There comes a time when you simply have to stop explaining…

We are a growing breed.

Those who choose to walk alone.

The silence found in darkness smoothing frayed senses at the end of the day.

Velvet cloak nurturing sapped energy.

Happily feeling like the misfits,


in a world gone mad.

We are the ones who are misunderstood.

For the longest time,

I spent all of my breath,

all of my words,

trying to make others understand.

That my obstinance was not born from disrespect

but from questioning that which is accepted norm

and finding it truly fucked up and destructive of the human spirit.

I would talk for hours that distraction is not relaxation,

that your joy is not to be found at the bottom of a bottle,

that you can lie around like a lazy cow all day long,

it’s not going to make you feel more energised.

I used to write about the fact that goals have saved my life,

only to be criticised because ‘people get demotivated when they don’t achieve their goals’.

So hung up on the outcome

that they pin their worth on whether they succeed first time around,

or not.

Failure is not an identity, Darling.

It’s another step forward on your way to success.

I used to write about the exact steps I took to heal myself from the rage, the hurt, the hatred, that bled inside of me,

born of years of physical, mental and emotional abuse.

Yet people can’t make sense of my joy and love,

it doesn’t fit into the psychological processes describing what I SHOULD be feeling,

so they’re unwilling to hear the message under my stated words.

I have zero regrets of my life.

I have zero resentment for anyone who played their part to perfection.

I wish every person who has ever touched my life,

in exquisite pain,

nothing but love and happiness.

I used to try and explain my need to withdraw from the outside when shit hits the fan.

I used to apologise for the fact that I was unavailable to spill my drama on others.

I used to ask for forgiveness for licking my wounds in private.


no matter how much I tried to explain,

how much I opened up from the inside,

their veils of conditioning is so dense,

they are unavailable to allow me to do what’s best for me.

So they lash out.

They turn their backs on me.

They poison all who will listen to their drama, against me.

And still,

I continue to choose love.

More importantly,

I will no longer waste my breath, my words, my energy,

to explain myself.

I have made peace with the fact that even though we are a growing breed,

we are still rare.

We who choose obsession.

We who choose to continuously raise the bar for ourselves,

even when others feel intimidated by how high we’re already playing.

We who choose to stay focused,

finding joy and freedom in the movement of our bodies,

conquering insane adventures and feats.

We who love the challenge.

Who salivate when the obstacle seem insurmountable.

We who continue to rise.

Regardless of how many times we fall down.

Scraped and bruised knees will not stay bent.

For we choose to connect with that which is within.

Our true power.

Our inner wisdom.

Our inner drive.

And from this place,

we are unstoppable.

Yes, many of us choose a journey which makes no sense to the masses.

Those who only want it easy.

Those who only want acceptance and belonging.

From others,

even though they can’t accept themselves.

And I get it – how the hell can you accept yourself when you’ve abandoned your truth a lifetime ago?

How can you respect yourself when you lie every time you open your mouth

spewing forth lies in terms of what you’re going to achieve,

who you’re going to be,

what you stand for?

How can you love yourself when you’ve bought into the bullshit that you’re fucked up, broken and imperfect?

That you need a ‘better’ half to ‘complete’ you.

That you need to beg for forgiveness for your very breath because you’re filled with sin.


AAAAAARGH!  It drives me fucking insane to witness the suicide of so many around me.

Yet I absolutely honour their free will to choose their beliefs, their journey, their existence.

I honour their need to pin their little labels on themselves and everyone around them,

as this makes sense of everything.


They explain away their slow death with words such as depression and anxiety and overwhelm.


They explain away their choice to suffer with institutions such as marriage and school and the economy.


They justify their demise and suffocating daily existence with words such as greed and unrealistic and codependency.


If my refusal to buy into this system,

these labels,

these constructs,

makes me a misfit,


I will wear that little suite with pride and honour and love.

The more I give myself permission to speak my truth,

to own my standards for myself and not giving others a get out of jail free card in my space,

to release all that is out of alignment including relationships,

the more I dance in inappropriate places,

and use words in way that has my old grammar teacher cringe,

the more I connect with those who are misunderstood.

I currently have but a handful of these soulmate what do I call them?  lovers, friends, connections, co-creators, there’s no word to describe,

and our conversations are filled with delight, ease, love, growth, compassion, laughter, fun, flow, conscious creation at it’s most beautiful.

We who choose to walk alone.

We who choose to love always.

We who choose to create consciously.

We who choose to desire more.

We who choose to uphold high standards.

We who choose to raise the bar for ourselves.

We who choose incredible adventures.

We who choose to activate the trilogy of power which comes from body, mind, soul combined.

We who choose obsession.

We who choose success.

We who choose to be committed to our victory.

For only death is inevitable,

Thriving is the choice of the misfits, the brave, those who dare to be misunderstood.

With deep love and appreciation for you,


PS:  I am creating a space for those entrepreneurs who feel misunderstood.

Those who dare to hold on to their dream,

even if they’ve not yet cracked the $10k per month mark.

It’s just a number Darling.

It says nothing about you.

It simply tells you where you are on your journey and the fact that you have more to learn.

Those who are done listening to the naysayers in their lives,

and who choose to connect with like-minded obsessed business owners committed to their success.

The pilot program for Mindset, Business $ Money has started and we’re holding space for those who know this is their time, and they have the audacity to take the step forward.

Message me if this speaks to your soul and you KNOW that you’re committed to victory.