The hidden power of failure

You’ve heard me preach it before – fail often, fail hard, fail forward.

Which seems such an absolute contradiction for someone who is performance and achievement driven.

Failure is one of those super powers that’s given a bad rap by a culture of prevalent mediocrity.

A power that gives us something to aspire to, to grow into, which seems absolutely impossible until it becomes possible leaving us with massive satisfaction.

Failure is a servant of perspective – bringing you down to your knees thereby changing the scenery and providing an opportunity to spot the missing steps you’ve failed to see before.

It’s a chance to pause and find the gaps in your strategy, to strengthen your weaknesses for a brilliant foundation from which to grow.

It offers us another power which most never considers.

It gives us the power to distinguish true purpose from ego.

When you fail the first time it stings like a mother! At this point majority walk away from the ‘impossible dream’. Some wipe off the trickle of blood dripping from their nose, square up their shoulders and try again.

When you fail the second time you come down to earth HARD.  Again, some will walk away using some external reason beyond their control as the reason for failure.  Those determined to stay in the game will now take a moment to look where it truly matters – inside.

This is when you start asking the tough questions:

  • Why did I start on this journey in the first place?
  • What was the purpose of all of this?
  • How much do I really want it?
  • And – was this all just an ego trip OR is this truly in alignment with my purpose?

The last question is especially challenging as nobody likes to admit that they’re attempting something spectacular to score brownie points. But hey, we’re all human. We all play in the realms of ego.

And darling, THIS is where the magic lies. When you get to the point where you’re bleeding, tears running down your face, shoulders slumped in defeat, head towards heart and you connect with purpose – you fucking RISE with a determination which humbles the forces of nature!

You connect with a spiritual presence that simply defies all worldly norms and rules and bends atoms with your will to create the result you set out to achieve in the first place.

But ONLY if you were willing to fail and ONLY if you were willing to face the embarrassing possibility of ego.

If you do find yourself sitting on your ass and the answer is ego, have the balls to laugh at yourself, rise with dignity and go back to the drawing board to reconnect with your purpose and set the next inspirational goals.

After all, we learn through contradiction, by being open to exploring, by failing often, failing hard and failing forward.

If you’re ready to face your patterns of self-sabotage, to connect with your true purpose and to fail forward because you have a burning desire to succeed then it’s time to get on a call with me – but only if you’re ready to give fear the finger and thrive.

Let’s play.