The only reason you’re failing, is you’re not setting yourself up for success.

I recently completed a thirty day business program

or as they call it

a ‘challenge’.


Okay, whatever,

I guess for the majority of society actually showing up 7 days a week for their dreams could be considered a challenge.


Over 4500 people started.

A little over 200 finished.


I’m going to share some observations,

and you get to make of it what you want.


I’m willing to bet my life

that not even 1% of the participants took the time to figure out their BIG WHY for signing up.

The deep one.

The one that moves them to tears.

The one that would make them unstoppable.

This is what you do BEFORE making the investment so that you are committed to doing WHATEVER it takes.

You bring this energy to day one,

already focused,

already in the zone.


Look, I’m a pretty fun person.

But when I’m working on my goals,

I’m focused AF.

Ask anyone who passes me on a training session whilst doing intervals.

They call me rude,

I call me in the zone.


First rule of endurance racing and yes, entrepreneurship IS an endurance race:

slow down to speed up.

You KNOW that what’s ahead is going to require some serious stamina.

Those who jump out of the start-blocks at their full speed

will blow in a couple of kilometres.

Let them go,

you will pass them

and already be sitting at home

by the time they drag their sorry arses over the finish line.

If they even make it.


By day two

the moaning starts in the private FB group.

“I can’t find…

… doesn’t work

I’m not feeling the presenter.

I don’t know if I have what it takes”


Then piss off.


don’t even start.

Having a victim mentality in the first week will guarantee YOU giving up before the end.



you think that you spraying enough of your pathetic complaining around

will take the ship down?


Bitch, please.

It simply shows me you don’t take responsibility of your results.

If there’s a problem,

you contact the right people through the right channels so you can find speedy resolution

and move on

without impacting your fellow participants.


Next came the distractions.

‘Oh look, I just spent hours drawing this pretty graph’

they would post with the enthusiasm of a 3 month old puppy.

‘Good girl, that looks amazing’

came the response of all the codependent personalities

pouring fuel over the fire.


it will be like training for an IronMan event and then bragging of how you just spent hours knitting a jersey.

Is it fucking relevant to the desired outcome

considering the hours the program already requires?


During crunch time we don’t fuck around with ‘pretty anything’.


It didn’t take too long for the excuses to start popping up.

Along with the rescuers and sympathisers.

Oh, they don’t call it excuses,

they don’t call themselves out on their own bullshit.


they make it as though they don’t have a choice.

You know:

kids holidays – then why the hell did you sign up at this time;

spouse not on board – then dump his arse overboard;

time is an issue – it’s YOUR time, YOU prioritise it;

colds and flue – but are you dead yet;

not good with technology – then learn;

don’t have money – are you kidding me?  this is a business program, go sell something!


Look Sunshine,

if you’re serious about success

go tattoo


on your arm

and every time you want to have a pity party

remind yourself to put that t-spoon of cement in your coffee

kick your own arse

and get shit done.



The end.


Here are the exact steps I take to ensure I set myself up for success

and this goes for EVERY area of my life.


  • Have a vision.

I believe in life.

I believe in growth.

I believe that if we’re not constantly focused on our next best level self,

we’re decaying.

That means not a single day goes by that I don’t have a vision of where I desire to go.

I’m connected to the avatar of the woman I will be at the end of that specific phase of my life and through her eyes,

I spot the opportunities the Universe delivers as stepping stones on the way to fabulous.


  • Find the next step.

It’s already DONE.

Everything you need is already there waiting for you to say YES!

The next step is always slightly higher than where you’re finding yourself,

which is why it feels challenging and scary.

This is also why I DON’T spend my time looking backwards or down.

I keep my focus ahead and slightly up.

I live with presence.

And I say YES the moment I spot it.

Regardless of how far out of reach it seems at the time.

I KNOW that the Universe ONLY shows me what I am ready for RIGHT NOW.


  • Connect to my why.

I live with purpose.

In everything I do.

Every decision I make is connected to a big why.

Seven levels deep Darling.

If I can’t make the time to connect to the purpose, it’s probably not all that important to me,

and I won’t waste my time on it.


  • Have a professional coach / mentor.

I know that I WILL succeed.

I know I will succeed FASTER working with a coach.

Knowing myself is key in identifying who to work with.

I KNOW that I’m a relentless (aka stubborn) bitch,

which means my coach needs to have a zero tolerance policy or I’ll run rings around her.

I also take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for my results and don’t expect my coach to be a fairy godmother.

She simply asks me the questions I don’t think of asking whilst in the thick of things

so that

I can get the answers I wouldn’t otherwise receive from myself.


  • Accountability rocks.

I have a MasterMind partner for regular check-ins.

For 30 day blocks,

it’s daily check-ins.

I make damn sure that my partner has the same work ethic as I do.

I have no desire to work with a loser.

My success



  • Foundation is everything.

I know that the size of my foundation will determine just how high my pyramid will rise.

I identify my daily NON-NEGOTIABLES 

ensuring I’m grounded,


connected to my higher power

including journaling, meditation, training, nutrition, learning, connecting with my loved ones and being in service to others.

YES there is ALWAYS more than enough time to get it all done every day.


  • Eliminate distractions.

Anything that’s not important or in support of my success,


I’m ruthless.


junk food,


everything goes.

Quite frankly, if you don’t respect my drive and my desire for next level impact,

you’re not a friend.


If you look at this and you’re thinking this doesn’t sound like much fun,

you’re simply not one of us.




Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of those with a vision.


Live with honour,



PS:  If you’re setting yourself up for your next level of success and you KNOW that partnering with me will get you there faster, send me a mail


ONLY serious players need apply.