Time to go all in – and that will require ALL of you…



You know it’s time.

Time to choose:

Will you continue playing at 10% of your capacity,

or will you finally go all the way in?


Sounds like such a no-brainer,

and you might even hear yourself affirm that you’re in it to win.

But what’s your actions saying?

What’s your energy indicating?


Truth is most people SAY they desire success,

yet they’ve not even taken the time to decide for themselves what success looks like.


Instead, constantly playing the comparison game.

Looking around at what everyone else is doing, having, saying.

And if their actual desires are not the same as another,

they criticise and throw stones,

instead of keeping their head in their own game.


Majority of people don’t really want too much.

They simply desire a comfortable living.

To pay the bills.

Have time with the kids.

Maybe go on a couple of holidays every year.

And that’s perfect for them.

But is it perfect for YOU?


Or do you know from the bottom of your Soul,

that you were born for GREATNESS?

Do you dream of global impact?

Do you secretly harbour a desire to live in extreme luxury,

as is your birthright

and quite frankly,

ordinary simply looks like shit on you…




it’s time to go all in.


And for you to do so,

I need you to know today,

that it will require ALL of you.






This is where we see the potential of the empowered feminine embodied.

The grace of her darkness.

The magnetism of her rawness.

The power of her wildness.

Tamed by the unshakeable love that is her cloak in a fear-drenched world.


We are but few,

yet our numbers are growing,

as more and more alpha females are remembering who they are,

finding their voices,

and rising in the name of true love.

Daring to defy the system that has kept our kind in the shadows,

as the masses continue to attack that which they don’t understand.


We are redefining social media platforms.

We are creating empires of impact.

We have no desire to change the masses.


we have no desire to change anybody.

What we focus on, is continuous and consistent self-improvement,

which we share with those who resonate with our message.

Providing them pockets for introspection

and new possibilities from which to choose.


As for the rest,

c’est la vie…


Are you ready to go all in Alpha?


Are you ready to finally embrace ALL of who you are,

as anything LESS than your fullness will not get you to where you belong.


It will require that you finally stop pussy-footing around,

get in the zone,

activating the nuclear effect of body, mind and soul alignment.


You have to become unavailable for distractions.

Unavailable for your own bullshit excuses.

You said you’ll do it,

so fucking do it.

No debating with yourself.

No extenuating circumstances.


I don’t care if the moon is dripping blood.

I don’t care if your muscles are sore.

I don’t care if you’re scared.

I don’t actually care.


And neither should you.


For the Alpha Female to rise,

takes a non-negotiable commitment to success.


It means that you stop eating for comfort and you start fuelling your engine.

It means that you stop taking mindless actions and you start consciously creating experiences.

It means that you’re unavailable for gossip.

You’re unavailable for the venting of random strangers.

You’re unavailable for pity or sympathy or complaining or ANYTHING that robs you of your true power.

Your integrity.

Your honour.

Your self-respect.


All in means that you seek out your own kind,

understanding that for the longest time you won’t feel that you belong,

that they’re so far ahead of you.

That’s an egotistical story that will keep you exactly where you’re at.




You wake up earlier than anyone else and DO THE WORK.

It means you connect to your BODY to train your MIND.

It means you have the discipline to go to sleep when you require recovery.

It means you speak your truth,

in your voice,

regardless of whose tits you grate.

For there will always be those for whom your voice will sound like honey,

and those for whom it will be vinegar.


Stay the course.


And victory will be yours.




Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the Alpha who proudly reclaims ALL of who she is.


Live with honour,



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