The only person you’re truly lying to, is yourself.

Stop it.

Stop telling me that you want to be successful when you’re not prepared to be uncomfortable.

Stop telling me that you value health when you’re stuffing your face with obscene amounts of food.

Stop telling me that you desire deep love and connection when you’re not prepared to leave behind toxic relationships.

Stop telling me that you have set the goals and there is no related actions scheduled in your calendar.

It’s exhausting listening to you lying to yourself day in and day out,

because you would rather be right,

rather save face,

than be happy.

So just stop it!

Today I want you to step out of the shadows of shame,

the space where you’ve been tripping along most of your life,

because others have put their issues onto you,

too cowardly to sort out their own shit,

and because of your love for them,

your loyalty to them,

you’ve taken it on.

Thinking that for you to honour them you have to live a shadow of your potential,

because when you stepped into the light before,

when you shone so bright,

when you dared to be different,




they punished you with their hands and their words,

their system where failure is unacceptable,

to the point where our youth are ending their lives,

unable to cope with the pressure of ticking the boxes.

I dare you to leave that behind.

To release all shame and blame and connect with your truth –

which is always love.

And from this space I ask you to get really honest with yourself.

Nobody will ever know.

I invite you to first of all take a real look at your life.

Not the story you’re telling me about your life,

but the real physical manifestation of what is.

Your spiritual state,

your emotional state,

your physical state,

your relationships,

your professional state,

your lifestyle,

and ask yourself,

is this the BEST you want for yourself?

The absolute BEST?

And if it is,

I invite you to just admit that this is all that you want in life.

Nothing more.

Knowing that if this is all you want, you simply need to keep doing what you’ve been doing.

You simply need to eat the same food,

move your body to the same degree,

hang out with the same crowd,

have the same conversations.

Same old same old.


if you’re in my space,

chances are that you can be really proud of your life,

there can be some incredible things going on in there,

you can truly deeply appreciate everything you have,

and be RAVENOUS for more!

That’s because if you’re in my space Darling,

you’re a born achiever.

Here to create something awe-inspiring,

overthrow an oppressive system,

heal the collective consciousness.

In a time of so much depression and misery,

you’re here to




And in order for you to continue feeding your insatiable hunger for more,

that means that you continuously have to evaluate what got you to this point,

and what you need to upgrade to go next level.

It means that you have to embrace the feelings of fear, discomfort, uncertainty, risk,

in the name of growth.

There’s a reason they call it growing pains after all.

You have to embrace the muscle soreness that’s inevitable when you start adding the resistance to increase your strength.

Whether that muscle is your physical body or your spiritual muscle or your mindset muscle or your relationship muscle or your money muscle.

It’s all the same.

You have to embrace the periods of exhaustion and moments of defeat that always pop up on a journey of building fitness and endurance.

You have to be willing to upgrade your self-care if you’re serious about upgrading your performance.

You have to be willing to release the nay-sayers, the small players, those who have no desire to continue going up.

Without resentment.

Without the hatred.

Without the bitterness.


understanding that releasing those who do not desire to keep going is the most loving thing you can do for them and for you.

I invite you to ask yourself today,

are you willing to pay the Pied Piper?

Are you willing to sacrifice?

Are you willing to hurt?

And if your answer is NO –

then I want you to admit that to yourself without any judgement.

Just get real with yourself and finally own the fact that you don’t really want more as badly as you need to breathe.




If on the other hand you say HELL YES

then I demand that you show the fuck up for your dreams!

That you figure out the actions to take AND TAKE THEM.

That you figure out what needs to go AND YOU RELEASE!

That you figure out who you need to support you on this journey AND YOU SIGN THEM UP TO YOUR DREAM TEAM!

No more bullshitting.

Commit or sit down.

It’s time.

I’m still seeing way too many people toeing the line,

talking a big game,

and then,


I can almost guarantee that the only reason you’re lying to yourself is shame.

And shame my friend,

almost cost me my life!

It’s not fucking worth it.

Take the shame and flush it down the toilet.

I can openly share with you that when I released my shame and started reaching out to people,

asking for help,

not a single person told me that I’m a weak little bitch for asking and that I can go jump.

Not a single one!

Every single person I reached out to,

understanding that I didn’t reach out to those playing a losing game,

gave me a hand up.



But you have to show them that you’re serious,

you have to bring yourself onto the field,

and you have to be willing to play the game.

Are you ready and willing to have an honest conversation with yourself today?

Are you ready and willing to have an honest conversation with me?

After all Darling,

Only death is inevitable,

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

You know I love and appreciate you,