The hardest part is watching them die…

The day I decided to step out of the way and allow people to have their own experience, was one of the hardest ever.

The levels of frustration,



is indescribable.

Yet that is part of the deal in coming to this life.

To mind my own business.

My responsibility is to continuously focus on myself, my resistance, my self-sabotage, my fears, my growth, my pain, my joy, my health, my art.

That’s it.

And as a coach, I get to share my journey with you with the sole intention of providing an image of possibility.

I simply get to share with you what I do, the results I receive, and the impact it has on my thrive.

Or sometimes, my dive LOL.

What you do with this, is up to you.

What used to really fuck me up in all of this, was the wonderful little label of ‘helper’ that is so freely attached to anyone in a healing, teaching, leadership, consulting profession.

Not from the stance of the client,

but the perspective of the coach / consultant / trainer / motivational speaker / business owner etc.

There comes an expectation that when we step into this role, it’s our RESPONSIBILITY to HELP as many people as possible.

After all, we spend years dedicating our lives to figure out some important shit.

Of how to train our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our focus, our actions, to receive our desired outcomes.

And we BELIEVE in what we do, because we FEEL the effect for ourselves.

So excited to share,

so passionate to have more people feeling FANTASTIC,

the tendency is to talk to anything that has two ears,

wanting the best for them.

Especially those who are near and dear to us.

It’s heartbreaking to live a lifestyle that has you jumping out of bed, experiencing epic adventures, high vibrational all day long, and going to bed satisfied,

only to see those around you overweight, smoking, drinking, existing, depressed, constantly complaining that they can’t do this much longer.


they have no real desire to change.

What I found is the more I wanted to ‘help’ my loved ones, the more they resented me and basically told me to go to hell.

“Not everyone is like you Anel”

“Not everyone wants to be like you Anel”

And this is the truth my friend.

Well, first of all, NOBODY is like me.

I’m fucking unique.

More importantly is the fact that not everyone WANTS to be like me.

In fact, very few people do.

Most look at me and they THINK it would be great to have my lifestyle,

until they see what it entails,

and then they go running for the hills.

They think I’m bat-shit crazy, obsessed, and unnatural.

They don’t understand why I would get up at 4 am every day.

They don’t understand why I would want to train insane 7 days a week.

They don’t understand why I would want to create my art 7 days a week.

They don’t understand why I would want to take my laptop on holiday, still get up at 4 am, still train every day.

They don’t understand why I would want to eat clean, not drink, not smoke, not party, not waste my time with idle chit-chat.

They look at all of this, and they think the price is too high.

Instead, they choose to remain the same.

Complaining until the day they die,

happy in their misery.

And now, I let them have that experience for themselves.

Free choice.

I no longer try to help people.

I keep my head where it belongs – my life.

I work on myself relentlessly.

I create my art.

I share my journey.

And for those who come to me and say, “I’m fucking ready to do whatever it takes to live my dream”,

those I support.

I guide them.

I ask the hard questions that has them be more honest with themselves than they’ve ever been before.

It’s challenging AF.

We’re raised in a culture of shame – which by the way is killing people left, right and centre if you pay attention!

It’s challenging to allow yourself to trust a crazy bitch who relentlessly pick at your bullshit so you can finally come clean and admit to yourself what you TRULY DESIRE.

It’s challenging to allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to finally admit that the only person who is standing between you and EVERYTHING YOU WANT, is you.

It’s challenging to allow yourself to look and feel like an idiot whilst learning new skills and techniques to the point of elegance.

Why do you think so few people really do the work?

Which is exactly why the drive, the desire, has to come from inside my client.


It has nothing to do with me.

Those who don’t ask for our support, don’t want to change.

It’s that simple my friend.

Stop trying to help people.

They are not the helpless, mentally weak, victims the media makes them out to be.

Within each and every person there resides a god.

Do you get that?

That every person is a god-particle,

here to have an experience.

Who are we to judge their choice of experience as good or bad?

Let them be.

Is it easy?


Fuck, I’m still human.

I still go to bed crying after a day of witnessing self-induced suffering.

Do you have any idea how many people I come into contact with who say they can’t take it anymore,

that they want my help,

but they’re not prepared to get out of their story around money.

So they stay stuck.

They are more determined to prove to themselves that they’re broke, than they are to succeed.

Sounds harsh, yet this was my reality for most of my life.

Until I came to the point where support became a non-negotiable for me.

I was willing to sell my blood to get the money.

The Universe appreciated the gesture and delivered the money in a way more fun way.

But that’s it!

Not even Creator rescues people.

She meets them halfway but they have to take the first step.

Everything you desire is here RIGHT NOW,

but it’s normally a step above your head,

just outside of your view,

you have to step the fuck up to receive it.

Which means if you’re in any kind of ‘helping’ profession, you have got to stop stooping down to pick people up.

You are DISEMPOWERING them and quite frankly it’s disrespecting their power, their freedom of choice.


stay the course.

Work on yourself every single day.

And those who truly desire results will step up to meet you where you can create results with them.

After all, death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of those with the balls to step up.

With love and appreciation,