The ripple effects of thoughts gone by.

Is it just me?
Surely not!
I mean,
I know we’re supposed to say that we have all our shit sorted
and that we are saints in disguise,
and I do look at those who go through life
seemingly unphased by anything
and fleetingly think
‘oh how nice for them’.
But I don’t think I came to this life to have a saintly experience.

For one,
when things go smoothly for a prolonged period of time,
I get bored.

For another,
when all I feel all day every day is contentment
life is bland.

I personally LOVE the FULL human experience
from blissed out
to raging fury
to body-shaking grief
to everything in-between.

And pineapple leaves knows
my life reflects that.

I also happen to be
impatient AF.
I want everything now,
or yesterday,
and if it doesn’t quite work out that way,
which it never does,
I start getting a little prissy with the Universe
demanding that she hurries up.

OMG does this ever happen to you?
Where you’ve been focused on something,
doing the mindset work every day,
and then, out of the blue,
something happens that completely pulls the rug out from under your feet
and you land on your bottom with a painful crash
What the actual fuck?!

Tempers flare
throwing your toys out of the cot.
This shit doesn’t work!
This is NOT what I asked for!


Okay, so maybe it is just me and maybe this NEVER happens to you…
Thing is,
things take time to go from thought to flesh
and as fast paced Alphas
we often forget what we thought about last week,
last month,
last year.

And THAT is what we’re seeing come to fruition.


Hold on,
it’s not all doom and gloom Darling.

You have to TRUST
that everything always happens FOR you.

Which means,
sometimes we had a thought,
it planted a seed,
and we forgot about it as we continue to plant new seeds every single day.
The Universe,
thank twinkle toes,
is slightly better at this game of manifestation than we are.

Especially when we’re new to CONSCIOUSLY creating by CONSCIOUSLY choosing our thoughts.
Which means,
your Inner Alpha (IA for short) knows your DOMINANT desired outcome
and she goes and stands in that space of where it’s already done.

Now she watches with a briliant sense of humour,
and continuous to unfurl the circumstances and events at just the right moment that will keep you on the path to your destination.

Sometimes we have a fleeting thought of,
hmmmmm this current thing is out of alignment of where I want to go, but I’m just going to hold on to it for a little longer, just until something better comes along, just in case I need it’,
and yes,
we get to hold on to our tattered security blankets until IA is ready for us to let it go and then,
she rips that piece of cloth right out of our grip
whether we THINK we’re ready or not,
because she knows we are.

This is where you have a choice to make Bunny:
you can go into a complete tail-spin,
throwing that tantrum like a torrentuous 2 year old,
thereby spewing out new seeds of unconscious desire,
you can choose to keep the faith,
to trust that everything is working out perfectly for you,
and from this new space,
see new opportunities,
have greater clarity,
and move forward
Or like me,
you can do BOTH!

This mindset stuff,
But you have to be a little more,
oh fuck I have to say it,
or how else can I say this,
a little more loving with yourself.

You have to give yourself the time to train the muscle
ride out the waves of thoughts from the past
because I PROMISE you,
that everything happens FOR you
and everything always works out PEFECTLY for you.

you are part human
and that means that you’re going to stumble and fall
of how far down the path you are.

Have you ever watched the Tour de France?
These are the BEST OF THE BEST cyclists in the world
and you can bet your sweet arse
that there will be MULTIPLE spectacular crashes!

You don’t see them give up their cycling careers because they didn’t keep the rubber side down all the time.
cyclists understand that falling is part of the deal
forever more!

throwing tantrums is part of mindset work
forever more!

The faster you allow yourself to be human and FEEL all your emotions,
embrace your emotions,
honour your emotions,
allowing them to MOVE through you faster and faster,
the faster you’ll start creating more yummy in your life.

Personally, I think the reason most people are struggling is because they’re living in denial of their emotions.
They think they can swallow a pill and then all the anger, resentment, sadness, disappears.


you’re just suppressing them Darling,
and just like a volcano
there will come a day they will erupt and cause mass destruction.

But I’m off topic again today.

What was the point of this article?

Oh yes,
stop freaking the fuck out at the unexpected unfolding of your life.
Everything is working out.
Have your human moment,
let those emotions flow freely,
express them in whatever way works for you,
and then,
take a deep breath,
say “Thank you IA for taking the reigns when I was being a little bitch, now let’s slap this stallion’s arse and ride this big boy all the way to the finish line!”


You can live like you’re dead already,
or you can choose to thrive.

Live with honour,


Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

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