There’s nowhere left to hide… why would you want to anyway?

Whether you like it or not,

life is changing Darling.


There’s a shift in consciousness such as never before.

Which in all honesty,

is scary AF for most.

Especially those for whom the illusion of certainty is their primary preference.



you can choose to cling to the old ways of wearing the suffocating masks,

only ever being appropriate and ‘cultured’,

hiding behind jargon to keep you apart from those deemed less educated,

pretending that you can actually cut yourself into a million pieces

to please a million different people,

thereby not upsetting anyone who stomps their toe against your beautiful stiletto,


you can choose to trust!


Trust yourself that you’re good enough.

Trust life that everything happens for you.

Trust love that there will always be those who resonate with your true self,

and billions for whom ALL of you EVERYWHERE is simply too much, inappropriate and disturbing to the extreme.


Some will always think that you taking up more space,

filling the world with more of you,

means diminishing of another.

They simply cannot comprehend the law of EXPANSION,

that the more you ask for,

the more you create for yourself,

the more you allow yourself to spill over,

the more abundance is created for ALL.


For there is zero scarcity of anything!

Only scarcity in thought and perception.


You can’t really blame them.

After all,

our forefathers decreed and declared that there is not enough,

that the pie is finite,

that the power of one will mean the weakness of another,

and when you feel threatened,

it is your right to defend that which is yours,

whether with guns,


or rape.


We’ve been ruled by fear long enough Sunshine!

Fear is nothing more than my absolute best Friend leading me to an Expanded and Adventurous Reality.


That’s right bitches,

I’ve taken their weapon and turned her into my ally.


Every institution,

every platform,

every comment,

meant to push me back into silent obedience,

is now my playground for mischievous delight.


Before you think this piece is all about me,

it is,

and it’s not.


I’m simply paying attention to what’s going on around me.

The shit that others refuse to see,

struggling with their own suppression leading to depression,

unable to cope with the excruciating pain of others,

knowing full well that they’re not willing to do jack shit,

terrified of the consequences as the old boys club think the rise of alpha females threatens their testicles.



I have no interest in competing or depleting your little play-pen.

I’m only interested in creating my own,

knowing that we can live in unison.

Each thriving in their own unique ways.


What I AM taking a stand for,

are those NOT thriving.

Alpha females who’ve remained silent up to this point,

thinking it was the only acceptable thing to do,

and for whom the collar of domesticity is worse than a prison sentence.

I’m taking a stand for alpha males who’ve sacrificed their personal standards for the sake of compromising with mediocrity,

keeping themselves out of their zone of genius,

fearing that their fullness will be too much for others to handle.


And yes,

the sheople will turn on you.

They will stand in their safe hordes,

and bleat at you all day long.

Some might even find the bravado to take a bite as their sheer numbers has them feeling strong.

Baah, baah, baah….


I’m taking a stand for those who choose to thrive.

Those who choose to grow.

Those who choose to blossom.

Those who choose to embrace their genius and nurture it so that they can create their ORIGINAL art.

Those who choose to be happy.

Those who choose to focus on themselves,

taking complete responsibility for the creation of their experience.


The rest are incapable of receiving my message anyway.

And they won’t receive yours either.


Don’t be distracted by their noise.

Discipline your mind.

Get in the zone.

Keep moving forward.


There will come a point where your journey will lead you to unchartered territory,

and the sheople will not dare follow.

For they don’t delight in the climb.

They don’t embrace the exhilaration of the unknown.

They never will.


The Universe in her infinite love, wisdom and power,

has flattened the world once more.

There’s nowhere left to hide my friend,

your true colours are shown,

even though most expose theirs in pure ignorance.


Why would you want to hide all of you?

When you’re absolutely spectacular.

You’re perfect in your uniqueness.

You’re beautiful in your realness.

Your song will bring delight to those who choose to dance with wild abandon.

And will be too loud for those who choose to play their violins of sorrow, regret, fear and martyrdom.




It’s time!

From where you’re at,

regardless of how alone you feel right now,

to release your vocals and sing.

And when it seems darkest,

when all you hear is the raging of the storm,

the howl of the wind will turn into the song of another alpha,

and another,

and another.

We will walk in unison once more Darling,

with pride,

with integrity,

with honour.


Only death is inevitable,

thriving truly is the choice of those brave enough to take a stand against the sheople.


Thrive with honour,