good health – as there is really very little you desire to do when your body is screaming in pain each day trying desperately to rid itself from the poisons flowing through your veins.

I promise you the moment you make the decision to turn it around, the Big U will open floodgates of support that will leave you with your jaw dropping at the pure love of it.  It might come in the form of books, documentaries, friends, healers, teachers, coaches or even the snuggle of a wet nosed puppy in your neck.

Who knows, in six months from now you too might live a life where you get to sit in awe of a sunrise understanding what true happiness is…

It’s your choice.