Thrive in the absence of shame

Shame:  “a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior.”

Interesting isn’t it?   That there should be such a phenomenon as shame AND that it is then pinned onto us as if it is all  us instead of how we feel in front of others.  It is pinned on those who are prepared to try and get it wrong.  Those who are prepared to do it differently and looking foolish.

Can you see that shame is a concept devised by the ego to keep you in line with the average masses?  How does this serve you?

Short answer – it doesn’t.

Think how different your life would be without shame.

You would love to try new things because you would never feel foolish when you get it wrong the first hundred times.

You would learn new skills because there would be no shame when you feel on your ass the first hundred times.

You would set seriously big goals because there would be no shame when you didn’t achieve them the first time around.

You would laugh a shit-ton more!

The purpose of goals is to keep you moving forward in life.  To help you reach further and go higher learning all the while on the journey.  It is about becoming the person who can achieve those goals, learning to think and act like that person.  Becoming more of who you already are!

When we use goals to measure ourselves in terms of shame, we start playing it safe.  We either stop setting goals altogether, start setting really minuscule goals, or we start changing our goals halfway to the finish because we don’t think we can make it and would rather settle for less than own the fact that we didn’t make it.  None of these self-perseverance strategies serve your greatness.

So drop the shame because it really doesn’t serve you.

Set the really big goals!

Take action relentlessly.

Change your actions not your goals.

Be prepared to fail so that you can learn.

And for heaven’s sake, learn to laugh at yourself.

Life is a game not a prison sentence.