The proof is in the evidence of you

It’s time to get ego out of the way and allow yourself to see without your goggles of bullshit.

To put aside your fragility, take a step back and be honest.

About what you SAY you want


what you’re DOING.

I’m a little over people bitching and moaning that life is so fucking unfair,

that they feel stuck all the time,

that they just can’t figure out why all hell is blowing up around them,

when they ain’t doing Jack Shit to take control of their lives.

Take control of their thoughts.

Take control of their emotions.

Take control of their actions.

Take control of their balls and apply themselves.

And yes, I include myself in this equation because I’ve been slacking.

But enough already.

Either you’re COMMITTED to your desires, or you’re not.

When I say committed,

I’m not referring to you talking about it all day long,

I’m not even thinking about you twiddling nonsense in your journal and then parking off in front of the TV for the rest of the day.

Committed as in you will DO WHATEVER the fuck it takes!

Every time you fail,

you get up

and you go again!

Every time you hit an obstacle,

you go inside,

deep inside

and you pull out whatever you have to pull out,

and you get your arse OVER or THROUGH that block.

I don’t want to hear anything other than you RAGING against the storm,

which is inside of you,

the turmoil

that has you confused as to which side is up and which is down.

I don’t want to hear that you don’t know.

You fucking find the answer.



From above.

I don’t want to hear that you’re too afraid.

Then stay stuck.

Because change is scary for all of us.

Challenges feel overwhelming at times for all of us.


All those ‘nice’ and ‘understanding’ people who tell you it’s okay for you to give up,

to wait another year before you give it your all,

to play your games a little longer whilst your relationships are deteriorating in the next room,

to have another drink to take the edge off,

to eat another piece of cake because life should be enjoyed with the white drug named sugar,

they’re fucking KILLING your dreams!

All those ‘inconsiderate, insensitive assholes’ that tell you to put a sock in it,

that you’re responsible for all the results in your life,

that if you want it you have to be willing to work for it,

the ones who drop you out in the middle of nowhere and you have to find your own way back,

they’re actually on your side.

Even though what they say hurts like a bitch at times.

Even though their actions seem a little on the sadistic side at times.

Even though you love to hate them.

I personally, prefer their company and their guidance over the people who are trying to help and save me from myself.

Yes, we’re all different,

thank the lord of peanut butter,

and I’m not talking to the weak of mind.

I’m talking to the badass warriors who are sitting there wondering when the fuck they’re actually going to have the guts to get their shit together and live their BIG dreams.

I’m talking to the creatives, the artists who are dimming their brilliance because others don’t understand what they’re producing, calling them crazy, calling them irresponsible, calling them selfish.

I’m talking to the born leaders who are stuck in the middle of the herd because every time they have the courage to speak their truth, the sheep grow vampiric teeth and bleed them dry.

I’m talking to YOU.

So listen up Sunshine, because every second that you’re stuck in indecision, you’re life time is seeping away.

I want you to take a real look at your the current state of affairs,


your body,

your fitness,

your eating,

your bank accounts,

your journal,

your daily routines and practices,

your clients,

your staff,

your lovers,

your home, your car, your garden,


and ask yourself,

is this the absolute BEST?

Or are you settling?

Are you telling yourself that things will eventually change?

That you will give the shitty parts attention once you’ve won the lotto, or landed the big deal, or whatever your bullshit excuse is?

Because I want you to know,

that either you’re rocking it out in EVERY area of your life,

or you’re tolerating a low vibration which is screwing over ALL of your results.

You can keep going the way you are,

because the truth is that even though you say it’s horrible and you’ve had enough,

if your calendar doesn’t change drastically,

if your actions don’t do a 180 degrees,

if your toxic relationships don’t end,

if you don’t stop poisoning your body and your mind,

you’re very happy exactly where you are.





The faster you admit this to yourself, the less the pain will be.

However, if you’re done talking about change and you’re ready to show up for yourself,

and you know that you’re done with being Molly-coddled,

you know that you’re ready to go into battle with the demons inside your head,

you know that you’re ready to fight for your dreams as if your life depends on it,

because it does,

and you’re ready to have your arse kicked with love,

then let’s connect.

No holding back.

No taking prisoners.

Everyone is dying,

only the brave is choosing to thrive on the way to Valhalla.

With love and appreciation,