The Silent Warrior – Finding Inspired Action

This is my personal truth.

The cursed hows

When embarking on the journey of any goal, the first thing people tend to ask me, is how?  What do they need to do in order to achieve the goal?  In fact, it has been my experience that the majority of people will stop right here if they don’t find the answers immediately.

I have learned that in order for me to set those really amazing goals, I don’t need to know how.  In fact, when I set them I don’t have a freaking clue of how I am going to achieve them.  But isn’t that part of the purpose of setting a goal?  To grow beyond your current experience and knowledge?  Because for me if the person in the mirror has all the answers at the outset, it really is a mediocre goal…

Plus let’s face it, things generally don’t tend to go the way we envisaged it at the outset.  That is probably one of the things I love about this great big adventure called life.  The unpredictability of it.  The waking up in the morning wondering what exactly the universe is going to throw my way, and how I am going to incorporate it into my life to still get to my desired outcome.

Have I mentioned that my goals are non-negotiable?

There is a very good reason why I put my Inspired Action Plan in the last column.  That is because I first want to commit and get super excited about my goals, thereby raising my energy and tap into my creativity.  Then I stop, I meditate, and start from where I’m at.  Here is what my inspired action plan looked like when I set my goal for the SkyRun:

SkyRun Goal2

Most people start looking at what to do from the outside.  The easy stuff.  BUT, the magic truly does lie inside you.  If you want to achieve what you have not done before, start by working on yourself.  Your thoughts, your beliefs, what you think is possible and not possible, and what has stopped you from achieving this before now.

As I’m sure you can see, I’ve taken some lessons from my previous SkyRun attempt and built that in as my base.   For instance, I know by now that this type of event is 20 % physical, 80 % mental.  This is why daily meditations are crucial for me personally.  Having a kick-ass mantra and a master spiritual mentor definitely helps.  And when I get tired I chant “I’m a lean mean endurance machine!!”  I’m not even joking – the further the run, the louder the chant.  Luckily peoples’ amazed reactions no longer bother me, and if I can make a stranger laugh at this crazy old ducky, all the better!

Reading is to my mind what squats are for my glutes.  When all else fail I return to read Relentless by Tim Grover.  Haven’t read it yet?  Get a copy!  This book is real, inspirational and very honest!  It is the typical TTFU attitude that I embrace and absolutely thrive on.

Fred2And TTFU is exactly what it takes.  See the very last teeny weeny little line that says Saturday morning group runs?  It took a very long time for me to put this on the list as the runs are with some kick-my-ass veterans, on very technical terrain which has me crawling in the back, not to mention the fact that it is normally still dark and bloody cold when they start.

 Comfort zone?  What comfort zone????  But I know this is exactly what I need to get stronger and faster so I will continue to be the little old lady in the back for another month or two, and then I will be with the kick-ass leaders in the front!  Pretty cool prospect 🙂

To up my game even further, God has provided me with an inspiring race partner!  The Incredible Miss C, who is more than a decade younger than me and who just completed the Comrades in an amazing time, is this continuous voice in my head that pushes me harder every training session.  Never letting me stop a meter before the indicated distance, never letting me run a second slower than the indicated pace, this woman has got me working harder than ever before, and she doesn’t even know it!

And of course I would not go on this journey without some really remarkable coaches who not only know their stuff, but who understand me and how to get the best out of me.  Between Fred Richardson who works my body and Alex Nagy who works my soul, I am being stretched and supported on all fronts.


There are 2 really important things to remember when starting out on your inspired action plan:

1.  I have no intention to work myself to death!!  There is a reason I called it inspired action and that is because each action needs to have a purpose and will make sense in my journey towards the end goal;

2.  It is NOT written in stone!!  Life happens, circumstances change, obstacles are put in our way to show us how much we want something.  My list gets revisited every week.  I have a look at what works really well and do more of that.  I look at what is not working well and either drop it or change it.

chipmunkFor instance, my body seems to have gone into complete shock after my operation and started piling on the weight as if winter was coming and the world is running out of nuts!

You get the picture right?  So I entered the WellIAm challenge thinking that this will help me to shake the extra pounds.  Result?  My body goes into a horrendous 2 year old tantrum and accelerates my weight gain!!

Lesson learned – I stop the challenge, do some meditations around my body, relax, return to my normal eating and continue training.  Sigh, the weight is finally coming off little by little.  On the positive side I did find out I have extremely high cholesterol by going for the entrance tests, so have started taking medication to rectify the situation.  Everything comes across our path for a reason – trust the Universe.

I also find that when I relax a little bit into the process and seek the flow, things happen easier for me.  It is all about learning – about being willing to try, screw up, try something different, and finding success.

It has been a tough week so far.  As I sit here writing, my legs are killing me, my eyes are burning a little as I’ve been up since 3 am due to my soul being super excited about the day ahead.  But I love tough because I’m a warrior!  I am working towards some truly inspiring goals – in my personal life, my professional life, my family life, and my physical life.   I have more than enough fire in my belly because I know when to push, and when to recover.  And right now, it is time to put my head down and go to the next level!

What are you working towards?

Until next time, walk with honor.