The human race is killing the human being.

No gloves worn.
You’ve been warned.

Enough of the insanity
of shame and blame
mindless obedience
discipline through violence
respect through bullying
fake perfection
analytical thinking
vanity matrix
lying to ourselves and everyone else
self-abandonment for the sake of belonging
all the insanity
keeping you
from being your best self.

Enough of the bullshit
viewing human beings as nothing more than expendable resources (HR??)
social structures
social conditioning
social mind-fuckery
social ladders
red tape
pissing contests
keeping humanity disconnected from their highest selves
from each other
from their environment
from their world.

Enough of all suppression of emotions because when a human allows the full power of their emotions to rip through their bodies the carrot-up-the-arse-brigade feel uncomfortable AF.
Labeling people for the sake of putting them into a camp to make you feel a little better in the chaos of who we are in our complexity, diversity and unpredictability.
Having people relive the past over and over and over again IN THEIR HEADS so that they can try and make sense of it all instead of just LEARNING the lessons which is what life EXPERIENCE is all about, and moving ON, building on it so they can create BETTER.

Oh sorry,
apparently we learn through reading and repetition of the ‘facts’ like a motherfucking parot until we find the rhyme in the words to pass the exam.
You don’t learn in your bloody head woman!
You learn in your WHOLE BEING!
By what you feel,
your pondering,
your creative ability to find connections and see patterns,
how your body reacts,
your tears,
your laughter,
your response to life
which is how you become more response-able
and wiser!

Instead we’re told to be less emotional
to swallow their pills
to swallow our tears
to swallow our truth
and in the process
you’ve disconnected from yourself
giving away all of your power
just so they will like you????

Are you kidding me Sunshine?
Why not just go put that collar around your throat and hand the leash to any stranger you encounter so they can lead you around like the house-broken little bitch you’ve become?

Been there,
done that,
broke loose,
pissed on the carpet.
This is MY domain now!

When did we become so obsessesed with the human race?
Always chasing someone else
always chasing dreams
always chasing goals
always chasing
(and then complaining how exhausted you are, how overwhelmed you feel which is simply an indication that you’re not RESPECTING YOURSELF and YOUR JOURNEY)
wanting to see who gets to the finish line first
for bragging rights
and in the process
we’re completely missing out on

When did we become so swept up in the human race?
Making all the external shit
more important
than who we are in our core
more important
than what we are to each other
more important
than love?

When did it become all about the RACE Darling?

And yes,
I was a winner.
A-grade Student.
Medals for Africa.
I stood on many podiums
not just on the race field
but in business, in class, in everything society told me is important if I’m ever going to be considered

It had sweet nothing to do with ME just being ME
and everything to do with
and how useful I could be to the machine!
Oh wait, that sounds a little cold,
useful to the tribe
useful to the family
useful to the country.

Because we’ve made the human race (double meaning)
more imporant than the human being (double meaning).

In the process
we’ve created a new race
void of heart
which is why we witness a pandemic of
instead of going to the root cause
which is the fact that people are living in their heads (online much?)
instead of in their bodies where they FEEL and EXPERIENCE life to it’s sensual fullness.

Taking a step back
I witness that our obsession with the human race
has us on a steam train
to the finish line.

the end,
is not what they’re tell you Darling.
You’re not going to receive a medal,
there will be no reward.

If we continue like this
what you’re going to find
is the horror in the eyes of your children
their uncontrolled terror
as death sweeps over our planet
and in the final seconds of your life
you will have to ask yourself:

Was this worth it?

It’s time for women to take their heads out of their bleached and waxed arses,
to go cold turkey
flushing the pills and the booze down the toilet
and allow themselves to break down
all the way down
so they can break through the hard cocoon they’ve created around themselves
because they’ve been hurt
and they don’t want to deal anymore.

I know Love,
fuck I know.
I was hurt too
I took the pills
I drank the booze
I caused myself so much physical pain just so I wouldn’t have to deal with the heart-break.
I know.

I also know
that your emotions are NOT going to kill you.
But your denial of them
your toxic stories that you keep telling yourself
all the socially approved medication
all of that shit,
is not only going to kill you,
it’s killing all of us.

This is my call to women around the world:
it’s time to stop the bitchiness, the tall poppy sickness, the jealousy, the codependencey, the rescuing, the cotton wool, the helicopters.
It’s time for women to choose the frequency of ALPHA,
building foundations of truth,
building empires of love,
honouring the supreme masculine by being the supreme feminine,
for our men are lost without us
and the price our sons and daughters are paying
is more than you’re willing to admit to yourself.

This is not a motivational piece,
it’s not a feel good piece,
it’s written to connect you to the importance of you.

Yes YOU.

Your choices matter.
You matter.

Will you be one of the billions
killing the human being
because you’ve bought into the human race?

Or will you be one of the very few
that will drop out of ego
into heart
and without ever needing them to remember your name
be instrumental in the evolution of humanity
giving the next generation a fighting chance at thrive?

Live with honour,