To all the men I have, do and will love…

You’re going to have to put on your big-boy pants for this piece,
because I’m not talking to the little boy in you Darling,
I’m going straight to the heart of the king.

I’m not the kind of woman who looks around to see what’s being portrayed of the current situation in the world,
for the past few weeks EVERY SINGLE CLARITY CALL I’ve had,
has been with a strong, brilliant, beautiful woman
who has left an abusive marriage.
Some reached the point of barely escaping with her life.

Understand that I DON’T view these women as victims.
Fuck no,
they are ALPHA!
And as Alpha Females we came to this lifetime to bring change.
We are born warriors,
and as the diamond needs immense pressure to be formed,
we came with the knowing that we would be the few who would invite into our experience the most excruciating pain,
the pressure,
to remember
who we are
and once broken open
we rise.

But here’s the thing,
did not come to this world to do it on my own.
In fact,
I would not be where I am today
was it not for the incredible men in my life.

There were those who gave me opportunities to remember, reclaim and choose what I’m going to do with my heart.

I’ve experienced sexual molestation and rape – I choose to keep my heart open to man.

I’ve experienced physical violence, been stabbed, beaten, had my head smashed into a brick wall – I choose to keep my heart open to man.

Understand that when I say I keep my heart open to man,
it does not mean that I will tolerate or be available for the messed up shit those with no desire to work on themselves dish out.

I have received my learning and I now CHOOSE to only be available for the greatness in Alpha Men.

There are those who show me why I choose to keep my heart open.
There is my grandfather – A KING OF A MAN TAKEN FROM ME WAY TOO EARLY.
He set the stage,
he showed me,
the immense beauty and power that is possible when a man chooses to be a warrior with a heart so big it could envelop the entire universe.
There is my (step)father – A king of a man who shows me every day that family has fuck-all to do with genetics.
There are my incredible boys – king of men who choose to take what they’ve witnessed to honour and support the women of their generation.
There’s Gordon, Ewan, Clinton, Matthew, Patrick, Graham, Tom, Juergen, Dave, Paul, Jopie, Ash, Dov, Tristan, Joshua, Tim, Frank, Kim, Graeme, Sam, Stuart, and countless others, too many to mention all, who choose to show up every day as their best selves, and from this space, inspire me to raise my standards for myself.

This potential,
this king,
resides inside
I believe this with all of my being.

So when I see the statistics:
76% of suicides are men
85% of the homeless are men
70% of homicides are men
40% of domestic abuse are men
92% of deaths in the workplace are men

Because what the actual fuck guys????

what the actual fuck?

How much longer will we tolerate and allow beautiful men to get so caught up in the bullshit of a mundane working existence
allow and tolerate beautiful men to stay slaves to the system
allow and tolerate beautiful men to be duped by the online gaming mind-fuckery
allow and tolerate beautiful men to get so out of shape that they lose their core strength
allow and tolerate beautiful men to be castrated
allow and tolerate beautiful men to get so run down that they can’t think clearly for themselves
allow and tolerate beautiful men to get pulled into the pubs to drink to the point of stumbling around like a fool
allow and tolerate beautiful men to lower their standards to the lowest in the office
allow and tolerate beautiful men to set puny goals as that’s all that is expected of them by others who will NEVER honour their true hunger and potential for greatness?

And NO – I’m not saying we must save or rescue them.
I’m saying we have to lift our standards for ourselves EVEN HIGHER
for all ships will rise with the tide.

You think I went through all of THAT so that I could become a bitter, angry, resentful, ball-busting bitch?
You think I sit my sweet arse down every single morning for hours on end, doing the deep work, reprogramming my mind, reconnecting to my internal strength,
so that I can create another female cult who want to emancipate men?
You think I go out training to the point of vomitting, climbing mountains whilst pissing my pants in fear, face my greatest demons in the dark so that I can ‘prove’ to god knows who that I am better than men?

Goddammit man,
I’m choosing to do the work,
the real work,
to be my best self
every day
so that
I can walk proudly beside the Alpha Males in bringing back a standard of excellence
a new level of thrive
to the world of Alphas.


I know that if you’re reading this you’re probably one of the 1% in the 1% in the 1 fucking % already doing the work,
already showing up
already choosing to be your best self
simply because that’s who my energy attracts
and the others
will only get triggered and choose to get insulted by my words,
and from the depth of my soul,

But we have to do better guys.

Too many people are suffering on our watch.
Too many good people are losing the battle in our life-time.
Too many…

It is my intention that my undying and unwavering love and deepest appreciation of you
will be infused into every word in this piece
and that it will reach the core of you
the heart of you
the king in you
and inspire a spark of passion
such as you’ve never felt before
and from this space
you will raise your standards even higher
your expectations of yourself and those you choose to surround yourself with
and you will

For it’s going to take our combined efforts to bring the change the world is literally dying for.

It will not happen in isolation.
It’s time to remember who we are.
We never came to compete against each other.
We never came to break each other down.
We never came to be codependent on each other.
We never came to reign over each other.
That is NOT who we are!
That’s what the cult of mediocrity wants us to believe.

I see you.
I honour you.
I appreciate you.
I respect you.
I love you.

Live with honour,
for too many good men and women are dying
and they desperately need us to choose thrive once more,


PS: I’m stepping up for two men – if you know it’s you, let’s connect.

If I’m NOT your cup of espresso and you’re committed to your next level best self, the coaches I know, love and trust

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Joshua Miller – Personal and Executive Master Certified Coach

Dov Barron – Full Monty Leadership


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