The most important choice you need to make.

Hey SugarPie,

How the hell are you today?

And don’t you dare tell me you’re ‘fine’
as that’s the one F-word I don’t tolerate in my space.

I spit on FINE and the blandness of non-committal to accurately expressing EMOTION.

But seriously,
how the hell are you today?

How are you feeling about the choices you’re making on a moment to moment basis?

The choices which mostly entails
what you will bring your focus to,
the tone of the stories you’re telling yourself and everyone else,
the choice of what to spend your time, your money, your energy, your efforts on,
the choices of what you will and won’t tolerate,
what you will and won’t stand for,
what you will and won’t give a damn about,
and most importantly


And I’m not referring to those insane ‘identities’ people are taking on
which is nothing more than a bunch of actions, roles and outcomes.

The insanity of this approach of ‘identity’
is that the moment anything in life changes
(Duh – life is in a constant state of change, growth and evolution)
people fall apart and cry because they’ve lost their ‘identity’.

Oh dear lordy.

Your identity comes from

It’s the energetic stuff which forms your core,
it’s the frequency on which you choose to vibrate (no batteries required).

most people NEVER take the time to even figure this out.
Caught up in the political and economical bullshit,
constantly responding to their external environment,
keeping up with the Joneses,
trying desperately to uphold appearances,
high achievers MUST achieve,
whilst behind closed doors,
they’re falling apart.

You mean you didn’t know?
Nobody told you that THOSE are the moments that actually SHOW you the truth of your life choices????

Nobody told you that every Alpha Female

get to the space of sobbing on cold tiles
where our ‘world’ falls apart,
You shatter into a million pieces
manicured masks blown to smithereens
sobs racking your body which already feels as though it’s breaking at the seams
with no fucking clue
how on god’s green earth
you’re ever going to find the strength
to rise again?

Nobody told you that THIS is the exact moment required
for you to choose:

Okay okay
don’t get your panties in a knot.

If nobody bothered to tell you (I mean seriously Darling, have you not been reading my stuff????)
then you probably also don’t understand what this choice actually entails,
and as most people are terrified of the unknown
they keep choosing
NOT – better the devil you know right?
They blow their noses,
dry their tears,
fix their make-up,
pull back their shoulders,
plaster that smile on,
and walk out to fake it till they make it again.
Even though this devil you know, is destroying you.

Choosing Alpha
means you stop giving a fuck about approval
and you start caring about respecting YOURSELF.

It means you stop whoring yourself out for belonging
and you start valuing yourself as the priceless prize.

It means you stop waiting for someone to give you permission
and you decree your brilliance from which space you SHOW UP.

It means you stop settling for princes who want to ‘claim’ you through a quick screw
and you receive your KING who claims you in a way that the UNIVERSE bows to the authority of his LOVE for you.

It means you stop tolerating for the sake of ‘help’
and you have exquisite boundaries which creates structure for support.

It means you get out of your HEAD
and you operate from your HEART.

It means that you are willing to walk away from EVERYTHING,
burn your past and all the little bridges that tempt you to go back there,
in full faith
that the Universe has your back
and that from the ashes
your most spectacular masterpiece will grow, as the nutrients from all that you’ve been willing to burn will ensure your life becomes lush and vibrant.

Hey I didn’t say it was going to be an easy choice to make.
I didn’t say that it won’t feel scary AF.
I didn’t say that your ego won’t be screaming hysterically that Anel is a crazy mofo that you should run the hell away from.

This is why this choice is made
from the little-spoken-of heap of
fuck this shit’
as every courageous action you will be required to take
from the moment you lift your head
will be fueled with the torterous knowing
that NOT taking it
is no longer an option for you.

From the outstart
it will be humbling
it will be messy
it will stink to kingdom come
it will be the most terrifying free-fall you’ve ever experienced
and you will either find your wings on the way down
smash on the rocks below

Don’t stress Love,
you’ll fly 😉

After all,
death is inevitable,
but are you willing to let yourself die so that you can choose to thrive?

Live with honour,