The Silent Warrior – Committing to the Destination

This is my personal truth.

Commitment – The act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action.

I have reached a stage in my life where I make very few commitments.  That is because I’ve made a decision along the way that my commitments are non-negotiable.  And that has a huge impact on myself, my loved ones, my life, my purpose, and even on you.

Every day I witness what I have termed the ‘Yes’ epidemic, where people really struggle to say no to requests which seem to come relentlessly out of every possible direction.  The result is that there is a tendency to say yes before understanding or exploring the implications of agreed-upon outcome and once the sacrifice and true commitment becomes apparent, the majority of people back-track or simply don’t follow through.  The result?  A break-down in commitment and honor, a break-down in trust and relationships, a break-down in society.

everyone wants

This does not mean that I’m the type of person who takes forever to make a decision!  After all, I live by my logo of 20 seconds of insane courage.  Knowing my life purpose does make it all a lot easier and faster.  If I am presented with a challenge or opportunity, I simply ask myself if it is in line with my purpose to inspire and my values of spirituality, family, health, wealth through impact and adventure.  If the answer is yes, I commit.  If the answer is no, I decline.  I don’t necessarily have to know HOW I am going to get to the finish line, just that it will challenge me, change me, and make me a stronger and better person who can serve on a higher level.

I originally committed to doing the SkyRun 2014 to inspire some of my clients to get out of their comfort zones.  One of my personal philosophies is to never ask anything of anyone that I am not prepared to ask of myself.  It was one of those crazy moments where I said yes before doing the research, and when I looked on the internet to see what the race was all about, I crapped myself!  Literally!

When you have no sense of direction, zero navigational skills, have never done a trail run, have a debilitating fear of heights, and don’t even camp unless the tent is made of bricks, you realize the enormity of this goal and what it is going to take just to survive the day.  On the other hand fear is a brilliant motivator to get yourself out training in the worst weather conditions whilst average people choose to stay in bed for another two or three hours.  Plus, if there is one thing I believe in as a warrior, it is honor.  My word is my honor and that is how I found myself at the start line of the Salomon SkyRun in November 2014.

Long story made short, I gave it everything I had and I was devastated to admit defeat at the 60 km mark with a twisted knee and a sprained ankle.  But even as I sat crying whilst the doctor was prescribing medication, I knew that I would be back this year.  Commitment made!

In my personal experience, putting your goals down in writing is crucial.  There is something about seeing it black on white that makes it a little more real for me.  I have designed this Committed Goals Sheet which I complete for every goal I set.  I look at these sheets every single morning, recommitting to my goals and planning my days accordingly (more on this in the coming weeks).

SkyRun Goal

As stated before, I’m not too worried about the how at the onset.  That will come.  What is important for me is the specific goal, and the purpose of the goal.  I have to see a positive impact in all areas of my life before I will commit.  And it has to get me excited.  No excitement.  No energy.  No action.  No chance.

I have found an effective way for me to make an emotional connection to my goals, is through a visual image of the experience I’m after.  A vision board works brilliantly for some goals, but never underestimate what you can find on YouTube.  This is after all how I committed to my first IronMan event, and it sure scared the daylights out of me to ensure complete commitment to the SkyRun.

So what are you truly committed to achieving this year?  Why are you committed to this and what will the impact of achievement be on you as a person as well as your life in totality?  Think BIG, HAIRY AND SCARY!

Walk with honor.