The Whisper of Love

Who will you listen to today?
Who will you obey?

The voice of reason?
The voice of fear?
The voice of love?
The voice of truth?

The voices in your ears trying to state their opposing views and opinions as their truth?
The voices in your home trying to keep you safe from living a life that actually challenges, grows and excites you?
The voices in your head trying to get your attention with their relentless drama that has you doubting yourself?
The whisper in your heart quietly inviting you to choose?

Have you paid attention
To the tone
To the volume
To the feeling
The vibration
Of each voice?

Or have you become so distracted by society
caught up in their illusions
cleverly crafted
to keep you riveted
on all the wrong things
drowning out
the whisper
of your Soul?

You’ve allowed the screams of ego fear
the cold tone of reason
the icy grip of average
to set the tone of your choices
resulting in an unfulfilling life packed to the hilt with empty yet socially applauded achievements.

Terrified of the voices
fighting for attention inside your skull
as you’re told it’s a sign of madness
so you meditate in an effort to find silence
except all you’re really doing is denying the message to be received.

Terrified of the voice
fighting for release through your throat
as you’re told true self-expression is disrespectful and unacceptable to the world
so you chant your positive affirmations to sound ‘right’
except all you’re really doing is swallowing truth, turning it to liquid acid eating you up from the inside.

Terrified of silence
in which you will finally hear the whisper
of your soul
your heart
THE truth,
as the frequency is one foreign to those who have NOT lived in integrity up to this point,
and as we’re constantly fed the bullshit of being fearless,
AND we’re raised to fear the unknown and unfamiliar and that which is different to our mental constructs,
it makes you feel too vulnerable,
lightly peeing yourself,
so you choose to put on your headphones and lose yourself in social media instead.

My Lady,
it’s time for you
to walk away from the noise.
to hear the whisper,
the invitation which raises the hair on your arms,
and to say
to Love.

Real Love as expressed through truth.
Real Love as expressed through integrity.
Real Love as expressed through excellence.

Which starts
with you
for you
as your best self
from which
you get to set this new vibrant tone for your life
and all the lucky bastards who get to experience you
in your glorious fullness.

What this requires is unheard of levels of self-compassion,
unspoken levels of self-love,
misunderstood levels of self-acceptance,
mindblowing levels of self-appreciation,
and undeniable levels of self-respect.

It requires
to become one of the elite shadow dwellers
who understand that love resides in both light AND dark,
and from this certainty of truth
you walk freely in the space between spaces
bringing forth new levels of creativity
unleashed from the grips of fear
unleashed through love.

It’s time for Alpha Females to RISE
as the world is in a spinning cycle of chaos
the energy which we have prepared for
lifetime after lifetime
relationship after relationship
death after death,
to remind our fellow humans
what it means to be connected
through love and life.

It’s time for Alpha Females to RISE
not only for ourselves
but for all generations who have come before us
and all generations who might come after us,
if we get our shit together
and stop the mindless destruction of life,
for if we don’t
your children will perish
and there will be no lineage
for a legacy to have any meaning.

Heed my words,
for you feel their truth.

This is my invitation to women of the world
to stop the bickering
to stop using your voices to stir the shit pot
to stop the bitchiness
to stop the jealousy
to stop turning women against women
to stop the lying
to stop the cycles of abuse
to stop the lies of inequality
to stop the #’s of seperation.

Return to truth which IS we’re all equal, we’re all worthy of love, we’re all connected, we all bleed red.
Return to love which IS we’re meant to have deep intimacy, eternal connection, exquisite romance, to feel protected and to protect.
Return to YOU which IS absolutely unequivocally perfect.

After all,
Death might be inevitable
and if we don’t stop this insanity it will become more permanent than you want to admit to yourself,
Thrive is still a choice available to you and in this choice, it becomes available to All.

Live with honour,