The time to set your intentions is now…

The time is now
to uncork your passion
and allow it to spray around
with the joy and exuberance of a champagne bottle!

The time is now
to remove the strangle-hold around your throat
that’s been suffocating your words for all your life.
To speak your truth regardless of how insane it may sound even to your ears.
To say what you mean and mean what you say
without taking a mountainous detour to appease those around you.

The time is now
to strip back the socialised self-judgment of your body
which was never meant to look like a photoshopped illusion
and instead of rejecting her unique beauty
fall madly into appreciation of all she’s allowing you to experience in this life.

The time is now
to become unequivically selfish
focusing on YOU!
YOUR dreams
YOUR passions
YOUR talents
YOUR desires

and from a space of overflowing abundance
turn your attention to those around you
allowing them to experience the true you,
the fullness of you,
for then and only then, will you be operating from a space of love,
rather than dependency on likeability.

The time is now
Alpha Females
for you to stop raising mindless domesticated puppies
instead being a proud example which empowers the next generation of alphas to walk in your footsteps and beyond,
No longer can you pin all your hopes on them doing it better
whilst you remain in your slave-girl energy.

The time is now
Alpha Females
for you to put on your armour of love
strutting away from the crowds
who will NEVER understand or accept you,
they WILL reject you,
for you are not one of them.

It’s time for you to find your place amongst the pack who roam free with honour and integrity,
who play a high vibrational game of excellence
and who do so without the need to compete or break down another.

The time is now


to be seen
to be heard
by those who resonate with your energy
and allowing the rest to judge you from where they stand.
It’s not your responsibility to convince them,
it’s not your responsibility to explain yourself,
it’s not your responsibility to save them.

The time is now
for you to take off your blinkers,
to stop taking people by the words they say
when their actions show them to be liars.
Learn to trust yourself once more,
your intuition,
your emotions,
by creating evidence of your manifestations as you make the decision to guide your focus to what you desire.

Stop trying so hard to find the right words
so as not to upset anyone
when you and I both know
that’s simply not possible.
In this process of ‘keeping the peace’ women have become the facilitators of their own demise,
saying that we are the weaker sex when in fact we have within us the capacity to open a man’s heart by speaking to the king in him,
and there is simply no greater power in the universe than love.

The time is now
Alpha Females
for you to do what you came here to do
to be the change you came here to be.

It will take courage.
It will take a new level of faith in yourself.
It will take a reclaiming of your true nature.
It will take a rejection of the norm.
It will take a relentless pursuit of joy.
It will take a willingness to question.

And in the end,
you will discover that it’s always come down to one thing and one thing alone:

Everything in your life,
every level of success and satisfaction,
every level of connection,
is determined by your level of
self-respect and

If you’re serious about raising the game of life for humanity,
raise your game of

My name is Anel, and I am the instigator of a thrive evolution for Alpha Females.

It is my intention to liberate alphas from codependency and a vanilla existence of political correctness
by speaking my unbridled truth
from where I stand
allowing my truth to evolve as my journey of personal growth continues.

It is my intention to inspire alphas to fall madly in love with themselves to the point where they will no longer tolerate anything other than excellence in their lives.

It is my intention to reconnect alphas with the power flowing through them so that they can wake up in a lifegasmic state of deep satisfaction and appreciation for where they are, always eager for more.

It is my intention to see the rise of the alpha females in my life-time
to wake each day asking where I can be more
so that I can deliver more.

As another year tapers to her end, it’s time to get clear on your intentions Darling.
To connect to the deep reason for their importance to you to the point where you will be willing to die for them.

For death IS inevitable,
but will you choose to thrive in 2020?

Live with honour,

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The ONLY investment is your time, and since that’s your most precious commodity, you can bet it’s my intention that you receive a good return on your investment. You won’t find this anywhere else.

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