The power of your Yes and your No

If only you would take a moment to understand,

truly understand,

the impact of your words,

you would start paying closer attention,

than you are right now.

Your words


create your life experience.

It starts with two teeny tiny little words,

that has the power

to change


You already know this,

and yet,

you stubbornly refuse to take back control,

of your mouth,

your vocal chords.


you continue to obey,

using that which is gifted to you to create

all that you desire,

to strengthen the prison bars

which has you captured in your mind.

Thinking that the fickle approval of others,

which can change on the turn of a breath,

is more important

than the call from within.

The pull of true desires,

the expression of your art,

the expansion of your love,

for yourself,

which ultimately is

love for humanity.

From the moment I can remember, I was taught to say YES to that which others wanted me to say yes to,

and NO to that which I desired.

I was taught that the strength of my words were dictated by the receiver,

not me, the giver.

Instead of infusing my words with conviction, confidence, and command,

I would whisper,

praying to god that my stubborn spirit

would shut the fuck up

and not speak out,

as that, more often than not, resulted in punishment.

I was blessed with a variety of experiences that beautifully illustrated all the different tactics

used by those who desire dominion over others

because their egos are so fragile

that they still think obedience is required

for peace and harmony to exist.

There’s the physical punishment – in the name of love.

There’s the praise of your subservience – in the name of love.

There’s the withdrawal of intimacy – in the name of love.

There’s rape – in the name of fuck-all.

There’s humiliation – in the name of love.

All in an attempt to train me like Pavlov’s dog –

as if I’m a domesticated bitch you can put on your leash.

It took every ounce of courage to start reclaiming myself,

by reclaiming my


and my


Saying YES to that which I truly desired,

and NO to that which is not aligned for ME.

It took years of taking two steps forward,

another back,

as I kept on expanding my circle of personal influence.

During that time I received shit tons of resistance – both internally and externally.

Fear was my constant companion.

Even as I stubbornly spoke my truth on the outside,

on the inside,

I was hunkering down,

waiting for the ramifications.

I diligently kept practicing my Yes and my No.

Things started shifting,

as my confidence grew,

understanding that their anger,

could be used to strengthen my resolve.

As others insisted that I justify my decisions,

my conviction simply cemented into a deep knowing.

I am deeply grateful for all my teachers.

For I finally reached a stage where I get to decide,

from a space of soul,

what I say YES to,

and what I say NO to.

I have learned that I can trust myself.

I can say YES to anything that feels good inside,

even when I have no fucking idea how I’m going to get to the outcome.

I don’t have to think it over,

I feel into it.

And what if it gets me into trouble?

Well, then I get to grow whilst figuring out how to get myself out of trouble!

Which is such an incredible gift!

After all,

everything is in service to my growth.

Yet so often people only say yes to the things that they are comfortable with,

thereby plateauing their results.

Which is flatlining Darling –

you’re part of the walking dead.

Or they say no to what excites them,

thinking the energy in their body is fear rather than exhilaration,

and they’ve been taught to fear fear itself.

Thereby saying no to growth.


Or they say yes to what others want them to say yes to,

thinking this will give them love,

thereby saying no to self-love.


Honestly Sweetheart,

don’t you see that by taking back your


and your


you take back your LIFE???

Isn’t that worth it?

Aren’t YOU worth it?

You get to consciously create the masterpiece representing your experience,

instead of being another page

in the colouring book of another.


It might feel hard in the beginning,

as you practice this new muscle,

simply because it’s weak from not being used.

It might feel scary,

and others will most likely retaliate,

outraged by your challenge,

simply because you’ve trained them to treat you like a roll of toilet paper.

It might feel frustrating,

as you’ve forgotten what you actually desire,

and you’re likely to create some unpleasant outcomes so you can experience contrast,

from which to reconnect to your wants.

It’s all perfect!

Personally I would rather thrive in a self-created storm

than exist in a glass box.

But that’s just me.

You get to choose for yourself.

You can keep saying YES to flatlined existence –

death after all is inevitable so why not live it now?

Or you can find your courage and say YES to thrive.

With love and deep appreciation,


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What will you say YES to today?