The Silent Warrior – Be amazed by the gorgeous Anna Hughes

This is my personal truth.

One of the perks of my life is the fact that I am constantly meeting the most amazing women from around the world who inspire me through their personal experiences.  Today I share with you the story of a woman who have introduced me to the concept of a life-gasm.  I’m sure that you will agree with me that the world needs more people like Anna Hughes.

It was the day I decided to take full ownership of my life even when at the time I could barely foresee what direction my life would take.

And I thought giving birth to my daughters was tough. That certainly changed my life.

But little did I anticipate what a moment of total surrender under the grueling heat in the Sahara Desert would lead to. Time is only relative as I am still getting goosebumps savoring in the achievements from being a finisher of the Marathon des Sables.

I had prepared for this ultra marathon for 1.5 years. Well before that, back in 1999(!), I had seen a documentary on TV and in that moment a burning desire in me evoke from deep, deep inside.

This dream settled inside of me for 10 years!

I had the absolute faith that I was going to reach that goal one day and cross that finish line. wanted it so truly, madly and deeply that I literally became obsessed about turning this BIG DESIRE into reality.

I remember being entirely fueled up by the pure thought of running in the dunes, on dried lakes with barely any shade to cool off.

Something ticked inside me. I could not explain what it was. I just BELIEVED that I could do it. And took inspired action.

Every minute of the day I would think about it. I could feel the vibes through my body. Talk about LIFE-GASM.

I dedicated my free time to prepare for that race in the midst of raising two young kids at the time. It is all possible if you have the ABSOLUTE WILL.

I optimized my nutrition, training and equipment and invested tons of hours into meditation and visualization techniques.

Unapologetically, I took ownership of this desire feeling that I had already made it to that finish line. I felt invigorated my all those positive thoughts and felt in the best shape I had ever been in came race day.
I raced like an animal. As if my life depended on it. There was a magical power that busted open.

But…on the road to success there are obstacles to overcome. I got the flu three days prior to flying to Moroc. I lost weight. For a minute I felt devastated that my dream would be out of reach. That I would not make it to the start line.

But I did not give up. I did not lose FAITH that I would make it no matter what.
I wanted to succeed and perform on the highest level possible for me.

Fast forward to Day 4 of the 250 K long race. After having been on my feet for 11 hours I began hallucinating. I had a tunnel vision focusing on just setting one foot in front of the other.

My thoughts became clearer and clearer. I dropped a huge burden and left in somewhere en route in the desert.

My family appeared before my inner eye, I looked at the two wonderful bracelets reminding me of my kids’ unconditional support. I felt so grateful at that moment where I was being left with only the bare essentials of food, water, some spare clothes and my own good company.

From that moment onwards I knew there was nothing and no one stopping me from getting to that finish line.

The POWER of my thoughts, my indestructible mindset had taken over.

On Day 6 I crossed the finish line and collapsed into the arms of the race director who wrapped the medal around my neck. I cried my eyes out and never felt so grateful.

I could not believe my own belief. I had made it. I had captured my biggest desire at the time. The medal representing so much more than pain, heat and blistery feet.

That day transformed my life forever.

Up until today that flow has not stopped. The experience has enabled me to play the bigger game in life.

I want to remind you to follow your dreams and desires. Always. Unapologetically. Becoming the biggest version of yourself. It is possible. Without the slightest doubt.

Every one else around you will benefit from your glorious aura as an empowered woman.

Are you ready to take the leap and succeed at an elite level you never thought possible?

Are you ready to take ownership of your feminine power and rock it out in the world?

#1: Take that first step today. Tapping on your desire that gets you burning from the inside out and that totally invigorates you.

#2: Take the first action step toward that goal now. Commit to following a clear plan and nothing will stop you from living a life less ordinary.

LIFE-GASMS guaranteed!