There is no sympathy here for you.

How much longer do you think you can keep up this charade?

Pretending to be this little bitty person,

in a big bad world.

The odds stacked against you,

and you,

the helpless little victim,

waiting to be saved.


How much longer do you think your pretence to be timid and weak,

will get you coasting along on the wave of mere existence?

How much longer do you think you can keep up your sorry-ass narrative,

receiving hand-outs of those whose hearts melt at your sop-story,

without feeling like a complete fraud?


Convinced THEY will save you!

Their act of goodwill will be the turning point in your life,

the thing that changed EVERYTHING.

Rags to riches

through charitable acts.


When will you get that this insidious behaviour is what will keep you the same?



I can’t watch anymore.

It’s my connection to who you truly are,

at your core,

when you show up for yourself,

that makes me the evil witch in the fable of mediocrity.


I REFUSE to see this chapter of your life, as your ultimate story.


And I DON’T FUCKING CARE for your drama!


I don’t give a shit about how hard it’s feeling right now.

I really don’t care if you think that you don’t have what it takes.

I don’t want to hear about how broke you are.

How tired.

How overwhelmed.

How you simply can’t seem to motivate yourself.

How you don’t think you have enough hours in the day.


Do you honestly think that I haven’t heard it all before????


Do you want more?


Because I have personally written the fucking book of ‘Boring tales of being a helpless little bitch’!


Stories of hardship, depression, bankruptcy, martyrdom,

abuse, rape, suicidal tendencies,

abandonment, loneliness, being treated like the shit on the bottom of your shoe.


Been there Sweetie.


What I have learned in the process, is that every single person who took my external circumstances as my ultimate reality,

screwed me over with their kindness.


Don’t get me wrong –

I am beyond grateful for every single person who was there for me when I wasn’t there for myself.

The ones who gave me food when I couldn’t afford a loaf of bread for my kids.

The ones who gave me a shoulder to cry on when I broke down.

The ones who gave me discount when I didn’t think I could ever find the money to invest in myself.


Thank you.


I know this came from a good place.


Except this ‘helpful’ behaviour DOES NOT BREED STRENGTH.

It NEVER got me to the point where I had to take a long, hard look in the mirror,

and challenge myself:

“Is this TRULY the best I can do?”

The answer being a resounding NOOOOOOOOOO!


What finally got me there, was one single person who had the audacity to tell me,

that if I was serious about turning my life around,

I had to stop asking for help


To where empowering support exists.

From people who have done the work,

and continue to do the work,

to evolve themselves,

and from this space of BELIEVING IN ME,

because they believe in themselves,

are willing to share all their wisdom,

which I can then apply in my own life,

thereby creating new results and reclaiming my



And yes,

I’m human,

my first reaction was



Infuriated by her cold rebuttal.

Disgusted by how callous she could be.


who I had looked up to.


who refused to give me a hand up.

Clearly she just didn’t understand my situation.

Clearly she’d forgotten how hard it was when you were rock bottom.


I felt soooooo sorry for myself.

Oh wo is me.

So alone.

So lonely.

Nobody cared about me.

God had abandoned me.

It was a hopeless situation.


Looking back I can only laughingly roll my eyes.

Jesus, I can be a drama queen at times.


When we meet someone who decline to ‘help’ us,

we should fall down at their feet


for refusing to buy into our bullshit!


It’s NEVER about the money.

It’s NEVER about the time.

It’s NEVER about the other person.

It’s NEVER about the psychological affliction.


It’s ALWAYS about you being a LAZY fucker not wanting to BE your BEST version self.


For one thing,

you would actually have to question your beliefs,

risking to admit that maybe you were wrong.

Oh the SHAME and humiliation of what others will think!

Who gives a shit???

It’s not THEIR life – it’s YOURS.

Would you honestly prefer to be ‘right’ in the short term, than happy in the long?


You would actually have to change your stories,

risking abandonment by those codependent sympathisers who stoke your ego with their placating words.

Oh the HORROR of not being surrounded by the noisy crowds!

Can you honestly tell me that you’re not lonely AF right now?

That you don’t question yourself in the dark of night,

feeling that you don’t belong,

feeling that you have to pretend all day long,

because who you are, will simply not be accepted by those around you.

You can never be alone, and still be the loneliest person on the face of the earth my friend.


You would have to, OMG CAN YOU COPE?, move your arse and TAKE ACTION,

risking the loss of blubber around your waistline,

risking increased energy levels,

risking clarity of thought,

risking new levels of untapped creativity,

risking creating new results in your body, your business, your relationships, your adventures,

attracting badasses into your life who will DEMAND you keep it up.



You will be to blame.


For daring to set a new standard of excellence in your neighbourhood.

For being a mirror to those around you of what is available to them as well.

And very few will thank you for this new opportunity to choose.

Instead they will tell you to clamp it down FFS.

Or leave!


Sweetheart, do us ALL a favour, and LEAVE!



Leave behind those who choose struggle.

Leave behind those who choose to cling to their stories of limited resources, capabilities and resourcefulness.

Leave behind those who choose to hold humanity hostage.

Because apparently being NICE is more treasured than being EMPOWERING.


You don’t belong in this sorry state of average.


You belong up front.

In the spotlight.

BEING the light.

For others who choose to rise to their potential.


It’s about bloody time the we stop giving people a ‘day off’ for their current situation.








It’s time for the leaders in organisations to raise their company standards to match their personal standards (I’m going on the premise that your personal standards are phenomenal).

For employees to bring their zone of genius, and if it’s too much for the company culture, leave and go join a team of winners!

It’s NOT your RESPONSIBILITY to go down with the sinking ship.


It’s time for entrepreneurs to stop fucking around and instead to bring new levels of focus, intensity and creativity to their work!


If you don’t have what it takes, then go do something else.

There’s no shame in admitting that this is actually NOT your dream.

That you DON’T love the hustle.

That there’s no exhilaration in overcoming challenge.


I mean, honestly, nobody cares.

They are too busy living their own lives to actually pay attention to you.

So instead of keeping up the pain that comes from you NOT BEING TRUE TO YOU,  not owning YOUR desires, because you think that you have to live up to their expectations,

how about you choose happy instead?


For those of us born to achieve,

born to create,

born to lead,

everything about the journey is fuel for our passion.


Including what’s happening for us RIGHT NOW.


I chose to step up.

To stop asking for help, and instead become the person who accepted empowering support.

From where my coaches and mentors are.

Does it continue to feel challenging?

You bet.

Then again, I don’t back down from a challenge.

It’s simply who I choose to be.


Who will you choose to be next?


Existence is far worse than death.

And make no mistake,

if you’re not growing,

you’re dying.


Thriving is the choice of the brave.


In love and honour,





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You will feel uncomfortable.

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