The problem is that there’s nothing wrong with you…



Apparently it’s easier for us to believe that we’re broken,


fucked up,


in need of healing,

in need of saving,

in need of someone else,

who holds the key to our well-being,


than it is to believe we’re spectacular,




in need of nothing,

except to accept, appreciate, love and respect



For one thing,

I guess most companies would go out of business,

as you would no longer require their products to keep you on your feet.

For another,

most people would walk around not knowing what the hell to do with themselves,

as they spend their days fixing everyone else, whilst they themselves have forgotten who they are.


I used to think exactly the same.

I spent years of my life on a roller-coaster ride of therapy,


removing blocks,

repenting for my sins,

asking for permission,

asking for forgiveness

for upsetting others,

for not being pleasing to them,

for daring to have a different opinion,

for having the audacity to put myself first,

for being selfish,

for being me.


I used a variety of tools, methodologies, strategies,

and yes,

they all created results in my life.

I am deeply appreciative of all that I’ve experienced, and all that is available to us at this time.

It’s through allowing ourselves to learn from others,

create results in our own lives,

that wisdom is gained.

Understanding that sometimes those results are what we thought we wanted,

and at other times,

it’s contrast so we can get more specific on our desires.


Everything that people share with us have created some amazing change in their lives,

and from a space of deep love and excitement,

they share all they know with others.

This is perfect.


what people are still not getting, is that there is no “ONE AND ONLY WAY OR ANSWER”!


Because there’s nothing wrong with you.

You’re not a replicator, you’re a creator.

Thinking that what someone will fix you,

thinking someone else has your exact blueprint,

is a false premise.



what would it feel like if you truly believed in yourself,

and with an energy infused with fun,

start experimenting with what is available to us at this expansive time,

and let the results unfold as they will?

Without NEEDING shit to work for you.


What if,

instead of pulling your hair out in desperation,

exclaiming to the universe,


you close your eyes for a moment,

connect to your breath,

an indication that right now all is good,

you’re still alive,

there’s more oxygen available to you,

you have a body,

you have a mind,

which is all you require,

and you ask yourself,

‘What is the next pleasurable action I get to take to create more thrive?’


Hmmm mmmm mmmm.


What would it feel like if you let thrive be your guide instead of survival?

What would it feel like if you let pleasure be your criteria instead of panic?

What would it feel like if you let confidence be your normal state instead of insecurity?


What would you do differently today?

Who would you converse with?

What would be the nature of your interactions?

Who would you no longer talk to?

What would you not be available for?


I’m currently creating a brand new body of work,

and it’s definitely NOT for everyone,

as it’s focused on your magnificence,

your creative power,

your delight,

your thrive.


A methodology specifically for Alpha Females choosing to own their gorgeous selves.

Who’ve had enough of thinking they’re not good enough.

Ready to fall madly in love with themselves and their lives.

From a space of radical self-acceptance, self-appreciation, self-love and self-respect.

Taking full responsibility for themselves and EVERYTHING in their lives.


Because I want more women to wake up with a lifegasm.

I want more women to live a FUCK YES life.

I want more women to thrive in a state of appreciation.


That’s right Darling –

I’m daring to start a



This is my invitation to all the Alphas in the world,

both male and female:

to stop playing by rules and start colouring outside the lines with abandon,

to stop focusing on what needs to be fixed and start seeing what’s brilliant and possible,

to stop suppressing your high vibrational nature and rise to the next level,

to stop imitating and start creating,

to stop existing and start thriving.




After all Gorgeous,

your physical body is going to croak,

but whilst you are breathing,

you can choose to thrive!


Live with honour,



PS:  Time is Running Out!

Where are you holding yourself back from thrive?!

Nothing brings me greater joy than empowering women like you to break through those god-awful glass ceilings holding you smaller than you KNOW you were born to be.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s not hard, it’s not a fight, and no self-sacrifice is required.

90 minutes TRANSFORMS lives!

I’ll hand you the sledgehammer with which to smash through with:

  • An intake questionnaire to get clear on the values that’s probably keeping you in a cycle of self-sabotage and BS stories making you feel less than magnificent; and
  • 90 minute 1:1 session with me that you’ll never forget


You’ll walk away with

  • Clarity on exactly what you will create next, why you’ll create is, and who you will be as the powerful creator of life on your terms;
  • Perspective shifts and solutions to problems like:
    • Taking control of your emotions, fears and frustrations
    • Radical self-acceptance, self-appreciation and self-respect
    • Refocusing energy on what truly matters
    • Being the empowered, important and incredible woman you’ve always wanted to be.


Truth and transformation is yours for the taking. Details at Locked In