The Silent Warrior – Meet The Incredible Miss C

This is my personal truth.

When Adriaan told me that he would not be able to do the Sky Run with me this year, I was more than just a little disappointed.  Not only did I lose my training partner 3 weeks before the event last year, which means I know how tough those long hours of running is on your own, but I had set a goal to finish this year in a Sub 15 hours.  For most seasoned trail runners this seems a walk in the park.  For an old lady with many injuries, a fear of heights, and no sense of direction, it is a challenge.  Plus you all know by now how very loud those voices in my head can get when I’m out there on my own!

So once again I started asking around for anyone who is up for a magnificent adventure.  For some strange reason though, there appears to be very few people who, like myself, commit to seemingly out of reach goals before figuring out the how.  Personally I find this to be half the fun.

Eventually I decided to ask the Universe.  I drew up a list of requirements of my perfect racing partner.  This is a powerful tool that I use consistently in my life and I have seen the amazing results my clients get through this as well.  From business associates, to perfect clients, to your soul mate – simply draw up a list of the characteristics that you want in this person and let the Universe work its magic.

But back to my perfect racing partner – she would have to be a woman who can talk a lot without needing any responses (I am normally too busy trying my utmost to breathe and not pass out to even attempt answering).  She would have to be new to trail running as well so we could learn and explore together.  She needs to be an endurance athlete who has the fitness needed for this event.  She would definitely require a magnificent sense of humor!  A lady who is focused and committed.  And one with a sprinkle of nuts to say !  Sounds like a tall order and even I was wondering about the likelihood of this happening.

And the Universe delivered the Incredible Miss C!!Miss c5

Well I didn’t really ask for a woman who looks like a model at 6 am for a run, but then again the Universe loves over-delivering!

The Incredible Miss C is the perfect partner for me.  Not only is she more than a decade younger than me, but she is fast as hell and honestly one of the gentlest souls I have ever met.  She is the ice to my fire, but with a core of steel and some glutes to match!  If we were a Caramelo Bear, I would be the chocolate and she the caramel.

The Incredible Miss C completed her first Comrades this year in a time which put a lot of veterans to shame.  She has also turned into the most relentless voice in my head every time I go out training, with or without her.  Talk about having to up my game!!  I have to train harder, run faster, and become a little more fearless on the rocks.

In return, I keep her grounded, bring my determination and enthusiasm to the table, as well as the emotional support which I know will be crucial on the day.

Did I mention she is a hell of a lot of fun to hang out with??

No longer can I miss a training session, or cut short on the intervals, or eat that extra slab of chocolate.  Because the Sky Run is no longer just about my personal goal.  By teaming up with an awesome runner, I not only have the support that I was seeking, but an accountability partner of note!

Miss c4

But that is exactly what is needed when we set incredible goals.  The people we surround ourselves with is crucial to our success.  You become like those who you associate yourself with which means that if you want to be a winner, you better make damn sure you have winners on your team!!



It might be time to look at those you have chosen to surround yourself with and ask yourself if they are lifting you up or pulling you down in the pursuit of your goals.  I know we sometimes really struggle to let go of those people who have been in our lives for a very long time, but if you are keeping them in your life out of guilt, or even worse to subconsciously blame them for playing small, you are not doing anyone any favors.  Love them enough to let them walk their own journey instead of continuously using them as an excuse to hold yourself back.

And when you decide to love yourself enough to seek out those who will let you live your dreams, the Universe will always bring an Incredible Miss C who will celebrate your victories with you!

Walk with honor.