The most important evidence you WANT to find!

I’m going to ask you a question Alpha,
and instead of giving me an immediate answer,
which in most cases is what you WANT to say,
what you really WANT to believe,
I want you to find evidence FIRST
and then
from that space
form a TRUE reply.

You game?

Now just to give you a heads’ up:
what I’m going to ask of you is going to feel
as we’ve been taught that allowing this particular aspect to be our dominant focus in life
somehow makes us selfish bitches.

If you’re new to my work
you’ll probably agree with ‘them’,
if you’re not
you’ll know that it’s time to question the unquestioned
so that
you can see the bullshit from the beliefs of your Inner Alpha
and from this space
consciously choose to live in alignment
from where
you will

You ready?

Okay let’s find evidence of the degree of your


It’s my experience that self-love is a deep commitment to conscious choice in everything in my life.
When things are happening on automatic,
there’s a disconnect
and the level of self-love diminishes.

Self-love comes from a deep and unshakeable appreciation of yourself as a co-creator of this magnificent universe.
Self-love comes from a deep and unshakeable acceptance of yourself as an experiencer of life from which to identify your preferences.
Self-care is the expression of our self-love and self-respect.

So let me ask you again,
what is the evidence of the degree of your self-love?

What percentage of time do you dedicate each and every single day to your spiritual well-being
and WHY do you dedicate this time?
Oh hell yes,
our intentions are more important than our actions!
Is it because somebody told you it would help you achieve your goals,
or is it an expression of self-love and enjoyment of your connection to your inner being through stillness?

What percentage of time do you dedicate each and every single day to your mental well-being?
WHY do you dedicate this time?
Because your coach told you to do it,
or is it an expression of self-love, nurturing and honouring your most powerful asset?

Let’s move to your body shall we?
How do you train, how hard do you train, how often do you train
and most importantly,
WHY do you train?
Does it come from a space of punishing yourself for eating that second helping of ice-cream,
because you can’t stand the wobble of your thighs,
because you think that you will receive more social approval if you could just lose those extra kilo’s,
or is it a celebration of your body’s capabilities and an expression of self-love and adoration for the vehicle that takes you through this adventure?

Foodwhat do you eat and why do you eat what you eat?
Are you eating it to numb the pain of living out of alignment with who you truly are,
are you on another fucking diet of deprivation and starvation because your weight is displeasing to you,
or are you consciously feeling into your body at every meal and asking yourself what would feel loving and good to eat at this time and then eating that as a celebration of your life force?

We can go on and on
and I HIGHLY recommend that you do,
if you’re serious about transformation and elevation of your thrive:

Relationships –
who are you surrounding yourself with,
who are you doing business with,
how are you doing business,
who are you playing with,
who are you having sex with,
what is the nature of your conversations?

how much support do you have in your life and what is the nature of that support,
how much of the support you allow yourself to receive is professional paid for support and how much is free friends and family,
where do you live,
what does your home environment look and feel like,
what clothes do you wear,
what is your relationship with money reflecting,
we could take it all the way down to the grooming of your pubes.

please understand that your level of self-love WILL dictate the level of how much goodness you allow into your life.
The more you love yourself,
the more goodness you will allow in,
the more you will find to appreciate in your life,
appreciation being the same energetic vibration as love,
and as your love vibration increases,
the more goodness will flow into your life.

It’s a spectacular upward spiral,
it’s unfortunately also why so many people are continuously spiralling downwards
and instead of going to the root of their demise
which is their diminished state of self-love
they’re treating their symptoms
by taking all the right actions
for the wrong reasons
in the wrong state
depleting their energy resources even further
and never getting off the treadmill of exhausted zombies existing unconsciously.

Self-love IS the game changer!

For death might be inevitable,
but thrive is the MOST loving choice you can ever make.

Live with honour,


Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

Her work is aimed at empowering women to trust themselves and their intuition, reclaiming their authentic voices, and creating a life they’re madly in love with.

Through enhanced self-love, self-worth and self-confidence they know the satisfaction and pride of a woman who lives unapologetically aligned with her purpose.

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