The Ghosts of Dreams Unlived

This is my personal truth.

Death.  A reality which still drives fear into the hearts of most people.  I don’t even think they remember why they fear death except maybe it is the unknown.

It is this same fear which seems to keep most people immobilized when it comes to living a meaningful life.  We are programmed for misery.  Research now shows that people are wired to look at the negative.  A wire which the media has caught on to leading to us being bombarded with drama, tragedy, misery, suffering.  So failure and unhappiness has become the norm for a great many people.  And with familiarity comes a sense of safety.

I often wonder what happens to all their ideas, all their dreams.  Are they walking beside them – heads hanging low, energy dragging behind as they march through life.  Death in the realm of the living.  Can you imagine the immense pain those souls are experiencing?  Feeling the cold fingers of potential reaching out to them but the ego fearing that which it is not familiar with and so rather choosing a life of existence above the possibility of thriving.

Every now and again I will meet a brave soul who raises her hand and says “Yes, I will stand up for my dreams.  I will take a chance on my ideas and stand out from the crowd.”  Every now and again I have the fortune of witnessing that soul persevering throughout challenges, throughout the pain of being left by her loved ones, throughout the ridicule and uncertainty and her own fears of the unknown and she will fly!  These are the souls who uplifts the energy of the world for all.

Yet these souls are the minority.  So often I meet a brave soul who raises her hand but she has yet to find her grit.  She has yet to embrace the passion of life fiercely and refuse to give up no matter what.  She has yet to dig her feet in and face her own fears, understanding that they have no power over her except for the power she gives them.  So she backs down.  Her dreams fade into ghosts and they are dragged behind her, silent tears flowing knowing that they will never see the light again.

Life is all about choices.  Today, right now, you get to choose.   You get to choose if you are going to raise your hand and say yes to your dreams.  You get to choose if you are going to keep your hand raised no matter what life throws at you knowing that God would never have given you the dream without the potential, the strength, the immense power that it will require to live that dream.  You get to choose whether or not you believe that though.  You get to choose whether or not you believe in yourself despite your current circumstances.

I have yet to meet a brave soul who said YES with determination to succeed no matter what who ended up failing.  That is simply not a possibility.

Death is inevitable darling.  Living is a choice.

Walk with honor.

Achievers are not born.  They are made.  They surround themselves with the people who supports them on their journey understanding that to go far they cannot walk alone.  If you are ready to walk part of your journey with me, book a free discovery session.  Because I have raised my hand to be that person who guides the brave to their finish lines.  That is my purpose and I live it with complete faith and joy.  I look forward to witnessing your dreams lived.