The fundamentals of high achievement being

I suspect this piece can potentially come across as a tad harsh.

It’s not my intention to be overly critical but simply to share with you some of the unspoken fundamentals which achievers often take for granted, thereby creating a moment to pause and reflect on your own behaviour and habits.

It might be an unidentified strand in our DNA.

The mysterious missing link between those who appear to have inhuman focus, resilience and titanium ovaries and those who are consistently struggling, depressed, miserable, victims of the harsh climate of the world.

I see it from posts in certain ‘high achiever’ FB groups where it’s been brought to the host’s attention that people are showing up in a moronic fashion.

I see it in the frustration of my clients as they’re continuously attacked by loved ones, friends, colleagues, employees, who find them cold, unfeeling, inconsiderate and unrealistic in their expectations.

Personally, I’m always a little astounded at how needy majority of the population is and how they insist on transferring this neediness to everyone and anyone who stumble onto their radar.

How much they seek from without that which they’re too afraid to claim from within.

An unnamed fear that keeps the masses off the true playing field of life.

Here’s a few fundamentals I experience in true achievers:

True achievers treasure time.

The one resource that you can’t ever get back, is time!  Achievers not only understand this on an academic level, they have it ingrained into their very fibre.

They feel the pressure of time passing by and they have a sense of urgency to everything they do and desire to receive.

Unlike others who want to walk out to of the office at 5 pm sharp, the achiever is unable to rest until the outcomes of the day is complete.  Which is why we’re often told we’re going to burn out – bullshit!

What will burn you is a restless soul unable to sleep at night because YOU haven’t shown up fully today.

What will burn you is thinking that the insane categorisation of work vs play vs train vs life at designated times will ever give you a fulfilled life.

Thrive comes from reclaiming your time to focus on your desires according to your levels of energy as indicated by your biorhythms.

True achievers respect other players – we don’t disrupt their play.

As an achiever you understand that awareness of other players on the field is non-negotiable, even whilst staying in the zone.

It’s a sense that you cultivate and grow.

Pushing your awareness out so that you can adjust, react, increase, swerve, without bringing the peloton down.

It’s about understanding that even when we race, often on a single track, we move out of the motherfucking way when a stronger rider needs to pass.

It’s called RESPECT.

It’s about playing hard, and then, when you hit the wall or you feel that you need to catch your breath, you walk off the field and recharge WITHOUT disrupting the game for others.

I recall an incident at IronMan, passing a male rider on a climb.

As he saw me pulling up next to him, his ego kicked in and he started increasing his pace.

He was determined not to let me pass even though my mere presence meant that my average was higher than his.

Except, as there’s a no-drafting rule in IronMan, he was risking us getting penalised and I knew once he’d burned his match, I would overtake him anyway.

It took a referee’s instruction to sit up for him to get out of ego and let me pass.

I dropped his arse and never saw him again for the remainder of the race.

This level of petty behaviour costs everyone.

True achievers stay in their own game.  They compete with themselves.  They honour other players on the field.

In other words, don’t be a dick.

True achievers take full responsibility for their lives and their results.

I’m sorry to say but honestly, I’m getting at the end of my rope with the prevalent victim-mentality.

People walking around all day every day bitching about how tough life is, how much their relationships drain them, how they hate their lives and everything in it.

If you don’t love it, fucking change it!

Achievers understand that every action and word takes energy.

It uses up your capacity of creative thought.

They also understand that it is what it was.

In other words your decisions from yesterday created your results of today.

Instead of wasting precious energy on complaining, they focus their attention on the decisions they took which ultimately led to this point in time.

If they don’t like the outcome, they change THEIR decisions and actions today so they can have a different outcome tomorrow.

Achievers understand that their lives are not determined by the doings of others.

They choose to take the stance of empowerment and play the game taking into consideration the moves of other players – think chess board.

And again, achievers respect other players so they don’t load their bullshit onto others.

They create professional spaces and support systems for them to work through their demons – we don’t make our friends and loved ones our therapists.


True achievers GIVE and RECEIVE appropriately.

I’m often told by ‘experts’ that I give too much.

I should only share the what, not the how.

That I need to leave them wanting for more.

I couldn’t be fucked to follow this philosophy.

For me, there’s no limit to the amount of wisdom, tools and strategies I can share with you.

And I’m not afraid to give it all.


Because as any true achiever, I don’t believe in scarcity.

For me, the more people I can empower, the more people I can inspire to start living consciously,

the more ALL OF HUMANITY gains.

I celebrate the wins of a perfect stranger who messages me to say thanks for a transformational video as much as I celebrate the wins of my private clients.

My clients don’t work with me because they can’t find the answers on the internet.

My clients work with me because they value my personal attention and insights, the clarity I create on their internal war, my passion for their victory, my honest feedback, my relentless drive of them, my incredibly high standards of expectation which challenges them.

In the same breath, as a high achiever I follow the work of other incredible leaders in the field of mindset and achievement who give shit tons of value freely!

Now here’s an important point for you – true achievers receive that which is available AND PAY for personal attention.

It comes down to respect and valuing your mentors, coaches and teachers.

It would never cross my mind to contact my mentors and coaches for ‘coffee’ wanting to milk their minds.

It creates an unequal flow of energy.

Without financially investing, I’m unable to receive as my container is shallow.

That means that even if they had to gift me their most powerful secrets, I would not have the capacity to receive it.

Instead I learn their teachings and then sign up privately when I’m ready for more.

It’s common sense Darling – stop wanting everything for nothing.

In fact, when you review the above, you will find a common value,


of yourself,

of others,

of your purpose,

of your dreams,

of humanity.

Of course all of this will only resonate if respect is as much a core value for you as it is for me.

Today I invite you to take a look at your behaviour and ask yourself, does this reflect my love and respect for myself, my dreams, as well as love and respect of those I choose to interact with.

Without shame or blame – simply approach this with an air of genuine curiosity and deep desire for self-awareness.

After all, only death is inevitable.

Thriving remains the choice of the brave.

With love and appreciation,