There is only ONE answer to lasting change.


I’m fighting the message.

I can feel it.

This is not what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about mindset and empire building.

I want to talk about fitness and all things that inspire.

Yet who the hell do I think I am to stand in the way,

when I believe that everything happens for us?




I’m stepping aside.

May she land where she’s meant to.


Yesterday I accepted some new connection requests on various social media platforms.

Almost immediately, I received a message from a woman part of a movement fighting for women’s rights.

Just to be perfectly clear,

I’m NOT a feminist.

I’m an alpha.

I am PRO woman AND PRO man.


She asked me about my work and then exclaimed that we are sisters! (warning bells immediately went off for me)

That even though our approach is different, our aim is the same.


What followed, made me sick to my stomach.


Part of a global organisation bringing down the wrath of the wounded female onto mankind,

they have permission from various governments to set up ‘Women’s Courts’,

dishing out justice against the men who rape and abuse women and children.

In the most savage, horrendous motherfucking ways

that had me swallowing my own puke.


After describing all in detail,

with what was clearly absolute relish and passion from her side,

she asked me which of these punishments I liked the most.


Are you fucking kidding me?


My reply was simple –


I DON’T believe that violence, humiliation and vengeance is the answer.

I DON’T believe that we can change the autrocities by bringing more pain to those who are already suffering.

And make no mistake,

those who rape and abuse,

have endured enough pain.

Living in a fucked up culture

where parents punish kids in the name of love,

where religions murder in the name of love,

where governments rule with fear and threats,

they have nowhere to experience true love.


So if we honestly think that MORE fear,

MORE pain,

MORE humiliation,


is the answer to bringing MORE LOVE to humanity,

we’re fucking delusional.




I’m going to bring it back to where I always bring it:








I’ve been sexually molested.

I don’t hate or wish pain on him.

I’ve been raped.

I don’t hate or wish pain on him.

I’ve been physically abused and beaten.

I don’t hate or wish pain on him.

I’ve been emotionally abused for years to the point where I lay gasping for air on the floor,

praying for death,

I don’t HATE or wish pain on him!


I don’t wish punishment on ANY of the men who have taken out their shit on me.

I don’t wish humiliation on ANY of the men who lost their balls at age 2 being raised in the prevailing culture of enforcing ‘respect’ and ‘love’ through corporal punishment.

I don’t wish pain on ANY of the men who simply have no idea how to heal because they are so drenched in shame of their behaviour that it keeps them from connecting with those who can guide them to a better way of living.


And NO, I am NOT a saint.

I simply chose to take back my power.

I’m NOT excusing their behaviour.

I think it’s unacceptable and I no longer tolerate it.



all of that shit happened because I DIDN’T LOVE, ACCEPT, APPRECIATE AND RESPECT MYSELF!

I get that now.

I didn’t know that when I was a toddler,

but you know what Darling,

I believe this is part of my PURPOSE.

I signed up for this journey,

this experience,

and I’m a motherfucking POWERHOUSE because of it.

I can not be broken,

even though I’ve had a few close calls.


I get that I attracted that into my life experience


I could finally get to a point where I had to choose:

I could continue enduring because it’s just the norm


I could start questioning EVERYTHING I’ve EVER been told or taught,

and I could decide for MYSELF what is MY TRUTH.


And my truth

is LOVE!


the end.


We’re living in a time when shit is getting real.

We all chose to be alive at this time.

In my book,

that makes us all pretty badass!


I’m not saying that you have to believe what I believe.

That would be more of the same – I’m right and they’re wrong.


I’m simply sharing what is right FOR ME

so that you can choose consciously what is right FOR YOU.


Today could be the day you take a moment

and do the deep introspection.

Today could be the day when you just stop the stupid self-shame and self-blame,

and from a space of desiring to be your best self,

investigate all your behaviours,

all the things you might have done,

or might have tolerated,

up to today,

that you’re not particularly proud of.


Instead of making it wrong,

why not find the learning in it?

Why not take the time to question what’s driven your behaviour?

The values,

the stories,

the beliefs,

and then figure out who they belong to in the first place?

Who handed them down to you?

Was it your mother?

Your father?

Your church?

Your school?

Your government?

Don’t blame them – they were simply not questioning either.


Are they infused with love?

I’m talking REAL love Darling.

If there’s a drop of fear in it,

it’s not love.


Are they serving you positively?

Are they empowering you to be your best version self?

Are they liberating you to show up with honour and respect?


You think I’m being unrealistic?



I’m on a mission to create a thrive evolution of unrealistic, unreasonable Alphas,

who drop the blame and shame and torture


ONLY focusing on themselves,

and from a space of ABSOLUTE SELF-LOVE

be their best version selves.


Inspiring one more person at a time,

until we reach the tipping point

where love shall reign supreme once more.

It might not happen in my lifetime,

that doesn’t mean I’m going to be the pussy who doesn’t start it.


EVERYTHING you desire,

lies WITHIN.

NO amount of external force can change you.

That’s why I DON’T believe our current system is the answer.

It’s an INTERNAL decision.


You want to feel empowered?

Stop looking at others to help you and CHOOSE it for yourself.

You want to feel safe?

Stop looking at others to save you and CHOOSE it for yourself.

You want to feel confident?

Stop looking at others to validate you and CHOOSE it for yourself.

You want to feel successful?

Stop looking at others to tell you you’ve made it and CHOOSE it for yourself.




The world needs the proud return of the Alphas.

The world needs the remembrance of YOU.

The world needs YOU to liberate yourself from ALL that’s holding you back.

The world needs YOU.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the Alpha operating from love.


Live with honour,



PS:  Alpha Female, are you ready to clear the bullshit for clarity?

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It saps your energy,

your enthusiasm,

until you give up and slip back into the folds of mediocrity.




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It’s time for us to play Darling.

And yes, DOMS is a given.

Just saying 😉