The wolf does not lie with the poodle.




You want to do this again?


Standing there looking all sheepish,

because you know,

you fucking KNOW,

that YOU

have once again

let YOU slide.


I can do this all day long Sweetheart.

I can give you the punches,

the ‘failures’,

the uncomfortable situations,

so you can choose to shape the fuck up!


I’m willing to provide you with as many rock bottoms as is required


YOU can choose

to stop the soul-destroying bullshit behaviours you’re so fond of.


I witness every time you experience a glimmer of what is truly possible for you.

Instead of just charging ahead like a berserker,

you look around

and you desperately cling to the familiar.


I get it,

not really but okay,

that it’s not easy being a human at a time of tremendous evolution,

when you keep on convincing yourself you don’t LIKE change.


Just to prove the sense of humour of the Universe

you’ve been blessed with that feeble little ego of yours,

convinced it’s her job to keep you safe.

Thinking that you taking another breath,

is ‘safe’.


Even when you endure abuse from another.

Even when you endure abuse from yourself.

Poisoning your body slowly so that you’ll stop hurting.

NOTHING hurts more than abandoning of your true self Darling,

and the only true relief

is when you die.




There’s no end to my passion,

to my persistence,

but it means nothing

until you actually


to being your best self.


The relationship with self

is not like all the other relationships which come and go in your life.

Side note:  some of them should go LONG BEFORE you allow them to.


Yet, you seem to think that you’re here to be the plaything of another.

Instead of realising that this life has been gifted to you

to test your limits

to see just how far you can push the envelope

revealing your immense power, potential, abundance,



What will it take for you to start prioritising your relationship with YOU?

What will it take for you to start putting your dreams FIRST?

What will it take for you to become selfish enough to say




How long will you allow yourself to be treated less than spectacular?

How long will you allow yourself to be surrounded by those who have no appetite for greatness?

Thinking you have to actually settle for the feeble living attempts of others,

simply because the prevalent culture of mediocrity says it’s okay.

That you should settle for average anything.

That you should compromise on your standards of excellence to meet the laziest person in the rooms 1% effort.

That you should dim your brilliance because those with zero ambition feel bad when you show the fuck up and show what is possible for ANYONE willing to do the motherfucking work.


The REAL work.

The INTERNAL work.

The MINDSET work where you finally get to grips with your ego

and you put that little bitch in service to YOUR greatness,

instead of being a slave to her.


Who do you think you are to bow down to the pressure of another?

Who do you think you are to feel shame for failure

when the pure act of failing

shows that you are one of the FEW who have the balls to go for it?

Who do you think you are to run from fear

when she’s here to GROW you and CHALLENGE you and STRENGTHEN you.

Who do you think you are to apologise

for ANYTHING that you do

when quite frankly

your behaviour is in alignment with YOUR true values,

and simply because it’s not the same as everyone else’s you make you wrong.


Who do you think you are?


you think you’re one of them?

You think you’re one of the masses?

Just because you have similar DNA…


Oh Darling,

nothing could the further from the truth!


It’s about bloody time that you start taking that tail out from between your legs.

YOU were not bred to be a domesticated bitch licking her masters hand,

regardless of how he treats her.

YOU do not have the loyal nature of the pup who never questions anything her ‘owner’ does.









And the fact that you’re different from the ‘sisterhood’ is absolutely perfect.

The wolf does not lie with  the poodle.


Own that shit.


Today is a new day.

You get to choose



Will you continue to toe the line?

Will you continue to set yourself up for failure by not setting yourself up for success?


Will you finally DECIDE


Surrounding yourself with those who are in it to win.

Making yourself your number one priority.

Not settling for ANYTHING that does not LIGHT YOU UP!

From hydration to nourishment to training to relationships to home environment to business to clients.




it will feel challenging to break the band.

You’re going to have to go inside,

deep inside,

to your very core

and harness the power available to you at any time.

You’ll have to stoke the furnace

with passion

and then

from a space of absolute CONVICTION



This is my call to the Alpha Females:

It’s YOUR time now.

YOU are ready to take the step.


Believe in yourself and the world WILL BE your oyster.


Death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is the choice of those who embrace their true nature.


Live with honour,



PS. – Are you ready for CLARITY?

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We flick the switch, work through the BS, increasing your belief.


We detox every area of your life from the inside out.

Week Three – CONNECTION.

We connect the dots of your truth and your power setting your foundation right.

Week Four – CLARITY.

From a space of zero interference we connect to what you desire next and who you desire to be.

And to ensure YOU have ALL the SUPPORTand ACCOUNTABILITYyou require, you will receive an accountability coach for daily check-ins and support when shit gets real (as it always does when you play with me).

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