The mental masturbation of a booming self-help industry

Down girl…
you can put those well-manicured claws of yours back
and take a moment to re-think your current programming.

I’m not saying that you CAN’T help yourself,
I’m just asking
why the fuck would you want to?

Erm, that wasn’t a rethorical question –
what’s the subconscious beliefs that has you thinking you have to do mental and emotional surgery on yourself?

Of course there’s a bigger picture to be seen here,
so let’s take a moment,
silence your ego screaming you shouldn’t listen to this crazy old hag constantly challenging the system and the whiskey-laced tea drinking sisterhood,
because quite frankly,
I BELIEVE you’re worth more than the old stories of women who felt they had to lock up their pussies to protect themselves and their daughters,
fingers red from scrubbing floors, typing, and wiping arses all day long.

We honour them
by evolving.

And thinking that you have to help yourself,
is NOT evolving.

Women have become
of receiving,
and as always I’ll go first raising my hand in full acknowledgement that I was one of those.

Hmmmm, let’s see…

So what do I get out of it?”
“Who the hell do you think you are?”
“Miss La-di-da thinking everyone else is here to serve you?”
“You think you’re too good to get your hands dirty”
“Why would you pay someone else when you can do it yourself?”
“That’s such a waste of money”
“You can do it yourself can’t you? You’re supposed to be this strong independent woman.”
“You need help? Shame I thought you were better than that”

Looking back,
not a single one of these statements were ever said by an alpha.
When speaking of alphas
I’m referring to the emperors of men and empresses of women.
I’m referring to those who operate from heart.
I’m referring to those who take full responsibiliy for themselves and their commitment to BEING their best selves so they can be in service to the upliftment of humanity by LIVING their best lives.
For alphas INSIST on receiving all they need and desire in order for them to live better, faster.

The other camp,
the majority,
the sheople,
Oh My God,
they fucking LOOOOOOOOOOOVE suffering and martyrdom
because they are terrified!

They are scared shitless of being raped and abused by the weak-minded boys in mens bodies
who don’t take responsibility to sort out their shit
instead ‘helping themselves’ through more cheap mind-fuckery
creating more chaos in their wake.

Well Buttercup,
I’ve been raped,
I’ve been abused,
I stayed until I understood it had nothing to do with HIM and everying to do with ME and MY belief that THIS was all I was worth.
My pussie was so tight with trauma,
dried up with fear that you wouldn’t be able to put a toothpick up there without me experiencing excruciating pain,
yet I was committed to my BEST life
which had me working with some of the TOP coaches in the field of sexuality
to get to the space of LOOOOOONG and EXQUISITE orgasms
working with the top coaches to get to the space of owning my WORTH and doing my SOUL WORK
which quite frankly is my birthright.

Women are terrified of being abandoned by the sisterhood who sit around all day long talking about irrelevant nonsense or complaining about how they had to swallow for another diamond ring whilst lusting after the football coach.

And I get that too,
nobody wants to be lonely,
but Hunny,
if you’re feeling lonely it’s time to work with a coach who will guide you to falling in love with yourself so you’ll want to spend more time with yourself.

Women have made their friends their ‘therapists‘ and it’s disgusting and destructive as it’s not actually empowering you, not challenging you in your thoughts to change,
it’s keeping you stuck in your pain and every time you sit and dump onto your ‘friend’ you’re saying words of CREATION and you create MORE of it!
She’s not fucking qualified to shift your arse,
and if she IS qualified
you should be paying her!

Just as scarred, scared and unfulfilled women are settling for cold vibrators and lube rather than allowing themselves to surrender to the bliss available as an ALPHA dominates you in raptures of ecstacy,
rock-bottom women are settling for the mental masturbation of a self-help book and cheap ‘solutions’ rather than allowing themselves to receive a sacred space where they can slay the fear-laced beliefs that has them tippy-toeing through life.

I’m also going to be the insenstive bitch that says this:
It’s YOUR choice!

You get to choose to continue your suffering under your blanket of self-induced shame
you get to choose your worth and RECEIVE the best so you will live your best.

And excellence has never been cheap.

The ‘industry’ says I should CONVINCE you to work with me,
that I should show you the MAGIC PILL,
and that is probably true for those who choose to work with sheople.
I ONLY work with Alphas which means YOU want it, YOU come and get it and you do the fucking WORK understanding the ‘magic pill’ is drugging people into complacency until they release to death.

What do you CHOOSE alpha?

For death is inevitable,
and thrive doesn’t come from batteries.

Live with honour


Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

Her work is aimed at empowering women to trust themselves and their intuition, reclaiming their authentic voices, and creating a life they’re madly in love with.

Through enhanced self-love, self-worth and self-confidence they know the satisfaction and pride of a woman who lives unapologetically aligned with her purpose.

Those ready to step up and receive support on their journey are invited to connect through a potential partnership consultation.

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