The Silent Warrior – Fairy Tales Are True!

This is my personal truth.

Do you ever wonder where fairy tales come from?  I believe they come from wisdom.  From ancient truths which find their way into our hearts without us knowing.

I love fairy tales.  Always have.  In fact, I still have some of my favorite fairy tale books which my mom bought me when I was a little girl.  Of course my collection has grown considerably to include themes like The Hobbit. Shannarah and Belgarath the Sorcerer among others.  But they all include magic, wizards, witches, trolls and dragons.

Yes, I do believe in magic.  It might not come to us from a wand or a spell book, but in the never ending energies flowing through creation bringing about change or making our dreams come true in the most amazing ways.

RosesTake these roses for instance.  I woke up Saturday morning with a deep craving in my heart for something beautiful.  I wanted something unique that would touch all my senses and make me feel alive (the dream). I decided that before the end of the day something beautiful would come into my life (casting the spell).  Adriaan and I went out on a tedious errand to apply for an unabridged birth certificate at the Department of Home Affairs, but after driving to 3 locations, we decided to rather stop to buy croissants for breakfast.  The moment I walked into the store and saw this bunch of roses, I knew that they were what I wanted!  Now, if you look really closely at the perfection of each of these flowers, you will understand the level of magic that went into creating them!  Absolutely MAGNIFICENT!!


Let’s take it further!  Do you remember the story of the Frog Prince?  What this story is really about is the power of our perceptions and transformation that occurs through the act of love.  The sad truth is, I’m finding more andFrog princess more people are expecting the worst of others.  And what we believe, we perceive.  I had this conversation with my son whilst we were out walking the dogs.  He told me how rude people are in general and that only one out of ten people ever greet him back when he walks to school in the morning.  I said to him: ‘I’m sorry that is your belief about people.  I believe that people are really friendly and always waiting for an opportunity to connect with me.  That is why I find every person I greet on my runs in the morning not only greets me back with a smile, but they take it a step further to ask me how I’m doing’.  Your beliefs create your thoughts create your perceptions create your reality.  I bet you will find that when you change your negative beliefs about certain people, you will find some love in your heart for them and that will change the way you see them.  The frog truly does turn into the prince.

hyenaNOOOOOOO I don’t live with my head in the sand! I know that no matter how positive our belief systems, there will always be those who choose the dark side.  Just yesterday I decided to try my hand at Periscope.  It took all of 30 seconds for the first pervert to find my broadcast and start making really inappropriate remarks.  Hiding behind their faceless internet identities of @20brightspark (oh wait, that would be too long a word for them to spell!), they go around circling the internet like a pack of hyenas so they can disrupt learning for others.  I was quickly reminded why we live in a society filled with mediocrity!  Because instead of making the most of the opportunities that the Universe is providing them to learn and better their lives, they turn it into a game on insults, edging each other on.  Yip – I now know you can block them.  But how sad that the developers even had to create such a function.

Just remember that they exist, be valiant and don’t back down.  They have chosen to disrupt and hang onto their identities of victims with all their might.  It doesn’t mean you have to live your life according to their rules.  We all know the story ends where the lions kicked their asses!

evil queen


From the Wicked Queen (mother-in-law:  I’m just kidding!!), to the troll under the bridge (the fear that keeps us from achieving our biggest dreams), to dragons (the average masses that swoop down on you the moment you stand out in a crowd), fairy tales probably have more wisdom hidden in them than all the psychology books in the world.



It is about really seeing the princess within you that deserves living in a beautiful castle with the prince of your dreams.  It is about having the knight in shining armor fighting next to you for your cause because your purpose is brilliant.  It is about following your dreams and knowing that magic exists to make them come true.  It is about realizing that you don’t have to be the biggest or the smartest or the scariest to come out tops – hey, look at what those dwarfs did!!!

I invite you to go read some of your favorite fairy tales again and to find the wisdom hidden deep within them.  And start sharing them with your kids!  Not to teach them that magic only happens in fairy tales, but to show them that magic truly does exist in their lives and the power that they have in co-creating their reality.

Walk with honor.